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InterNations Expat Network |

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InterNations Network is blocking non-profit and charity events…
next step is always to block the user!

Have you been kicked out or blocked at InterNations for no reason or just because you disliked some of their “Ambassadors”. We also have noticed several former InterNation members/user got mobbed by the InterNations Team or their local Ambassadors!!!

Here is the place to make this public!
For Frankfurt the main reason for this behavior are the, so called, Ambassadors (may be this is connected toembarassing) which are in person Mr. Andreas Wiedow (Arow-biz) and Mr. Henri Maurer of European Central Bank.
Somehow very “funny” that InterNations is not really sticking to their program, terms and conditions… Since the main interest is not really getting Expats together for global networking – Main interest of InterNations is to make money and avoid to many FREE EVENTS on their network!
I was even asked and pushed to make my free (non-commercial) events to commercial events for InterNations – Like events just for the premium members which pay their annual membership fee! Not really what I expect from a Expat Community Network!

By my own experience – InterNations is one of the worst Business Networks and they simply go after your money! That is the only reason why they keep deleting free non-commercial events / charity gatherings and other postings.

Feel free to tell your friends about this!
We can most likely not stop InterNations with their bad habits, but at least we can make it public! – Spread the word!

You had also a bad experience with InterNations? – Check out this group on Facebook and post your experience…

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