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Small group travel & VIP-Vacation

December 28, 2013

Small group travel & VIP-Vacation
SMS FRANKFURT | Events Inventives Adventures
SMS Frankfurt is your perfect partner when it comes to tailormade adventures, incentives or events.

SMS Frankfurt – Events Incentives Adventures design and develop your individual and very special event, for your company or your personal adventure trip.
You join us with your company or group of friends or simply come on one of our regulary adventure tours.

The range of our events reach from cultural, gourmet, sport to action and does not end with survival training.
You can combine different interests or just specialize in one theme, it all depends on your individual trip design and your budget. Accommodation is available from standard hotels up to first class hotels or luxury private estates. For a change we offer home stays in local families as well.

We are specialized in adventure tours to all countries in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, ofcourse we provide other tours and adventures all around the globe too!
Our following portfolio gives you a brief idea of the range of our adventure tours and incentives

-Adventure Trips with the Trans-Sib (summer- and winter tours)
-Trekking and Horse-Trekking in Mongolia
-Winter-Trekking and Survival Training in Siberia
-Rally- and Motorsport-Events
-Wine- and Gourmet-Events in Germany and abroad
and many more!

NEW TRIPS FOR 2014 / 2015
Ski-/Snowboard-Trips to Morocco, Adventure Tours & Trekking in Oman and extreme Winter Trekking in Siberia.

We plan and prepare also your individual global Adventure!
Enjoy the journey through our website – Please feel free to contact our team for further details or your tailormade offer.

SMS FRANKFURT – Events Incentives Adventures
CEO: Juergen R.Schreiter
Burgfriedenstrasse 17
60489 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49-69-95 90 97 00

Kleingruppen und VIP-Reisen

December 28, 2013

Kleingruppen Reisen und VIP-Reisen

SMS FRANKFURT | Events Inventives Adventures
Der perfekte Partner für außergewöhnliche und individuelle Events, Incentives und Adventures in Kleingruppen oder auch für Einzelreisende.

Wir stellen für Sie individuelle, ganz nach Ihren persönlichen Wünschen und Bedürfnissen ausgerichtete Erlebnisreisen zusammen. Unsere Reisen finden in Kleingruppen von max. 8 – 10 Personen statt, so dass eine ganz persönliche Betreuung aller Teilnehmer gewährleistet ist.

Das Programm reicht von Kultur, Gourmet, Sport und Adventure bis zu Überlebenstraining und lässt sich individuell kombinieren oder speziell auf ein Gebiet ausrichten, je nach Anspruch und Budget. Die Unterbringung ist in landesüblichen Hotels auf Wunsch auch in Sternehotels oder Familienunterkünften mit Anschluss an die örtliche Bevölkerung möglich.

Wir sind spezialisiert auf Ost-Europa, Russland, Zentralasien, selbstverständlich bieten wir aber auch Sport- und Adventure-Touren rund um den Globus an.
Auf unserer Website finden Sie einige Beispiele aus unserem Angebot, die wir in jeder Hinsicht Ihren Vorstellungen anpassen können.

-Adventure-Reisen mit der Trans-Sib (Sommer- und Wintertouren)
-Reiten und Trekking in der Mongolei
-Rallye- und Motorsport-Events
-Wein- und Gourmet-Events im In- und Ausland
sowie Vieles mehr!

NEUE TOUREN FÜR 2014 / 2015
Ski-/Snowboard-Trips nach Marokko, Adventure-Tours & Trekking im Oman oder Winter-Trekking “extrem” in Sibirien.

Sehr gerne planen und organisieren wir auch Ihre Weltreise oder Adventure Tour.
Viel Spass beim Stöbern auf unserer Website – Für weitere Informationen steht Ihnen unser Team jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung.

SMS FRANKFURT – Events Incentives Adventures
Inhaber Jürgen Schreiter
Burgfriedenstraße 17
60489 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon 069-95 90 97 00

Travel Photography – Stock Photo Archive

December 28, 2013 – Affordable Stock Photography

Welcome to we provide you with the best quality stock photography at the most affordable prices. Check out the categories to the left or use the above search box to search for the photos you need. We are specialized in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Silkroad and all along the Trans-Siberian-Railway, but we have still a wide range of other countries and themes as well… – So please check it all out here!

Our Photographer Section
Sell Your Photos here! As a photographer you can now sell also your photos here thru our site! Register today and upload your photos and artworks for free!
Sign-up as a Photographer for free NOW!

DMC Warning – Russian DMC

December 28, 2013

RUSSIAN DMC – Travel Warning DMC Baikal Complex

For those of you who travel a lot – here are some recommendations and hints about places to go and to avoid.
First of all, here come a warning in case you plan to travel to Russia and Mongolia.

Baikal-Complex / Incoming Russian Travel Company
please be very carefully. Usually they try always to charge you more at the end of the trip.
Even or especially if all was paid in advance… Once you are in the country the owner Youry Nemirovsky is trying to rip you off. Better avoid this tour operator and use another one!
Mr. Youry Nemirovsky even did bring a whole group of travellers in a lot of problems and they almost missed their train. Mr. Youry Nemirovsky also keept the passports of some of his clients and gave back the passport only after they paid 500 Euro!!!

Baikal Complex
P.O. Box 30
Irkutsk 29
664029 RUSSIA

The next company which is not really to recommend is based in Mongolia.
GEREL-UST offers trips and trekkings allthrough Mongolia, Siberia and China.
But be aware the service here is very poor and they just do everything very minimized, still for to much money.
Beside that the tour operators don’t really know the area or do missinformation on purpose, just to have a more easy job.
Unfortunately this company is also the organising part of the Gobi Marathon, which is a pity – but you can imagine what kind of service you get here…
Even that the company owner is a German does not make anything better here!!! No wonder they work together with the Siberian DMC Baikal Complex.

Frau Udvaa Jambaldorj
Herr Joachim Göttel
P.O.Box 1581, Ulaanbaatar 211 213, Mongolia

We would recommend also to check out the official website from the Mongolian Tourism Department.

ECM announces a stronger partnership with IMEX

December 23, 2013

ECM announces a stronger partnership with IMEX and hands over 20 Declarations of Support to the Meetings Industry

IMEX and ECM sealed their close cooperation with the signature of a new partnership agreement last month. ECM also reaffirms its whole support to the sector, handing over 20 declarations signed by Politicians backing up the Meetings Industry during ECM CEO Meeting of Capital and major cities in Amsterdam on December 8-9.

A strong agreement focusing on trends, education, connection with key players and Politicians
Under the deal, both organizations will focus on trends and inspirations that are crucial in this ever changing industry ; each year IMEX comes up with new innovations and business opportunities and benefit in return from ECM knowledge on latest trends.
“ECM also advocates the value of the Meetings Industry and gives once again full support to the IMEX Politicians Forum via an active participation in shaping up the programme”, explains Heike Mahmoud, Vice-President for the Meetings Industry. The next edition will take place on May 20, 2014 in conjunction with the IMEX trade exhibition in Frankfurt.
Regarding educational opportunities, the IMEX Group is part of the selected ECM Summer School Faculty, bringing intelligence regarding how to maximize CVB’s presence at a trade shows and social media trends. The ECM Summer School is the only opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills required for a successful career in conference, meeting and event management. It sets the background and context to this most lucrative sector of tourism, illustrating its subject with up-to-date and cutting edge examples of European best practice. Course content is both relevant and practical, and at the same time is incisive and cutting edge.
“The ECM meeting of Chief Executives of Capital and major cities held in December each year also enables a continuous contact between IMEX and the key players in the main European cities. We are keen on sharing key messages and developments in the Meetings Industry.” adds Tom Hulton, director of International relations, IMEX Group.

The last CEO meeting of capital and major cities in Amsterdam, last December 8-9 was the appropriate time chosen by ECM to hand over 20 declarations of Support of the Meetings Industry to Tom Hulton, Director of International Relations, invited there as a special guest. In front of 21 leading European Cities, Tom Hulton demonstrated the economic impact of the Meetings Industry through concrete examples of congresses and through specific studies.
In response, Dieter Hardt-Stremayr handed over the declarations of Support signed by Politicians of 20 European cities. The declaration is intended to act as a public roll-call of politicians who understand the full economic impact of the meetings and events industry on their communities. It also highlights the industry’s role in building and sustaining local knowledge economies, creating employment, encouraging regeneration and stimulating infrastructure investment.

“Getting in total more than 100 declarations of support shows the importance of ongoing political advocacy in our industry and reminds us of the full economic power of meetings and events, and their role in building knowledge economies.” declares Ray Bloom, Chairman, IMEX Group.
“Our relation with IMEX has always been one of great professionalism. We are very proud of this new milestone and want to congratulate IMEX on their achievements and their valuable contribution to the international Meetings Industry as a whole” comments Ignasi de Delàs, ECM President.

INCON publishes Expert Article

December 20, 2013

INCON publishes Expert Article on ‘VAT and the PCO’
An Expert Article recently published by INCON explores the treatment of VAT by PCOs with particular reference to the comprehensive changes which have been implemented in the European Union since 2010.

Authored by Oumar Counta, Director of BC&A Tax advisers, this thought leadership piece outlines the most important elements of recent VAT changes – particularly the changes to ‘place of supply’ which have had massive consequences for PCOs who operate internationally.

Click here to access a complete copy of the Expert Article which has been published on or contact;

Angela Guillemet
Executive Director, INCON Group
Tel: +353 1 663 7947

INCON is a dynamic partnership of leading companies providing consistency and continuity in conference, event and destination management by combining global presence and local expertise. Operating from 160 destinations, the 10 INCON Partner companies employ 3,000 staff, annually organise 10,000 projects, serving 3 million delegates, procuring 5 million bed nights and managing budgets in excess of an estimated €1 billion.


December 19, 2013


As part of their ongoing commitment to drive participation and deliver valuable insight for event suppliers and attendees, GenieConnect (, the event participation solutions provider for the events industry, has released their top 10 predictions for the event technology industry in 2014.

Michael Douglas, Business Development Director, GenieConnect comments:
1. Organizers will seek integrated solutions – As technology becomes more prominent within the event industry, customers will have higher expectations of the services that their suppliers provide, and seek integrated solutions for registration, online mapping, mobile apps and audience response.

2. Windows Phone will be the heir to BlackBerry – While many consumers are using iPhone and Android devices, corporate IT departments have been much slower to progress. This is partly because of the high security risk they attribute to iOS and Android platforms, and will see Windows Phone as a way to retain control of corporate networks, in a user-friendly manner. Gartner reports a market share increase of 2.3% to 6.3% from 2012 to 2013. Thus, there will be a higher requirement to cater for Windows Phone with native event apps for the best user experience.

3. Event Wi-Fi will turn a corner – Venues will begin to see fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi as a competitive edge, and those that can guarantee it for large events will see a great increase in business. Exhibition organizers will begin to see that exhibitors will only attend shows that can cater for their needs, forcing them to employ companies such as MaxWifi and SmartCities to provide temporary networks

4. Analytics and ROI will outweigh the ‘WOW’ Factor – New and exciting technology and ideas will always have a role at certain meetings, but for the mainstream, organizers will be now be looking for solid results and returns from the recent wave of technology, before investing money in the next innovations.

5. Organizers will utilize their data better – As organizers become more aware of how to use attendee participation data, more of a focus will be placed upon building registration, web and mobile solutions in an integrated way so that businesses can obtain insight into events and attendee behavior. Data will drive future improvements and facilitate personalization across the event cycle.

6. Sponsorship sales will adapt to meet the opportunities technology provides – There are many targeted and innovative ways in which to monetize event technology, aside traditional sponsorship activity. However, technology is often decided upon late in the event cycle, and so a ‘Mobile App Sponsor’ may end up being the extent of what is sold. As organizers begin to understand their potential, sponsorship packages can be optimized and sales teams incentivized earlier on in the process.

7. Organizers will track attendees movement around an event – Indoor positioning systems could lead the way at events, allowing organizers to personalize push messages and notifications for every attendee. New sensor technology developments are starting to allow tracking within an indoor location, sending notifications about sessions nearby, and other useful information, improving attendee experience and return on investment.

8. Contactless transactions at events will increase – Near Field Communication (NFC) is set to be commonplace at UK events in 2014. It is a growing technology that allows smartphones, tablets and similar gadgets to connect via a radio connection.GSMA are already using NFC to provide un-manned check-in points for registration, access to maps, exhibitor details, feedback services and much more. NFC is becoming a growing trend in contactless payments, and as Apple are yet to join list of manufacturers who have implemented the functionality – we predict that in the next coming years they will join this contactless movement.

9. There will be more consolidation in the event technology industry – The event technology industry will continue to consolidate through acquisition and strategic partnerships. Increasingly established players have moved slowly and found that there are holes in their solutions, this will open up interest in buying niche players as new technologies come to the market.

10. An increase in wearable technology – Wearable technology, such as Google Glass, Samsung Smart Watch and Apple iWatch, is likely to grow; both in terms of the number of devices available and the adoption the technology. For event organizers, this is a considerable development, as it will result in an increase in smart devices to contact their attendees with via push messages and collect more intelligent.

For more information, please visit

ITB-NEWS | Wachstumsmotor Asien

December 16, 2013

Wachstumsmotor Asien
ITB World Travel Trends Report bescheinigt dem Kontinent Schlüsselrolle für den Welttourismus – China unangefochten an der Spitze des Booms

Berlin, 16. Dezember 2013 – Asien zählt auch in diesem Jahr zu den wichtigsten Treibern im internationalen Tourismus. Das ist das Ergebnis des ITB World Travel Trends Reports, den IPK International im Auftrag der führenden Messe der internationalen Reiseindustrie erstellt hat. Demnach verzeichnet der Kontinent beeindruckende Wachstumszahlen. Bei der Reisetätigkeit haben insbesondere die Chinesen die Nase vorn, während sich der traditionell starke Markt Japan schwer tut. China ist heute bei internationalen Reisen weltweit die Nummer eins in Bezug auf die Reiseausgaben, die Nation mit der zweitgrößten Anzahl an Reisen und auf dem vierten Platz bei der Anzahl der Übernachtungen.

Insgesamt nahmen die Auslandsreisen der Asiaten in den ersten acht Monaten 2013 um acht Prozent zu. Dazu trugen die Auslandsreisen der Chinesen um beachtliche 26 Prozent bei, während die Japaner um zwei Prozent weniger reisten. Für das kommende Jahr sind die Prognosen ähnlich. Während der chinesische Markt um rund 18 Prozent zulegen wird, stabilisiert sich der japanische Markt dagegen voraussichtlich auf gleichbleibendem Niveau. Insgesamt ist 2014 von einem Wachstum von rund neun Prozent aus den asiatischen Quellmärkten auszugehen.

Mit dem diesjährigen Anstieg von Reisenden in China behauptet das Land zunehmend seine Spitzenposition innerhalb des Kontinents: Bereits 2012 unternahmen die Chinesen rund 45 Millionen Auslandsreisen und tätigten dabei Ausgaben im Wert von etwa 84,4 Milliarden US-Dollar. Damit war der chinesische Markt etwa doppelt so groß wie der japanische. Gegen den Riesen China wirken auch die weiteren asiatischen Märkte klein. Bezogen auf die Anzahl der Auslandsreisen landen Korea, Hong Kong, Australien, Indien und Indonesien auf den Folgeplätzen.

Wachstum auch bei Ankünften
Erfreulich zeigte sich das Jahr auch für Asien als Incoming-Destination. Die Ankünfte zwischen Januar und August legten laut World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) im Vergleich zu 2012 um 6,3 Prozent zu. Besonders Südostasien konnte sich über eine wachsende Nachfrage freuen und verzeichnete einen Anstieg von zwölf Prozent. Südasien begrüßte rund sechs Prozent mehr Gäste – der ozeanische Raum kann sich über ein stabiles Wachstum bei vier Prozentpunkten freuen. Reisen nach Nordostasien legten nur noch um drei Prozent zu und schwächten sich im Vergleich zu 2012 damit um drei Prozent ab.

Die Chinesen sind die reisefreudigsten Bürger Asiens. Aufenthalte von vier Nächten oder mehr legten 2013 um 28 Prozent zu, die Anzahl an Kurztrips stieg um etwa 21 Prozent. Dieses immense Wachstum macht das Reich der Mitte – gemessen an den Ausgaben im Ausland – zur weltweiten Nummer eins mit einem durchschnittlichen Betrag von 1.765 US-Dollar pro Reise. Hauptgrund für die Reisen der Chinesen sind private Anlässe. Urlaubsreisen legten in diesem Jahr um 30 Prozent zu. Gefragt sind Rundreisen, aber auch Städtetrips und Strandurlaub. Der Anstieg von Geschäftsreisen fällt mit sechs Prozent mehr als 2012 vergleichsweise moderat aus.

Wie es für einen Wachstumsmarkt typisch ist, reisen die Chinesen in erster Linie innerhalb Asiens. Fernziele wie Europa und Amerika kommen erst an zweiter Stelle. Für den Boom ist kein Ende in Sicht: Die Experten prognostizieren für 2014 eine ungebremste Lust am Reisen. Etwa 44 Prozent der Chinesen geben an, im kommenden Jahr mehr als bisher reisen zu wollen.

Wachsende Mittelschicht als Hauptmerkmal
Der positive Trend für China spiegelt auch die veränderte Bevölkerungsstruktur wider, da das Land über eine schnell wachsende und wohlhabende Mittelschicht verfügt. Dennoch erzielen nur rund sieben Prozent der Chinesen ein jährliches Einkommen von mehr als 15.000 US-Dollar. In diesem Punkt unterscheidet sich China nach wie vor stark von Ländern wie Japan, Südkorea oder Taiwan.

Doch im Vergleich zu China schwächelt Japan. Die Gesamtanzahl an Auslandsreisen ging um zwei Prozent zurück. Übernachtungen und Ausgaben sanken um drei bzw. sechs Punkte. Dabei gingen Geschäftsreisen stärker zurück als private Reisen. Von der zögerlichen Reiselust sind asiatische Länder stärker betroffen als Fernziele. Die ehemals so beliebten Rundreisen verzeichneten einen Rückgang von rund 20 Prozent. Dies wurde von steigenden Zahlen beim Städte- und Strandurlaub weitgehend aufgefangen. Auch wenn sich die Wirtschaft Japans derzeit erholt, planen die wenigsten Einwohner mehr internationale Reisen im kommenden Jahr. Daher wird der Markt 2014 wahrscheinlich stagnieren.

Insgesamt ist in den kommenden Jahren für Asien mit wachsender Reisebereitschaft zu rechnen. Hauptgründe sind unter anderem das wirtschaftliche Wachstum und die zunehmende junge, gut gebildete Mittelschicht. Zudem machen es Low-Cost-Airlines wie Air Asia immer leichter und erschwinglicher, international zu verreisen. Dr. Martin Buck, Direktor Travel und Logistic bei der Messe Berlin kommentiert: „Reisende aus Asien stellen auch an Fernreise-Destinationen große Ansprüche an Freundlichkeit und Dienstleistungs-Standards. Zudem wird in Asien das alte Modell der Gruppenreisen zunehmend durch Individualreisen ergänzt. Europäische Tourismusunternehmen und Hotels, für die das Incoming-Geschäft aus Asien eine zunehmende Rolle spielt, sollten ihre Dienstleistungen entsprechend ausrichten.“

Alle Ergebnisse basieren auf den Vorträgen, die im Rahmen des von der ITB Berlin geförderten World Travel Monitor® Forum in Pisa stattgefunden haben. Auf Einladung des Beratungsunternehmens IPK International präsentieren hier alljährlich über 50 Tourismus-Experten und Wissenschaftler aus aller Welt die aktuellen Statistiken und stellen die neuesten Trends im internationalen Tourismus vor.

Weitere Ergebnisse der von IPK International durchgeführten Trendumfragen von Januar bis August 2013, bzw. die Einschätzungen von 50 Tourismusexperten aus mehr als 20 Ländern und Kerndaten des World Travel Monitor® sind im ITB World Travel Trends Report zu finden. Er ist zum Download erhältlich unter
Die Jahresendergebnisse des World Travel Monitor® von IPK International inklusive aktueller Ausblicke für das Jahr 2014 werden auf dem ITB Berlin Kongress von Rolf Freitag, Präsident IPK International, vorgestellt. Der World Travel Monitor® basiert auf bevölkerungsrepräsentativen Interviews von jährlich über 500.000 Menschen in mehr als 60 Reisemärkten weltweit und wird seit nunmehr 20 Jahren kontinuierlich durchgeführt. Er gilt als größte kontinuierliche Studie zum globalen Reiseverhalten.

The Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum [HD] | Your Event Location

December 16, 2013

The Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum [HD]

The Peenemünde Military Test Site was one of the most modern technological facilities in the world in the years between 1936 and 1945. The first launch of a missile into space took place here in October 1942. In the nearby air force testing area, rocket engineers tested numerous flight objects equipped with revolutionary technology. From the start this research was directed toward one goal only: achieving military superiority through advanced technology.

Slave laborers, concentration camp inmates and prisoners of war provided the work that enabled the construction of the test sites and the later serial production of the rockets, which the Nazi propaganda referred to as “Vergeltungswaffe 2” (or “Vengeance Weapon 2”), in so short a period of time. Both the inhumane labor conditions and the attacks on Belgian, British and French cities using the supposed “wonder weapon” claimed thousands of lives.

The ambivalent nature of technological progress is uniquely reflected in the story of Peenemünde.
The collision of science and technology exemplified by the complex, together with an account of the historical development of rocketry are the main focus of the exhibition of the Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum.
It is housed in the power station of the former Army Testing Site – the largest technical monument in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In addition the museum serves as an international meeting place and cultural venue. In 2002 the museum was awarded the Coventry Cross of Nails for its efforts toward reconciliation and world peace.

Museum Peenemünde GmbH
Im Kraftwerk
17449 Peenemünde

Tel.: +49(0)38371-505-0
Fax: +49(0)38371-505-111

The Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum | #Peenemünde #Museum #Rocket #Testingarea #MilitaryTestSite — Hier: Historisch-Technisches Museum Peenemünde.


December 12, 2013


HONOLULU, December 12, 2013 – AEG Facilities, which will assume management of the Hawai‘i Convention Center January 1, 2014, has named Teri Orton as General Manager of the 1.1 million square-foot facility located at the entrance to Waikïkï, O‘ahu. She will join AEG on December 18.

Prior to accepting the position, Orton was Vice President of Condominium Resort Marketing for Outrigger Enterprises Group, which consists of 16 properties across the Hawaiian Islands.

“Teri’s dynamic leadership skills, ability to motivate teams and proficiency in the hospitality arena combined with her experience and deep understanding of the destination make her the ideal person to oversee this great facility,” said Brad Gessner, Vice President of Convention Centers, AEG Facilities. “The addition of Teri along with the existing knowledgeable and professional staff to our experienced AEG Facilities team are uniquely qualified and poised to take the Center to new standards of success in service, bookings and guest satisfaction.”

In her new role, Orton will oversee all overall management of the Hawai‘i Convention Center, including sales and marketing, operations, finance, food and beverage and customer service, while implementing the strategic positioning and marketing plans for the facility in conjunction with the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority (HTA), Hawai‘i Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB), and the Meet Hawai‘i team.

“I am excited and privileged to have the opportunity to join the well-respected AEG Facilities management group in operating the world class Hawai‘i Convention Center,” said Orton. “Together with the veteran existing staff members, I am looking forward to working in conjunction with all of the community and hospitality stakeholders along with the HTA and Meet Hawai‘i sales team in marketing the Center and the Hawaiian Islands as an unmatched business meetings destination.”

“We are very fortunate to have found in Teri an individual born and raised in the Islands with outstanding travel industry credentials and a passionate belief in the strength and marketability of Hawai‘i as a meetings destination,” said Mike McCartney, HTA’s president and CEO. “Her proven track record of success and leadership will contribute greatly to elevating the Center’s global presence and optimizing its usage.”

Orton’s 17 years of hospitality experience includes posts as hotel general manager, director of sales and marketing and other management roles with Outrigger Enterprises Group, Embassy Suites, The Ilikai, W Diamond Head, Sheraton Princess Kaiulani and the Huntington Beach Hilton Resort.

Orton majored in communications at the University of Hawai‘i – Windward Campus and advanced her training in hospitality management through various certifications with Starwood and Hilton Hotels. She has also been a member of the Waikiki Roundtable Committee for two years and the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International’s (HSMAI) membership committee chair for two years.

AEG Facilities has more than 20 years of experience in the management of convention centers, as well as arenas, stadiums and other facilities. The company offers a network of elite
worldwide convention centers, all of which have a similar look and feel to Hawai‘i’s convention center. With a presence in more than 100 venues on five continents, the Los Angeles-based organization expects to immediately position the HCC in some of the HTA’s key Meetings, Conventions and Incentive (MCI) markets, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

AEG takes over the management of the Honolulu center from SMG, which has run the venue since it opened in 1998.

About Meet Hawai‘i
Meet Hawai‘i is a collaboration of the Hawai‘i Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB) and Hawai‘i Convention Center (HCC) to reinforce the brand of the Hawaiian Islands as a world-class destination for business meetings, conventions, and incentive programs. The marketing efforts of the Meet Hawai‘i team are overseen by the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority (HTA), the state of Hawai‘i’s tourism agency. HTA was established in 1998 to ensure a successful visitor industry well into the future. Its mission is to strategically manage Hawai‘i tourism in a sustainable manner consistent with the state of Hawai‘i’s economic goals, cultural values, preservation of natural resources, community desires, and visitor industry needs. For information about Meet Hawai‘i and the hosting of meetings, conventions and incentives, please visit

About AEG Facilities
AEG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company, is the leading sports, entertainment and venue operator in the world. AEG Facilities, a stand-alone affiliate of AEG, owns, operates or consults with more than 100 of the industry’s preeminent venues worldwide, across five continents, providing complete venue management, as well as specialized programs in operations, guest services, ticketing, booking, sales and marketing. AEG Facilities also provides resources and access to other AEG-affiliated entities, including live event producer, AEG Live, AEG Global Partnerships, AEG Development, AEG 1Earth, AEG Encore and AEG Creative to support the success of AEG venues across the globe. The Los Angeles-based organization owns, operates or provides services to the world’s most elite venues, including STAPLES Center (Los Angeles, Calif.), StubHub Center (Carson, Calif.), Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE (Los Angeles, Calif.), Sprint Center (Kansas City, Mo.), KFC Yum! Center (Louisville, Ky.),
AmericanAirlines Arena(Miami, Fla.), Prudential Center (Newark, N.J.), Target Center (Minneapolis, Minn.) and BBVA Compass Stadium (Houston, Texas). Among the roster of world class convention centers and other facilities managed by the division are the Los Angeles Convention Center, Hawai’i Convention Center (Honolulu, HI), Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (Brisbane, Australia), Oman Convention and Exhibition Center (Muscat, Oman), Sydney International Convention, Exhibition, and Entertainment District, Cairns Convention Center and Darwin Conventions Centre. Other venues include Oracle Arena and Coliseum (Oakland, Calif.), CONSOL Energy Center (Pittsburgh, Penn.), Rabobank Arena (Bakersfield, Calif.), Mercedes-Benz Arena (Shanghai, China), MasterCard Center (Beijing, China), The O2 Arena (London, England), O2 World (Berlin, Germany), O2 World Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany), Ahoy Arena (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Itaipava Arena Pernambuco (Recife, Brazil), Allianz Parque (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Allphones Arena (Sydney, Australia), Ülker Sports Arena (Istanbul, Turkey), Ericsson Globe Arena (Stockholm, Sweden) and the. For more information, please visit

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