Maimühle Perl – German Wine Tasting at it’s worst

Maimühle Perl – Client Rip-off at the Mosel River, Germany
Restaurant / Vinothek Maimühle in Perl – last minute cancelation by text message.

Long time preparation for our group event and wine tasting with Restaurant Maimühle in Perl. Already in October 2015 we got our offer and we booked our group event for April 2016 instantly.
But sometimes things happen you will never believe… just two days before our wine tasting should take place we received an sms “text message” from one of the staff member of Maimühle, that our event will be canceled!

We could not believe that and tried to reach the sender of this message, but the phone was turned off and our calls were not answered. Lucky we could reach the owner of the Maimuehle Mr. Frederik Theis… He totally played innocent and stupid, telling us he did not know about this. Funny it was mentioned in the text message that the “order” came even from the owner. Anyway Mr. Theis told us he is not able to take any action now, because he has nobody who can do the wine tasting for our group. This might have been the problem from the beginning.
Now we had really a worst case scenario, now looking for another option – we found a solution with a wine farmer, but ofcourse since we had no other choice it was much more expensive. At least we had our event not canceled!
The Restaurant Maimuehle we can absolutely not recommend, since they seem not to be able to handle groups or at least offer a compensation for the loss and big trouble we had with this event.

No more Maimühle!
Hotel Restaurant
Bahnhofstrasse 100
D-66706 Perl

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