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BANGKOK, THAILAND: Bhavana Phuket, the only medically licensed rehabilitation and detoxification centre in South East Asia, has announced a unique and highly personalized new range of programmes aimed at helping executives and professionals beat addiction without significantly disrupting their careers.

Bhavana’s flagship BEAT (Bhavana Evaluation Assessment Treatment) programmes represent a significant breakthrough in treatment of addiction in Asia, requiring a stay of as little as seven days to achieve detox from alcohol dependence and begin the rehabilitation process.

Bhavana Founder and CEO, Dr Kai Goh, the international addiction specialist and visionary behind BEAT, said the programmes were also suitable to address addictions to sleeping pills, prescription drugs, opiates and party drugs, though these programmes may require a slightly longer commitment of up to 10 days.

“The BEAT programmes are short-term addiction management programmes, available to anyone who is not yet ready to fully commit to a comprehensive treatment programme or who does not have the time available due to professional commitments,” said Dr Goh, a former addiction specialist with world-renowned The Priory in London who also has a psychiatric practice dealing with addiction in London’s Knightsbridge.

Dr Goh said the BEAT short-term programmes were feasible and effective because of Bhavana’s status as the region’s only fully medically licensed rehab centre, allowing it to operate as a specialised detox hospital.

“This is a critical difference compared to other rehab centres,” Dr Goh explained. “The inhouse detox facility guarantees a safe and smooth transition from medical detox to counselling in the competent hands of the same multi-disciplined and fully qualified team.

“At Bhavana, counselling intentionally starts parallel to the physical detox. This reduces the risk of patients who have successfully detoxed to become unwilling to start the psychological work crucial to a successful longer-term rehabilitation.”

The initial detoxification treatment restores the patient’s physical health, Dr Goh said, supported by a clinical team, providing a crucial opportunity to gain understanding and insight into the personal issues that have led to the individual’s dependency.

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