After a long exploration through the industry, interviewing and speaking with almost 400 experts, Shuli Golovinski,CEO of Newtonstrand Innovations Ltd, industry expert and speaker, has committed the vision of the industry to paper. Looking at how events will be in the year 2020 and taking a look into the future of our conferences, the latest industry book “Events in 2020 – How do the industry movers and shakers envision them?” will be launched this month at EIBTM. The book is the third in a series of books by Golovinski. To find out more and to get a free signed copy, join Golovinski at the Future Events Experience area – Stand O200A – on Tuesday 27th November (1630-1730) to meet with the movers, shakers and contributors to the 2020 vision during his book signing and drinks reception.

If you research on the Internet how things will be in the year 2020 in general, you will come across a range of opinions about technological announcements and innovations. Predictions range from the self-driving car to a high-speed rail linking London to Beijing. Amongst other opinions are the flying car and creating a synthetic brain. According to financial experts, the Chinese Yuan will be one of the world’s three main currencies, along with the US Dollar and the Euro.

According to the above possibilities, it means there are likely to be some immense changes in the meetings and events industry from the format we have today. Golovinski started research two years ago and the book determines the key challenges in the meetings industry over the coming years as well as the key opportunities. He was keen to uncover trends in the industry and how the meetings industry is changing by gathering opinions from the industry and basing the book on the “wisdom of the crowd” concept. Golovinski has spent time to speak with and listen to 384 industry movers and shakers to come to a general consensus about how the events industry is now, and where they believe it will be in 2020. How the industry faces these issues will dictate how the events industry will be in the year 2020.

Golovinski says: “Today, technology is advancing even more rapidly and will continue to do so. By 2020 the world of technology could potentially consist of robots, holographic displays and virtual reality as a norm. Everyone and everything will be touched by this rapid technological growth, including the events industry, which is continuously growing”.

From his book, Golovinski writes: “By the time 2020 comes around, the dominant audience is going to be an entirely different set of people than have attended events in the past. I believe events will be much more attendee driven and designed than now. Social media tools will allow an attendee to make suggestions, organise topics, and choose speakers and to rate/rank nearly every component of an event. Unless you want them to consider your events to be a chore at the best, you need to adapt your strategy to make the whole process more fun and useful for them.”

The other books in the range are “Event 3.0 – How Generation Y and Z are re-shaping the events industry” and “From Gimmicks to Value – The Future of the Events Industry”. These are available to purchase on and more information can also be found on

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