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IMEX Politicians Forum to share valuable insights into attracting meetings business

April 20, 2015

IMEX Politicians Forum to share valuable insights into attracting meetings business
IMEX supports North American Meetings Industry Day 16 April

When more than 100 ministers, senior regional politicians and meetings industry leaders gather in Frankfurt on Tuesday 19 May for the 13th annual IMEX Politicians Forum, there will be strong recognition that the wide ranging benefits that meetings and events create are broadly integral to the economic development of a country, region or city as well as bringing valuable tourism revenue.

A unique event in the industry, this year the Politicians Forum theme will be “How Do I Attract More Meetings and Events to My Destination?” By exchanging knowledge and best practice on strategies, it will give politicians essential insight and appreciation of what is needed to develop a destination brand for meetings.

It will address how to break down barriers to growth and secure far reaching community impact. It will also highlight the importance of the cohesion of government departments, local authorities and agencies to secure events and of reaching out to the societies of science, medicine, technology, education and business.

As leaders from across the meetings and events industry in the USA, Canada and Mexico come together on Thursday 16 April to support the first annual North American Meetings Industry Day (NAMID), Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group revealed that senior North American industry professionals will be closely involved with the IMEX Politicians Forum.

“North American Meetings Industry Day is a valuable new initiative that we welcome and support wholeheartedly.

“Six senior members from the Meetings Mean Business Coalition which is playing a leading role in North American Meetings Industry Day will be among the delegates taking part in this year’s Politicians Forum, which brings together national and regional politicians from five continents.

“What is more, as part of the program of the day, all the politicians and industry leaders will be invited to the Opening Ceremony for IMEX in Frankfurt where one of the world’s foremost business leaders, Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, the world’s largest business software company, will deliver the keynote speech. Bill believes passionately in the value and effectiveness of meetings as a means to drive business growth and profit.

“The high profile and importance of the senior politicians taking part are strong testimony to the status of the IMEX Politicians Forum and the evolving role of meetings in economies, with many representing their Ministries of Economic Development. This signifies that national and regional governments increasingly recognise that the benefits of meetings can reach beyond tourism and often, through integration, into science, education and regional commerce. They are an important generator of income, employment and inward investment, they increase global trade, boost knowledge, foster scientific advancement and reduce the ebb and flow of seasonality.”

The full day program will begin with a VIP Guided Tour of the exhibition prior to the opening ceremony and will be followed by a further chance for politicians to visit IMEX and their national pavilions. In the afternoon, at the Villa Kennedy Hotel, there will be a Ministers Summit for national politicians and a Global Exchange of Best Practice for local and regional politicians before the Politicians Forum commences, where the politicians and industry leaders will come together to share knowledge and perspectives for the benefit of all.

Carina Bauer added: “With many senior politicians already attending from countries and major cities across the globe together with an outstanding program, the IMEX Politicians Forum is once again set to add to the understanding and appreciation of the already powerful role of meetings in national and regional economies in securing economic, social and reputational dividends. This includes how political support for the meetings industry is critical to the advancement of science, medicine, technology and education. Most importantly, it will reveal the vast potential for the benefits to be greater still if government and industry co-operate fully, co-ordinate efforts and invest in further development.”

Stylish Europe in a Budget – Generator Hostels

April 16, 2015

Generator’s history
Generator started life as a family-owned business back in 1995, and was acquired by Patron Capital in August 2007; the two properties at that time, which were both in key youth travel cities (London and Berlin) inspired the new owners and it is there that the revolutionary concept began: to create a worldwide portfolio of achingly fashionable, urban design hostels, that are stylish and contemporary, central, safe and very affordable.

Immediately, Patron Capital’s Hospitality & Leisure Partner, Josh Wyatt began refashioning Generator, leading the strategic, creative and financial strategies of the business enabling the platform and brand to grow from two properties in 2007 to eight – as of autumn 2013.

To facilitate the growth of the brand, in 2011, Carl Michel joined as Generator’s Executive Chairman following years of extensive experience in the travel and aviation industry for companies such as BA, Opodo and Holidaybreak. Together Patron and the Generator team have been working to dispel the ordinary hostel myth by actively replacing all the unflattering aspects of old style hostelling with bespoke design, innovation, creativity, culture, technology and extremely vibrant social spaces.

Following a rejuvenating rebrand in 2012, Generator became the fastest growing hostel group in Europe. Bed stock grew to 3900 and then again to 5200 (a 33% increase) in 2013. Not content with stopping there, the portfolio will grow to 6425 (a 23.5% increase) beds by the end of 2014 with the goal of between 8-10,000 beds by 2015 (another min 24.5% increase).

This calendar year Generator will achieve a new record for the group when it exceeds 1 million bed nights. However, Generator is about so much more than growing ‘numbers’. More detail on the differentiation and dispelling of the hostel myth can be found in the next section. Suffice to say, the Generator teams have invested a huge amount of thought and hard work into creating an excellent (not satisfactory, not mediocre, not tolerable) sleep and social experience within each and every Generator.

Generator’s offering

Urban Design Hostels
We’re talking cutting-edge design from the award-winning Anwar Mekhayech from The Design Agency. Think what some of the luxury hotel brands have done for the boutique hotel space in their quest to be desirable and stylish – well that is what Generator is doing for hostels – just without the price tag. It might sound like a big statement, but simply step inside any Generator to realize it is true.

The design of each Generator property is individual to its location, expertly created to reflect its surrounding neighborhood and culture – in Generator’s words, “we aim to respect the soul of the city we are in”.

The use of the social spaces is also key to the philosophy of Generator. Whether travelling alone, on business or with a partner, all Generators are places with gregarious spaces, designed to instigate social serendipity. Axiomatically, Anwar’s design draws people into the gloriously furnished social spaces where they lounge, surf, chat, play games, eat and drink, relax, read, watch TV and see great live entertainment.

Locations are chosen by virtue of proximity to public transport in areas where there is a creative, community buzz. Cities are chosen on the basis of youth travel appeal and must have an artistic or cultural trend that makes it an interesting and exciting place for the travelling cognoscenti.

Generator currently has nine design-led properties with nearly 6200 beds across seven countries. The properties attract guests from over 75 nationalities. In alphabetical order, here’s the top line on those properties:

Generator Barcelona is located in the trendy Gràcia district in an iconic corner office building. As Generator’s only hotel and hostel combination, its top floors offer private terraces, complete with striking views across the city skyline from the Sagrada Familia to the Mediterranean.
Generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg is based in a refurbished retro office building with traditional East German characteristics in the ϋber-cool Prenzlauer Berg district.
Generator Berlin Mitte is in the heart of one of Berlin’s most buzzing neighborhoods with a historic, listed interior courtyard. Artwork by legendary Berlin Wall street artist Thierry Noir adds to the hostel’s Bohemian character.
Generator Copenhagen is a former Philippe Starck residential development which combines some of the original furniture with a welcoming, urban-inspired design.
Generator Dublin was the former Irish folk-dancing hall in the fashionable Smithfield Square neighborhood and is connected to the famous Jameson distillery.
Generator Hamburg is in Klockmann Haus, the city’s first skyscraper. Once a famous department store, the Beatles recorded one of their first songs during their Hamburg years (October 1960) in a private acoustic studio on the 5th floor.
Generator London was once a police station set in antique London Mews and, keeping true to its roots, many original features and signage is still visible.
Generator Paris Paris, like all other Generators, evolves the hostel concept into a lifestyle experience for discerning travelers who want to explore the real city with style, comfort and the right price tag.
Generator Venice is located on the island of Giudecca in an old grain warehouse, just across the water from St Mark’s Square. As the only hostel in the Venetian Archipelago, it is an ideal base for exploring the beautiful historic city.

Music, Technology and Events
Each property has free Wi-Fi and 24-hour security with welcoming, knowledgeable staff on hand around the clock to provide advice on exploring the local area and other tips for a memorable city stay.

Generator’s philosophy, location and design effortlessly attract unique collaborations with local artists, musicians and international brands and, to strengthen this authenticity, each hostel has an event coordinator who is efficiently plugged into the scene and coordinates parties, classes, fashion and art exhibitions and music activities. Take the artist in residence programme at Venice and Berlin, Joss Akesson’s live show at Generator during Copenhagen Fashion Week or Red Bull sponsored events as an example. The list is never ending; photos, videos and comments of these experiences seem to flow on Generator’s Twitter and Facebook pages. It’s no wonder Generator is the leading hostel brand on Facebook.

Aside from these uniquely designed events, music plays a significant part of the culture, identity and social experience of guests and is therefore a key element of Generator’s social spaces; from in-property concerts to its carefully curated brand sound that every guest can influence and take home.

Because of this fresh approach Generator’s demand is increasing, attracting those discerning travellers who are in tune with the ‘contemporary design at affordable prices’ message. Every Generator property is naturally young, soulful, smart and energetic.

And so what kind of bed do you get for €10 per night? Surely there can be nothing left after all of the modern lighting, furnishing, art installations etc.? A comprehensive range of room styles, all immaculate, modern and stylish – including female only dorms and en-suite rooms with free bed-linen and towels – are offered at competitive rates so there is something suitable for every budget and traveller type.

Regardless of whether you’re sharing an eight dorm or in a private en-suite, all of Generator’s spaces are designed to instantly make you feel like you are home, regardless of where you are in the world.

Guests can instantly book a bed with Generator Hostels’ via the website

Coming soon…
Generator aims to have 15 locations by 2015 and Patron Capital has invested an additional €150 million into the business in order to realise its ambitious growth plans; these include further sites in Europe as well as expansion into the US. The two most immediate acquisitions are Rome and Amsterdam, which will open late 2015.

Generator Rome
Built in the 1900’s as an elegant residential building on Via Principe Amedeo, Generator Rome is perfectly positioned, located within a short walking distance of the Colosseum amphitheatre, Termini Station and Metro to the main Roman attractions.

Set over seven floors with 80 rooms the building will accommodate over 200 guests and will include a cave, bar and lounge. There will also be a rooftop terrace that will be open to all guests, commanding breath-taking views across Rome.

Generator Amsterdam
The new Generator will be located in the University of Amsterdam’s former health sciences and zoological department, and will accommodate up to 566 guests in 168 twin and quadruple rooms with park or garden views and en-suite bathrooms. An exclusive luxury apartment overlooking Oosterpark will be fitted for six people and include self-catering facilities. The building is an imposing brick structure completed in 1917 and features elegant, grand spaces and very high ceilings throughout. Two new floors with all glass facades will be added, marrying modern architecture with the unique heritage of the property.

Roger Ramirez
PURPLE | 27-29 Glasshouse Street | London | W1B 5DF | +44 7984 471449 |

Allgäu-Orient Rallye

April 15, 2015

7. ALLGAEU-ORIENT RALLY 2012 is over
Finishing in Baku/Azerbaijan followed by the ceremony in Wadi Rum/Jordan

One of the last automobile adventures of this World, the old and youngtimer rally from the Allgäu region in southern Germany to the Orient and specifically to Baku in Azerbaijan was started 28th of April 2012 for the seventh time in Oberstaufen.
It was also in the year 2012 the Low Budget Rally for the people, who dream of participating in a calculable adventure. The rally is a cheap alternative for Paris-Dakar for strong Teams and good mooded people.

Jürgen Schreiter from SMS-Frankfurt participated in this years Allgaeu-Orient Rally for the first time with the CaBa Racing Team.

The Challenge:
2 Weeks – 13 Countries – 6,000 Kilometer and
No Highways – No Toll Roads – No Ferry Boats – No GPS!

Some first impressions on

Sabbatical – Auszeit auf Zeit

April 15, 2015

Sabbatical die Auszeit auf Zeit – Auszeit in der Krise und Kraft schöpfen für einen Neuanfang.
SMS Frankfurt, Agentur für corporate Incentives und Adventure Tours bietet eine umfangreiche Beratung, Angebote und viele Ideen für ihre Auszeit.

Frankfurt, 15. April 2015 – Wie stellen Sie sich ihre persönliche Auszeit vor? In 80 Tagen um die Welt? Eine Reise uf der Trans-Sibirischen Eisenbahn? Winter-Trekking in Sibirien? Feldarbeit auf den Philippinen? Meditation und Schweigen im Kloster? Rancher in Süd-Amerika? Arbeiten in einem Kinderheim in Albanien? Wandern auf dem Jakobsweg? Adventure Rallye in Zentralasien? Kamel-Trekking in der Mongolei oder Überlebenstraining im Brasilianischen Dschungel? – Diese und viele andere Möglichkeiten werden von SMS-Frankfurt der Agentur für individuelle Touren und Adventures angeboten.
Gerne steht ihnen aber auch Jürgen Schreiter und sein Team von SMS Frankfurt für ihre persönliche Auszeitberatung zur Verfügung.

Warum eine Auszeit nehmen? Warum jetzt?
Gerade jetzt in Krisenzeiten kann man so einem drohenden Burn-Out Syndrom vorbeugen, neue Energie und Käfte sammeln, um dann wieder im alten oder einem ganz neuen Job einzusteigen. Lernen sie eine neue Sprache oder machen sie Fortbildung, auch dies sind weitere Möglichkeiten wie sie ihr indiviudelles Sabbatical für ihr Fortkommen oder zur Neuorientierung nutzen können.

Gezielt nach ihren Vorstellungen und passend zu ihrer Persönlichkeit entwickelt Jürgen Schreiter von SMS Frankfurt eine Reihe von Vorschlägen für ihre Auszeit und berät sie auch darüber hinaus auch bei weiteren Fragen und Herangehensweise zu diesem Thema.

Die Agentur SMS-Frankfurt ist neben der Auszeitberatung besonders spezialisert auf Adventures in Osteuropa, Russland, Zentralasien, Asien und den Oman.

SMS Frankfurt finden sie auch in den Sozialen Netzwerken:

Events Incentives Adventures
Burgfriedenstrasse 17
60489 Frankfurt am Main

SMS Frankfurt
Die Spezialagentur für Adventure Tours, corporate Incentives und mehr.
Individualbetreuung, Betratung und falls gewünscht auch die Begleitung bei Ihren Sport-Trips, Adventure Touren und Sabbaticals.
SMS Frankfurt mit dem Inhaber Jürgen Schreiter und seinem kompetenten Team betreut und berät Sie insbesonders bei Reisen nach Ost-Europa, Russland, Zentralasien, Asien und dem Oman.

Achtsamkeit und Well-being: die IMEX präsentiert Wohlfühl-Initiative

April 14, 2015

Achtsamkeit und Well-being: die IMEX präsentiert Wohlfühl-Initiative

Das Wohlbefinden der Besucher und Aussteller ist eines der wesentlichen Ziele der IMEX in Frankfurt, die bald vom 19. bis zum 21. Mai 2015 ihre Tore öffnet.

Verschiedene Studien haben erwiesen, dass körperliche Betätigung im beruflichen Umfeld nicht nur zu einer höheren Produktivität sondern auch zu einer besseren Motivation und einem höheren Energielevel führt.

Deshalb hat sich das IMEX-Team für 2015 eine Reihe an Aktionen rund um die Schwerpunktthemen „Körper“, „Geist“ und „Seele & Achtsamkeit“ einfallen lassen:

Ab 2015 gibt es auf der IMEX einen eigenen „Meditations-Bereich“ in Halle 8 im Raum „Symmetrie 4, 8.1“.
In diesem Raum der Stille, in dem keine Handys und sonstigen elektronischen Geräte erlaubt sind, ist jeder willkommen, um inne zu halten und eine kleine Auszeit zu nehmen vom turbulenten Treiben in der Messehalle. Hier finden in Kooperation mit „InnerSense“ täglich verschiedene Meditations- und Achtsamkeitsübungen wie u.a. die „tibetanische Klangschalen-Meditation“ und Yoga-Stunden statt.

Am „Inspiration Hub“ finden täglich zahlreiche Einheiten und Workshops statt – angefangen bei „Managing Work Life Balance“ über praktische Rückenübungen bis zu einer Einheit über Osteopathie und wie diese für ein besseres Wohlbefinden am Arbeitsplatz sorgen kann.

Zudem bieten viele der Aussteller gesunde Smoothies und Früchte an und in den Cafés wird auf ein gesundes Speisenangebot geachtet.

Der neue „Wellbeing-Guide“ zeigt den Weg zu einem gesunden Besuch der IMEX und die neue „IMEX Walking Map“ weist den schnellsten Fußmarsch zum Messegelände aus.

Neu in 2015: der „IMEXrun“: Jeder, der mitmachen möchte, kann mit internationalen Kollegen die frische Morgenluft genießen und am Mittwoch früh am ersten 5 km langen „IMEXrun“ teilnehmen, durchgeführt von „sports by tlc“ .

Führende Expertinnen für Content-Marketing dozieren im Mai an der Leipzig School of Media

April 14, 2015

Führende Expertinnen für Content-Marketing dozieren im Mai an der Leipzig School of Media

Leipzig, 13.04.2015 | Content-Marketing verändert derzeit in vielen Unternehmen und Organisationen die Art der Kommunikation radikal. Um auf Produkte und Dienstleistungen aufmerksam zu machen, richten sich Firmen und Agenturen mit relevaten Inhalten an ihre Kunden. Weil es an ausgebildeten Fachkräften fehlt, ist der Bedarf nach Weiterbildung gr0ß. Die Leipzig School of Media (LSoM) bietet daher bereits zum dritten Mal Ende Mai ein Seminar zum Thema Content-Marketing an, bei dem auch dieses Mal wieder die Koryphäen der Branche dozieren.

Vom 28. bis 30. Mai gastieren an der LSoM die beiden Fachbuch-Autorinnen Miriam Löffler und Doris Eichmeier. Löffler veröffentlichte unter dem Titel „Think Content!“ Anfang vergangenen Jahres das wohl erste umfassende Fachbuch zum Thema in deutscher Sprache. Eichmeier legte Ende 2014 gemeinsam mit Klaus Eck das Buch „Die Content-Revolution im Unternehmen: Neue Perspektiven durch Content-Marketing und -Strategie“ vor. Beide Bücher sind bereits jetzt auf dem Weg zu Standardwerken zu werden.

„Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir Miriam Löffler und Doris Eichmeier erneut als Dozentinnen gewinnen konnten. Beide gemeinsam vermitteln sowohl die handwerklichen Fähigkeiten als auch die strategischen Kompetenzen, die Fachkräfte für gewinnbringendes Content-Marketing brauchen“, sagt Claudio Marinow, LSoM-Referent für Kurse und Seminare.

Teilnehmer erwartet während des dreitägigen Seminars ein umfangreiches Programm, das thematisch von der Entwicklung einer Content-Strategie über das Produzieren und Verwalten von Inhalten bis hin zu crossmedialem Storytelling reicht. Wie wirkt Content-Marekting? Welche Inhalte sollte mein Unternehmen für welche Zielgruppe und über welchen Kanal anbieten? Wie muss ich meine Unternehmensstruktur und meine Arbeitsprozesse anpassen? Diese und weitere Fragen werden praxisnah und akademisch fundiert beantwortet.

Informationen zum Seminar Content-Marketing unter:

Hyundai Motor inspires with Kinetic Artwork at Milan Design Week

April 14, 2015

Hyundai Motor inspires with Kinetic Artwork at Milan Design Week
Innovative project by INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe puts design excellence centre-stage

Hyundai Motor Company has today unveiled a new kinetic art installation, the Helio Curve, at Milan Design Week to showcase and celebrate its Fluidic design philosophy.

The large-scale installation was conceived and unveiled as part of a brand-building project by INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe (IWE) – the creative force behind Hyundai and Kia. IWE commissioned American artist Reuben Margolin to create a kinetic sculpture in constant motion, drawing inspiration from organic forms found in nature.

As Hyundai’s lead creative agency, IWE executed the entire project, including sourcing the appropriate artist for the project, collaborating with the artist, conducting a test set-up in San Francisco and installing the final work of art. The leading creative agency was also responsible for all communications, space and design concepts, final installation and execution at Milan Design Week.

The new kinetic installation, a sculpture which combines mathematical logic with the elements of nature, marks IWE´s second part of the Sculpture in Motion project. IWE revealed the award-winning Sculpture in Motion project for the first time at the 2013 Milan Design Week with an artwork of interactive lights.

Forming a living wave, celebrating fluid motion as art, the concept of Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy is characterized by a continuously flowing and adaptive design process.

Lewis Hunt, Creative Director for INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe, said: “When creating the latest Sculpture in Motion design, we had the main objective of establishing Hyundai as a ‘Design Oriented Brand’ as part of reinforcing its increasing premium positioning.

“As IWE operates as one Communications Company, offering integrated solutions for Hyundai, we have been able to extend our expertise across this campaign, managing and coordinating the project as a whole.”

By revealing the second generation of Sculpture in Motion at Milan Design Week and future prestigious worldwide design events, IWE provides ultimate design philosophy experience to the public.

Sculpture in Motion is Hyundai Motor Company’s ongoing collaborative project with artists that help consumers experience and connect with its ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ design philosophy.

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