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IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ Publishes Second Research

October 27, 2016

IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ Publishes Second Research
Visionary Global Initiative Will Transform Meetings
Chicago, Illinois, – As part of a ongoing dynamic initiative from IACC, a second set of research has been conducted and reported following the survey of global venue operators, suppliers and industry experts. IACC Meeting Room of the Future™ aims to transform the meeting experience through a global collaboration of leaders in conference space design, audiovisual technology, hospitality, academia and conference management.  The first research, which surveyed meeting planners was published in April 2016, with this next research focusing on the views of venue operators and suppliers, which draws parallels with the first research. The results were unveiled at IMEX Americas in Las Vegas this week. The project combines innovation and entrepreneurialism with the expertise of meeting industry professionals and planners.

Over 65 venues plus suppliers across four continents were surveyed. Venues included a large number of IACC certified properties, where the majority or all of their business is derived from meetings and conferences.

Delivering a more Profound Meetings Experience
A key finding from this latest research was that venue operators and suppliers are aware of the changing expectations of meeting delegates and the majority of venue operators see it as their role to provide a great meetings experience, providing new options to the meeting planner. Power has shifted to the participants such that venues and hosts have to deliver impactful and engaging experiences. Gamification, Design Thinking and Matchmaking at conferences, are all good examples of experiences satisfying this important trend.

The report highlights the need for venues to provide more networking and social spaces outside of the meeting room and food and beverage service at lunchtime, needs to facilitate delegates being able to meet people, eat and check in with the office and home during this period.

Physical Meeting Spaces and Design
The report states that fundamentally there are elements of meeting venues that are critical for successful meetings and these have largely remained constant over the past several years and are projected to remain important in the years to come,including high quality broadband, strong acoustics and good lighting.

Conference and meeting venue operators are addressing their client’s needs by offering meeting rooms that are designed to foster creativity, ice-breakers and themed food and beverage. A significant percentage of operators are also offering outdoor meeting rooms or spaces as well as other physical spaces and activities that promote team building.

Meeting planners do cite a continued trend towards more unique and flexible meeting spaces. When asked how strongly they agree with the statement “Access to collaborative meeting space will become more important in the next two to five years” (on a scale of 1 -strongly disagree to 10 -strongly agree), meeting planners provided an average rating of “8” indicating the need for more creative, less traditional options.

Jessie States from MPI cited “Attendees can no longer bear being stuck in a room listening (or not) to talking heads and mindless speeches. And meeting professionals are being much more strategic about the where, why and how of bringing people together. Meetings are for ‘meeting’ not for ‘attending’. They are for ‘participating’ not for ‘observing’. Venues must provide spaces that encourage engagement, boost learning and enhance experiences that foster conversations and growth.”

Both operators and suppliers report cost of investment as the greatest barrier to investing in new furniture/equipment for more flexible, creative spaces.

Mark Cooper, IACC CEO comments, “Venue operators whose properties are focused on delivering meetings, are not surprised and are in agreement with meeting planners on the major changes and trends affecting meetings today and those which are likely to in the next two to five years. However, there are also differences between the two groups identified in this research, which raise important questions. For instance, are venues investing in new technologies but ignoring the need to invest in Internet infrastructure, including bandwidth?”

Meetings Technology
57% of venue operators indicated that they did not currently offer collaborative technologies (products which allow greater participation between delegates and presenter, such as Microsoft’s SurfaceHub, or Barco’s ClickShare and other related technologies) in any of their meeting rooms. 32% indicated they did offer collaborative technologies but considered this offering a premium with an additional charge to the client. Venue suppliers also view collaborative technology as a premium product offering to clients. 63% indicated they provide the technology, but at a cost to the client.

These extra costs are creating barriers to greater collaborative technology use from clients. Meeting planners expect the access to interactive technology to become more important than the current top priority when considering venues, being the flexibility of meeting room spaces.

It was evident from this research, that venue operators are increasingly looking to hire staff with IT backgrounds on the basis that is it easier to teach an IT specialist needed AV skills than it is to teach an AV specialist required IT skills.

Communications & Connections
Currently 89% of venues surveyed provide meeting delegate internet access free of charge, but 55% of those require a log in. 11% of venues still require delegates to pay for Wi-Fi, which indicates the balance has finally tipped and Internet access is being considered vital core offering needed by all and not an add-on.

In the first research published earlier this year, on the topic of paid versus free Wi-Fi, one meeting planner commented, “Access to strong, fast, secure broadband should be a given at all meetings and should be provided free by the venue. It still boggles me that some venues charge a premium for using Wi-Fi. When this becomes the norm we’ll be able to use other technologies without barriers.”

The program’s ambitious long term goal is to predict and showcase a clear vision of what is new for today and what solutions need to be sought for tomorrow’s meeting rooms, to deliver what clients want and need for maximum productivity. Collaboration, productivity and inspiration will be at the heart of the 2016 concept, with the plan to build on this annually.

The initiative brings together the brightest minds and companies in the industry, to predict, create and shape the meeting spaces of the future.  “As the only global association representing the top 1% of smaller meeting and conference venues in 27 countries, IACC is ideally positioned to evaluate trends in meeting environments,” affirms IACC’s CEO Mark Cooper.

A full copy of the report and infographic can be downloaded from the IACC website here.

Current contributors and research partners include Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Microsoft, Development Councilors International, SICO, Corbin Ball Associates, Sli-do, Warwick Conferences, Summit Conference Centres, MGSM Executive Hotel & Conference Centre and PSAV.

Pack for Paradise with Outrigger Resorts and GHA’s “Travel the World” Sweepstakes

October 27, 2016

Pack for Paradise with Outrigger Resorts and GHA’s “Travel the World” Sweepstakes
New Outrigger DISCOVERY loyalty program launches with the brand’s largest-ever sweepstakes, the chance to win a global getaway to nine iconic beachfront Outrigger Resorts

PHUKET, THAILAND – As the newest hospitality brand to join the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), Outrigger Resorts is debuting its first-ever loyalty program with a chance for members to win the adventure of a lifetime and vacation at nine beachfront Outrigger Resorts. Airfare included, one lucky winner will have a chance to travel to some of the world’s most iconic beach destinations, including Hawaii, Fiji, Guam, Mauritius, Maldives and more.

Twenty-five second-prize winners will receive a complimentary four-night stay at an Outrigger Resorts property of their choosing. To enter for a chance to see the world with GHA and Outrigger Resorts, become a DISCOVERY member at:

GHA is the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands dedicated to experiential travel. Each DISCOVERY member receives exclusive experiential rewards, which allow them to immerse themselves in the culture and history of its location, while enjoying traditional benefits of loyalty – such as room upgrades, comfort-enhancing perks and more. Rather than accruing points, DISCOVERY members collect Local Experience awards to redeem for innovative, authentic adventures meant to connect each traveler more deeply with their destination and its people, and make each stay truly unforgettable. DISCOVERY has three membership levels: Gold, Platinum and Black.

“Outrigger Resorts is a fantastic addition to our DISCOVERY collection of 34 independent luxury hotel brands, all of which are distinct in character and are geared to travelers in search of unique properties and authentic local experiences,” said Chris Hartley, CEO of Global Hotel Alliance. “Outrigger’s properties expand and strengthen our presence in iconic beachfront destinations where its resorts are located.”

“The DISCOVERY program aligns seamlessly with our goal of creating memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences for our guests and we look forward to reaching even more discerning global travelers as part of the Global Hotel Alliance,” said Sean Dee, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Outrigger Enterprises Group.

From hula and ukulele lessons in Hawaii to a private reef tour in Fiji or romantic dinner for two in the Maldives, Outrigger Resorts offers an extensive selection of local experiences for DISCOVERY member guests to enjoy. To learn more about the DISCOVERY program or to become a recognized DISCOVERY member, visit or connect with an Outrigger representative at

Zenvoy successfully helping IMEX attendees to make most of networking

October 19, 2016

Zenvoy successfully helping IMEX attendees to make most of networking – in advance

Zenvoy, the new intelligent 1-on-1 business introduction service for professionals, groups & events has generated a highly positive response from buyers planning to take part in IMEX America from 18-20 October.

Over a thousand buyers have registered and completed profiles to enable the Zenvoy software to match and suggest to them others with similar interests and attributes. These have resulted in nearly 2000 introductions so far between buyers arranging to meet like-minded peers at the show.

Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group commented: “Making new contacts is an essential element of IMEX America for many buyers. We introduced Zenvoy as an innovation in response to request from buyers who wanted help in meeting others with who they have most in common. We’re happy with the outcome.

“The level of take-up has exceeded our expectations and, overall, Zenvoy is proving to be a successful innovation.” Leo Gestetner, Co-Founder and CEO of Zenvoy commented: “Zenvoy is helping buyers to network more effectively, to reduce the uncertainty of meeting like-minded individuals. It is not only enabling them to make the most of the networking opportunities at IMEX, it is also allowing them to see how it could make a valuable contribution to their own conferences and meetings.”


Guam Visitors Bureau Buoyant about MICE Growth

October 19, 2016

Guam Visitors Bureau Buoyant about MICE Growth as new Convention Center Wraps Successful First Year

The island of Guam, a US Territory, is generating increasing interest and business in the MICE industry as an emerging destination among organizations in North America and Asia — particularly following the opening last November of the new Convention Center at the Dusit Thani Guam Resort.

With 9,450 hotel rooms on the island as a whole and several venues capable of hosting everything from small groups to conventions with up to 4,000 delegates, Guam offers a fresh alternative for meetings, conferences and incentives.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization & PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) 2016 Annual Summit were held in Guam earlier this year, while the World Health Organization Conference in 2015 and MetLife & Toyota events highlight the world class organizations that endorse Guam’s meetings credentials.

Pilar Laguana, Director of Global Marketing of the Guam Visitors Bureau commented: “We’ve seen a notable rise in enquiries and bookings from the meetings and incentive travel sector in the last 12 months. The Convention Center and our investment in dedicated MICE sector marketing such as exhibiting at IMEX America for the first time in 2015 have significantly boosted awareness and interest. We have especially had more incoming contacts from China, Korea, and North America and expect this growth to continue following IMEX America 2016.”

Guam combines unspoiled natural beauty, superb traditional food and culture, and meetings capabilities with technology. Having been able to build up a tech infrastructure from a clean slate, the island offers strong wifi connectivity, and the Guam Visitors Bureau is creating a Guam meetings planner portal, as well as developing a Smart Guam strategy to help delegates leverage mobile devices and the Internet of Things.

Pilar Laguana, Director of Global Marketing sums up: “Guam is well equipped to accommodate a wide variety of conferences, incentives, team-building and networking events for any industry sector.

“The growth in the MICE sector follows a significant increase in overall visitor numbers to the island which have doubled in recent years and we expect MICE industry business also to grow substantially in the next few years.”

Wandkalender Afrika 2017 aus der Edition Alexander von Humboldt

October 19, 2016

Wandkalender Afrika 2017 aus der Edition Alexander von Humboldt (Heye) gewinnt Auftaktauszeichnung der ITB BuchAwards 2017

Der Auftaktpreis der ITB BuchAwards 2017 zur Einstimmung auf die Reisesaison des kommenden Jahres geht an „Afrika 2017“ aus der Edition Alexander von Humboldt (Heye). Ausgewählt wurde dieser großformatige Wandkalender von der ITB Berlin in Zusammenarbeit mit der Friedrichshafener Buchhandlung RavensBuch.

David Ruetz (Vorsitzender der Jury, Head of ITB Berlin): „Der aktuelle Heye-Kalender ‚Afrika‘ führt mit seinen brillanten stimmungsvollen Tier- und Landschaftsaufnahmen Monat für Monat durch die überwältigende Schönheit und Vielfalt Süd- und Ostafrikas, das als die Wiege der Menschheit gilt. Afrikanische Elefanten und Giraffen in Botswana, Affenbrotbäume in Madagaskar, Berggorillas in Uganda, Flusspferde, Zebras und ein einsamer Gepard in Kenia sowie weitere einzigartige Motive lassen in uns ein Sehnsuchtsbild von der ursprünglichen Wildnis Afrikas entstehen. Doch der Kalender kommuniziert weit mehr als nur eine Welt der schönen Bilder: Im Bewusstsein, dass auch diese unendlich wertvollen und weiten Naturräume heute gefährdet und schützenswert sind, erzeugt der Motivreigen im Betrachter eine Art Demut und Empathie zugleich.“


Medienbüro Gina Ahrend unter

Der KalenderAward wird zusammen mit den weiteren Jury-Prämierungen im Rahmen der weltweit größten Messe für Tourismus im März 2017 in Berlin verliehen.

Mit den ITB BuchAwards zeichnet die Messe Berlin jährlich zum Auftakt der ITB Berlin die interessantesten und aktuellen nationalen und internationalen Veröffentlichungen vorrangig in deutscher Sprache oder deutscher Übersetzung aus. Ziel des Preises ist es, über Ländergrenzen hinaus Aufmerksamkeit für das breite Spektrum interkulturell bedeutender Publikationen im Bereich Reise und Tourismus zu schaffen. Der DestinationAward ist dem afrikanischen Reiseland Botswana gewidmet, dem Offiziellen Partnerland der ITB Berlin 2017.

Der Kalenderpreis wird mit den Jury-Prämierungen in einem breiten Spektrum aktueller Reise- und Fachpublikationen im Rahmen der weltweit größten Reisemesse im März 2017 in Berlin verliehen.

Die Kategorien 2017:


– Destination Award: Botswana

– Convention & Culture Partner: Slowenien

– Deutsche Reisegebiete/Region: Oberbayern, Stadt: München

– Besonderer Reiseführer/Reisebuch (Reihe)

– Das besondere Reisebuch

– Das literarische Reisebuch

– Reise-Bildband/Illustriertes Sachbuch

– Reisen mit Kindern

– Wandern/Radfahren

– Wassersport/Segeln/Reisen auf dem Meer

– LifetimeAward (Verlag/Autor)

– Reise-Kochbuch

– Reise-Kalender

Touristische Fachpublikationen

– Touristische Kartografie/Globen

– Touristisches Fach- und Sachbuch

– Länderwissen aktuell


– Sonderpreis des Managements der ITB Berlin

Der Jury 2017 gehören an:

• Eckart Baier (Buchjournal)

• Cornelia Camen (BuchMarkt)

• Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady (Hochschule Worms/University of Applied Sciences)

• Armin Herb (Sprecher der Jury, Redaktionsbüro Herb)

• Regine Kiepert (Schropp Land & Karte)

• Martina Kraus (RavensBuch)

• Philipp Laage (dpa Themendienst)

• Karl Mertes (Journalist)

• Burghard Rauschelbach (Consultant Sustainable Tourism)

• David Ruetz (Vorsitzender der Jury, Head of ITB Berlin)

• Raphaela Sabel (Schweizer Buchhandel)

• Gerd W. Seidemann (Journalist)

Die Preisverleihung der ITB BuchAwards 2017 findet am Freitag, 10. März 2017, um 16 Uhr statt. Sie wird im Palais am Funkturm, der Award-Location der ITB Berlin, ausgetragen und von Mary Amiri moderiert.



Über die ITB Berlin und den ITB Berlin Kongress

Die ITB Berlin 2017 findet von Mittwoch bis Sonntag, 8. bis 12. März, statt. Von Mittwoch bis Freitag ist die ITB Berlin für Fachbesucher geöffnet. Parallel zur Messe läuft der ITB Berlin Kongress von Mittwoch bis Samstag, 8. bis 11. März 2017. Er ist weltweit der größte Fachkongress der Branche. Mehr Informationen sind zu finden unter Die ITB Berlin ist die führende Messe der weltweiten Reiseindustrie. 2016 stellten mehr als 10.000 Aussteller aus 187 Ländern ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen rund 180.000 Besuchern, darunter 120.000 Fachbesuchern vor.

Treten Sie dem ITB Pressenetz auf bei.
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Meetings Design, Strategic Meetings Management

October 19, 2016
Meetings Design, Strategic Meetings Management and entrepreneurial relationships form the Spanish Education at ibtm world
This year’s Spanish sessions, part of the ibtm world Knowledge Programme, to be delivered at ibtm world ( is set to educate and inspire local attendees with a series of sessions covering the latest industry hot topics and trends from both a local and international perspective.

Presented in partnership with MPI and their Spanish Chapter, the sessions will include presentations and discussions surrounding three key themes; Business Travel and MICE; Meetings Design through Meetovation; and how planners can help new MICE entrepreneurs

Graeme Barnett – Senior Exhibition Director, ibtm world described “Our partnership with MPI Spain spans many years and they have helped us create sessions that are thought provoking, topical, relevant and are what the Spanish sector wants to learn from.”
Taking part in the ACS Knowledge Village located on the show floor, the themes and topics will include:

Business Travel & MICE: Love and Hate, the path to the SMM
This session will look at the synergies between business travel and the MICE sector, in line with Strategic Meetings Management (SMM). It will focus on three elements: cost reduction, risk management and service quality and how the stakeholders (hotel/venue, TMC, agent planner and corporate planners) understand these potential synergies.

Meetings Design by Meetovation 
Meeting Design is one of the most talked-about concepts in our industry. In 2002 a group of leaders from the Danish MICE industry joined forces to create Meetovation to ensure that the meetings were not boring and that organisers obtain better results and ROI. In this session, three industry leaders will address the characteristics of the concept, how it works and look at the success and results of Meetovation

How planners can help MICE entrepreneurs
This session will look into the relationship between planners and agencies and suppliers in the MICE sector. The discussion will focus on how large planners in our sector, those who define events, with large budgets can help the new andstart up entrepreneurs. How can get entrepreneurs reach the big planners?
The ibtm education programme, available to all attendees, was this year created by the industry for the industry from extensive research producing five specific themes of interest to the international MICE community, full details are available  To register for attendance at ibtm world go to

‘More reasons than ever for joining us at IMEX America’

October 19, 2016

‘More reasons than ever for joining us at IMEX America’   

“This year we’re providing more reasons for buyers to come and join us at IMEX America than ever before,” says Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group before IMEX America takes place in Las Vegas on 18 – 20 October.
“There are not only many new exhibitors, a wider variety of education sessions and more networking and social events, we’ve also added new zones, innovations and improvements to enhance the experience for all our attendees. Many of these we’ve introduced in response to research, delegate feedback and market trends. It all means we’re offering more opportunities to do business, learn and meet new contacts than ever.”
“At IMEX America there’s always that sense that something exciting and new is in the air – much of it planned but much of it down to the magic that happens when thousands of industry professionals come together in one place.  This year’s no different. Several significant industry announcements are scheduled this year, which also adds to the sense of anticipation and authority at the show.
“Among the innovations and improvements are two that will provide better networking opportunities for buyers – the introduction of the innovative new Zenvoy match making service and the new Networking Hub in the hosted buyer lounge.
“To help give attendees greater insight into developing areas of the show and to give them an intuitive way to explore the show floor, we now have a series of guided tours – Eventtech, Sustainability and Innovation.
New topical education themes
“In terms of education we have two guiding themes: the sharing economy and ‘when personal meets professional’, addressing highly topical and important business and career issues and, what’s more, 86 per cent of education sessions are now assigned with CEs for CMP certification. Smart Monday will offer even more education sessions, training courses and events than previously and this year’s daily MPI keynote speakers are especially fascinating and engaging.
“In response to feedback from delegates, both the Executive Meeting Forum and Association Focus programs are completely new, with Association Focus now offering two streams, Leadership and Association Meetings & Events. We’ve also introduced a new Senior Planner Open Forum that will crowdsource its discussion topics, creating a new opportunity for those with 10 years plus experience to meet and learn from their peers.
“This year we’ve also focused on adding new facilities that make the overall show experience even better including a new food court, more ‘grab and go’ stops and new registration desks.  And we’re offering even more to help buyers and exhibitors look after themselves with the new Be Well Lounge sponsored by Hilton and, for hosted buyers, the Recharge Zone by Hyatt including massage and manicure services.
“And of course, there are all the well-established features that already bring the industry together in Las Vegas each October – the chance to meet face to face and do business with 3000 plus exhibitors, many co-located industry meetings, major networking events and the vast education program.”
“We’ve listened, responded and I believe, created what should be the best IMEX America yet,” Carina Bauer concludes.
IMEX America 2016 takes place from 18 – 20 October in Las Vegas. For more information about the show please visit

Umfrage der IMEX America zeigt ungenutzte Potenziale im Bereich der Eventtechnologie auf

October 19, 2016

Umfrage der IMEX America zeigt ungenutzte Potenziale im Bereich der Eventtechnologie auf  

61,3 Prozent der Veranstaltungsexperten stimmten zu, dass die heute verfügbare Eventtechnologie die Planung und Durchführung von Veranstaltungen deutlich vereinfacht und dass sich diese Technologien in den nächsten 10 Jahren noch massiv entwickeln und verändern werden. Gleichzeitig sind 92 Prozent der Befragten der Meinung, dass die Vorteile der Eventtechnologie bislang noch nicht ausgeschöpft werden.
Zu diesen interessanten Erkenntnissen kam die neue Studie, die Meeting Professionals International (MPI) für die IMEX America durchgeführt hat und die aufschlussreiche Einblicke in die Einstellung der Meeting-Experten in Bezug auf den Bereich der Eventtechnologie gibt.
Die Studie kam weiterhin zu dem Ergebnis, dass sich lediglich 21,2 Prozent der Befragten beim Kauf von Eventtechnologie-Produkten sicher fühlen.
Sowohl die IMEX in Frankfurt wie auch die IMEX America stellen Eventtechnologie zunehmend in den Fokus: So wurden neben zahlreichen Weiterbildungseinheiten, Foren und Workshops auch spezielle Formate wie die “Tech Touren”, der Start-Up Wettbewerb für Eventtechnologieanbieter und ein eigener Messebereich für die Eventtechnologie entwickelt, die bereits hohen Zuspruch erfahren.
Carina Bauer, CEO der IMEX Gruppe, bemerkt dazu: “Eventtechnologie ist ein äußerst schnell wachsender Bereich der Branche, der noch großes und bislang ungenutztes Potenzial für die effiziente und erfolgreiche Planung und Durchführung von Veranstaltungen bietet.

Wir legen großen Wert darauf, dass in unseren Formaten und Weiterbildungseinheiten auf der IMEX in Frankfurt wie auch auf der IMEX America Experten im direkten und persönlichen Austausch mit den Teilnehmern interagieren. So können wir den Einkäufern und Besuchern einen einfachen und direkten Weg zu diesen neuen Technologien mit ihren Produkten und Dienstleistungen eröffnen und aufzeigen, wo die Eventtechnologie sie am besten unterstützen kann. Auf der IMEX America in diesem Monat gewährleisten wir dies unter anderem durch die geführten Themen-Touren und durch spezielle Weiterbildungsbereiche. Zusätzlich freuen sich eine ganze Vielzahl an Eventtechnologie-Anbietern darauf, ihre Produkte und Services an ihren Messeständen vorstellen zu können.”
Die Umfrage fragte auch, bei welchen Problemen bzw. Herausforderungen in der täglichen Arbeit die Befragten sich Hilfestellung durch neue Technologien wünschten. Die Antworten zeigten einen großen Bedarf nach Konsolidierung und Integration, Komplett-Lösungen und Konsistenz.
Deutlich wird dies auch in der Forderung nach vereinfachten Prozessen und dem Wunsch nach der Zusammenführung verschiedener Formate und Module in eine einheitliche und bezahlbare Event Management Lösung für alle Bereiche – angefangen vom Ausstellermanagement über den Einkauf, die Budgetierung und die Abrechnung bis hin zu strategischen Meeting Management Lösungen.
Carina Bauer bemerkt abschließend: „Derzeit sehen wir in der Veranstaltungsbranche lediglich die Spitze des Eisbergs dessen, was im Bereich Eventtechnologie möglich ist. Wir erwarten künftig noch große technologische Entwicklungen und empfehlen all unseren Besuchern und auch Ausstellern auf der IMEX America und der IMEX in Frankfurt die Vielzahl an Angeboten zu nutzen, um sich über die neuesten Angebote und Entwicklungen zu informieren und weiterzubilden und die Möglichkeiten der Expertengespräche zu nutzen.

IMEX America research reveals the untapped potential for event technology

October 19, 2016

IMEX America research reveals the untapped potential for event technology  

61.3 per cent of meeting professionals agreed that currently available event technology makes event management much easier and that it will develop and change dramatically in the next 10 years, but 92 per cent admit that meeting planners are not making the most of such technology solutions.

These were among the key findings of new research carried out for IMEX America by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) providing fascinating insight into the views of meeting professionals on event technology.

It also revealed that when buying event technology products and services, only 21.2 per cent of those surveyed approached the project with confidence.

Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group said: “Event technology is a fast growing sector that offers vast untapped potential to help with the planning and efficient operation of events”.

We believe that having technology demonstrated by experts face to face is a highly effective way for buyers to get to grips with technology and discover how it could help them. At IMEX America we have facilitated this through guided tours and demonstrated such technology in dedicated educational areas. In addition, the many event technology suppliers at the show will be happy to explain the capabilities and benefits of what they offer at their booths.

Among the initiatives that IMEX America has introduced to meet this need is the EventTechTours. Taking place throughout the show, they will be led by Tahira Endean, who was recognized in 2015 as one of the Top Five Women in EventTech and who now specialises in explaining the integration of technology into our lives, businesses and events.

Innovation Tours are also planned for Tuesday and Wednesday, led by Glenn Thayer of Emcee Squared. They will demonstrate how tech, innovation and trends can be implemented into general sessions, as well as examining the future of meeting experiences.

IMEX America also features the TECHknowledge Area, powered by The Meeting Pool, where experts will deliver targeted technology sessions, TECHbytes, answering questions on hot topics such as Snapchat, Slack, OneNote and wearable technology, and guide buyers through the latest tech in the Gadget Lab. More information is available here.

The survey also asked “what problems do you face in your day-to-day work that you would like technology to solve for you, that isn’t currently covered?” The responses revealed a strong widespread demand for ’consolidation, integration, ‘one-stop’ complete solutions and consistency.’

Typical of these views were requests for ‘the compilation of information from various sources/modules into a single flexibly formatted report;’ ‘a one-stop, affordable complete event management solution, from exhibitor management to budget reconciliation’; and ‘one SMMP system consolidating everything including event management and procurement’.

Carina Bauer concludes by adding “The industry is clearly seeing the tip of the iceberg in event technology at present. We expect there to be much more to come and we believe that by visiting the event technology area at the show and making the most of our Tours and TECHknowledge Area, buyers can learn so much that will be valuable to them in planning and running their events more effectively now and in future.

IMEX America 2016 takes place from 18 – 20 October in Las Vegas. For more information about the show please visit


October 19, 2016


The Darwin Convention Centre is looking forward to a busy October with thousands of local, national and international delegates descending on Darwin over the coming month.

Conferences coming to Darwin in October include The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries of Australia & New Zealand Conference, Northern Australia Defence Summit, Northern Territory Insurance Conference, a major corporate conference and October Business Month.

The sell-out Early Childhood Australia National Conference is a highlight on the Darwin Convention Centre’s 2016 calendar, attracting almost 2000 delegates to Darwin from 5-8 October.

With the highest proportion of children in the population than in any other part of Australia, the Top-End is a place where capital city and urban meets remote and regional. A place where ancient traditions often meet new ways of thinking.

The Darwin Convention Centre is well positioned to bring delegates unique and culturally diverse perspectives and to draw upon the Top-End’s considerable expertise in remote childhood health and education” said Business Development Director Kellie Robertson.

Ms Robertson went on to say that “the cultural and demographic diversity that distinguishes Darwin from other Australian capital cities has the power to unlock different ways of thinking and deliver unanticipated benefits for our delegates.

We look forward to welcoming all of our guests over the coming month.

The CPA Congress, Australian Dental Association Conference and Northern Territory Major Projects Conference taking place in November will round out the 2016 calendar of major conference events in Darwin before the annual awards and festive season commences.

For more information about the Darwin Convention Centre visit

For comment, please contact:
Renee Gries, Marketing Coordinator
Darwin Convention Centre
T   + 61 (0) 8 8923 9000


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