Schweppes Celebrates the Makers of Today

Schweppes Celebrates the Makers of Today
Creative agency XXS Amsterdam responsible for the long awaited international campaign

Link to TVC: TVC Video

Amsterdam, 11 June 2015 – International beverage brand Schweppes unveils its long awaited advertising campaign titled ‘The Makers of Today’ celebrating those who are inspiring change in their own, distinctive way. Conceived by creative agency XXS Amsterdam and produced by 100% Halal, this campaign marks the first step into a new direction for the brand while still utilizing the heritage of Schweppes.

Tatiana Menna, Brand Manager at Schweppes said: “We called the pitch last autumn. We wanted to refresh the brand, give it a modern feel but, at the same time, relate to our rich brand heritage. The challenge was to come up with a distinctive and original campaign, building on previous work done on heritage, but adding an emotional layer. The ideas of XXS really stood out representing a thorough understanding of what Schweppes is all about. They lived up to the challenge.”

XXS Amsterdam was tasked with a challenge to link the rich heritage of Schweppes with the present day ‘do it yourself’ culture. The creative idea is inspired by the brand’s founder, Jacob Schweppe, the first person to manufacture carbonated soda water back in 1783 inventing the soft drink as we know it today. From urban farmers to the 3D print experts of today, the new Schweppes campaign celebrates those who embody that spirit: entrepreneurs, inventors and makers.

The integrated campaign evolves around three selected ‘makers’ who are each portrayed in a series of documentaries. These short films have been put together to create a 30 second TVC. The video part of the campaign is accompanied by a social media platform inviting all makers to share their story, give an insight into their craft, their drive and to inspire others to follow. The platform is open for makers worldwide to join in the conversation.

Remy Kurpershoek, ECD at XXS Amsterdam commented: “Our aim was to appeal to people involved in the ‘maker movement’ of all sorts and for them to inspire others.”
Hans van Nood, ECD at XXS Amsterdam continued: “We want to engage with people who are driven to leave their own distinctive mark, just like Schweppes founding father Jacob Schweppe has done. With this campaign, rather than targeting a specific demographic, we want to tap into an unique mind-set of today’s inventors and give them a chance to speak up.”
To connect with this community in an authentic and credible way, on a weekly basis, Schweppes will highlight different makers from all around the world. Stay tuned for the latest updates here:

The campaign runs across 10 countries.

Watch the documentaries of the makers here:
Documentary Cristian Pineda, mixologist

Documentary Lorena Delgado, home chef

Documentary Paloma Lanna, fashion designer

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