Millennial Meeting Research Reveals Key Factors in
Attracting Young Audience Members

CHICAGO, Illinois, 27th June, 2012 — A new report commissioned by the PCMA Education Foundation delves into meetings, events and conventions from the perspective of the Millennial generation to identify key motivations and challenges in engaging this emerging audience.

‘What the Millennial Generation Prefers in Their Meetings, Conventions and Events’ is based on the findings of the largest survey conducted of its kind. More than 2,000 respondents ages 18 – 30 participated in the study, which was led by a team of hospitality and human sciences experts*.

The findings reveal that face-to-face communication remains the mosteffective method for reaching Millennials. However, the results indicate that planners must part ways with traditional meeting formats to truly engage this demographic.

“It is imperative to discontinue programs of straight lecture or basic PowerPoint presentations to satisfy an emerging generation of attendees,” the research team says. “If you motivate the Millennial with an inspiring and fun event, they will come.”

“We’re seeing a new delegate and a new buyer emerging within our industry and one that has always had access to ‘new’ technologies and the world of hybrid events – we need to listen to them,” comments Ben Goedegebuure, Director of Sales, SECC.

“What is clearly evident is that this generation believes in meetings, they want career progressing networking and career progression, they want education and entertainment, but they’re not specific on new innovations; only that it adds to the experience and does not become the experience. This is important for our industry and underlines that content will continue to be King for a while yet!”

The report examines how Millennials define “inspiring and fun” and why they choose to attend – or stay home – from meetings and events. By dividing this demographic into further subsets based on age (18 – 20, 21 – 24, and 25 – 30), the research team offers additional insights into internal differences between younger and older Millennials’ expectations, needs and thoughts on technology.

Selected Key Report Takeaways
86% of respondents indicated that career networking is one of the primary drivers for participating in meetings, events and conventions.
93% of respondents want education with entertainment.
86% of respondents want structured meetings and conferences.
More than 50% of respondents do NOT prefer LinkedIn, Twitter or blogs for communication.
Less than 50% of respondents like lectures.

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