Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort Earns Official MICE Accreditation

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Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort Earns Official MICE Accreditation
The Outrigger in Phuket joins an elite collection of MICE venues in Thailand with MICE Venue Standard accreditation from the Thai government

PHUKET, THAILAND – The Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort has passed all systems tests to earn official Thailand MICE Venue Standard (TMVS) accreditation. The inclusion, effective immediately, followed a detailed submission and on-site inspections by the Thai government’s MICE Capabilities Development Department.

The Outrigger’s Area Director for Sales and Marketing for Thailand, Mr Rory Campbell, received the accreditation on behalf of the resort at an award ceremony for recipients organised by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) in Bangkok on 27 April.

With TMVS accreditation, our sophisticated Similan Ballroom MICE set up at the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort has been officially recognised as among the best in Thailand,” said Campbell. “We will now proudly take that message to event organisers who are seeking to create meaningful and rewarding corporate events in Phuket.

The Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau created the TMVS system to give accredited venues a competitive edge and ensure sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive international MICE sector.

TMVS applies ISO quality standards in food safety, security systems, energy management and the administration of sustainable events. Physical, technological and service delivery standards have to be met before TMVS accreditation is awarded.

The Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort opened its Similan Ballroom and breakout spaces in 2014. It is now among the leading mid-scale event venues in Southeast Asia.

“Since opening, our commitment to our MICE clients has been underpinned by the support of a dedicated events team for each meeting,” said Tony Pedroni, the General Manager at the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort. “Our Outrigger hosts in Phuket work with clients to deliver inspirational Thai service that matches our acclaimed MICE set up and the amazing beachside location.”

Pedroni said that the Outrigger in Phuket prides itself on delivering high-spec facilities at events designed with a unique Thai twist.

The Outrigger offers the Similan Ballroom (716sqm), the Tongfah (158sqm), and the Tawan and Talay breakout rooms at 77sqm each.

Event attendees benefit from a range of high-end in-house AV equipment and technical support. The four meeting spaces feature free Wi-Fi, natural daylight, dedicated technical support, an event and catering team, and state of the art audio visual and conference amenities.

The Similan Ballroom can comfortably host executive conferences of up to 350 delegates in theatre style and 290 guests banquet style. Extensive gardens and a peaceful beachfront create inspirational settings for team building activities and outdoor banquets.

The full technical spec of the Similan Ballroom and the three breakout rooms can be found here and an overview MICE video here. For meeting queries, please contact the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort MICE team at +66 (0)76 360 600. Or email reservation.phuketbeach@outrigger.co.th.

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Expat Running Club – Hash House Harriers

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Meet the Hash House Harriers in Frankfurt
– A drinking club with a running problem –

The Frankfurt Hash House Harriers was founded in 1987. Meanwhile we have, over 1600 runs behind us.
The Frankfurt Full Moon Hash was formed in 1999. A well-planned hash (run) should take 50 – 60 minutes, which can be, finished without difficulty by beginners as well as faster runners. Along the, way, there are short breaks at the “checks”, drink stops and song stops.
We run in and around Frankfurt, in the forest, on gravel and on asphalt.
Participants are members of all age and social groups, without regard to nationality, or religion. The international language is English. At present our members, are Americans, Brits, Finns, Japanese, Russian and German. Visitors are always, welcome. After the run, the group meets up. There are drinks (most importantly beer), and everyone discusses the run, weather and life in general. The sporting part of the Hash is then balanced with, socializing. There are no firm rules, no annual, membership fees.
We only charge  3 Euro for, every run, which is for flour, snacks and drinks.

When do we Run?
We usually run once a week:
in Summer Mondays at 7.00 pm (Mai – August)
in Winter Sundays at 2.30 pm (September-April)
Check the ‘Next Run List’ for more info and location of our next run.

Where do we Run?
Sometimes we run in the city but we usually run within half an hour up to an hour’s drive of Frankfurt. If you need a lift to get to the start of the run, please call the hare and he or she will help put you in touch with someone.

How Much?
Other than for special events the run fee is 3.00 Euros, to be paid to Hash Cash before the run.
This fee pays for beer, soft-drinks and snacks available at the circle and for any drink-stops. Occasionally, the fee will be increased to cover special events like bbqs and this is announced on the run information.
Those forgetting to pay before the run will be suitably punished!

Other Info, Check the ‘Next Run List or Facebook” for information about the next runs or ‘Next Events’ for special events.

Getting in Touch
Best and fastest way is always via our Facebook Group – Other than that you can contact “Automatic Balls (et) Bembeltown DOT de

Frankfurt Hash House Harriers Webiste:

Visiting Hasher
In case you are a visiting hasher and you couldn’t find any crash space or just want to have a bit more privacy.
Anyhow – Please feel free to contact our mismanagement for the best hotel option!

Other chapter in Frankfurt
Frankfurt Vineyard Hash House Harriers
Wine Hash weekends in usually in spring and in autumn taking place near Vineyards around the world
Frankfurt Vineyard Hash House Harriers where founded April 8, 2000 by Automatic Balls
Web: www.VineyardHash

Frankfurt Full Moon H3
Friday closest to Full Moon at 8 pm
Check the run info on our website or on facebook.

Frankfurt Hash Monday R*N #1689 – Frankfurt Rödelheim – Meet us every monday in summer in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main Area.
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The objectives of the Hash House Harriers as recorded on the original club registration card dated 1950:

To promote physical fitness among our members
To get rid of weekend hangovers
To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer
To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel

This group is all about hashing in and around Frankfurt and Rhine-Main area with Frankfurt Hash friends and sub-chapter…
– Frankfurt Full Moon ReLoaded
– Frankfurt Vineyard Hash
and others living the hash in the way it should be – our common hash traditions!

May the Hash go in Peace
On On

How it all started – Alberto Gispert
Alberto Esteban Ignacio Gispert, known to his friends as “G”, was born in London of Spanish parents on 31 July 1903. Alberto Gispert, generally regarded as the principal amongst the founders of the original Hash – KL 1938 – was an accountant by profession with Evatth & Co. with whom he worked in Singapore, Malacca, and Kuala Lumpur. While in Malacca in the early party of 1938 he took part in weekly runs with a local group called Springgit Harriers, mostly Malayan Civil Service personnel. Later that year, Gispert was transferred to Kuala Lumpur where he apparently missed his weekly run with the Malacca group, and set about trying to organise a similar group in the Malayan capital. After sometime, with the aid of Cecil Lee and ‘Horse’ Thompson, he managed to organise a new group. Nearly all runners were members of the Selangor Club, sometimes referred to as the Hash House Harriers.
Gispert, as far can be ascertained, organised the first run and appointed Cecil Lee and ‘Horse’ Thompson as Joint Masters. The group flourished and were able to celebrate their 100th run on 15 August 1941. The hares for this first Hash century were E.A. Ross and M.C. Hay.
Apart from the Harriers, Gispert’s other main involvement was with the Selangor Battalion of the Federated Malay States Volunteers, where he was a Company Commander.
In the latter half of 1941, Gispert went on leave to Australia, but returned as soon as war broke out in the Far East. By the time he reached Singapore the Selangor Battalion of the Federated Malay States Volunteers had been disbanded following the loss of most of the Malayan Peninsula, and Gispert joined the 2nd Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on 21 January 1942 where he was OC Mortar Platoon.
During the battle for Singapore, he was killed at Dairy Farm Road early on the morning of 11 February 1942, age 39. Since his body was not identified, he is probably buried here at Kranji War Cemetery in one of the graves marked “All Unknown Soldiers”. His name is inscribed here on the Memorial Wall. The intervention of the Imperial Japanese Army brought hashing to a stop on 12 December 1941. But in August 1946 the Hash was back in business with the help of Torch Bennet, Philip Wickens and Cecil Lee, all prewar hashmen., On 19 February 1962, Ian Cumming, an ex-KL hashman, founded a second Hash in Singapore. The rest, as they say, is history., We are all here because of what “G” started some 80 years ago.

Hashing in details
The HASH HOUSE HARRIERS was registered as such in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This original chapter is also commonly known as the MOTHER HASH. It is now an international non-competitive running and social club, with chapters all over the world., The philosophy as stated in the OBJECTS CLAUSE OF THE CONSTITUTION is as follows:
To promote physical fitness among our members, To get rid of weekend hangovers, To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer, To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel, To date, this is religiously followed !!!
The template for a hash run is loosely based on the paper chase and known in the club as hare hunting. One or more hashers (the “hares”) lay out a running trail, that the rest of the club (pack or ‘hounds’) follows. The trail may include false trails (check-backs), short cuts (or splits), breaks, and checks (a marking on the trail that requires the pack to search the area to discover the connection of the trail. These features are designed to keep the pack together regardless of fitness levels or running speed. This is followed by a circle where the hares are assessed and rewarded with a drink, recalcitrant members are brought up and punished with a drink and announce ments made, all in good fun.

Basically like a Paper Chase
The organization of the Hash House Harriers is decentralized, with each chapter (also called kennels) locally managed and with no higher-level organizational hierarchy or central controlling organisation. There are more than 1700 kennels with at least one Hash in most major cities in the world. Yet, rules and practices are mostly similar. Local, regional and international events can be organised and held in large numbers.

Herein lies the uniqueness of the Hash. A worldwide camaraderie of hashers with no formal structure, getting together for a common purpose.

Hashers frequently describe themselves as ‘a drinking club with a running problem’, and the social element of hashing is of equal importance to the running. The seriousness of the running and of the drinking varies with each Kennel. Some Kennels focus on running while other focus on drinking. The length and difficulty of runs varies accordingly between each Kennel.

Practices also vary from chapter to chapter, country to country. What follows is true for most chapters.

Several regional directories or international directories have been published with Hash Contact information, although the Internet has become the primary source of hashing information.

Each chapter has its members who pay a subscription. This includes the drinks after the runs and other freebies given occasionally. But generally no membership or reservation is required to join a group and being a guest is welcome, for a fee. Typically all that is needed is to find out the time and location of the start; either by emailing a current member, viewing the group website, calling the information phone line if available, and just showing up. Most groups conduct a “chalk talk” where introductions are made and the system of hash marks is explained to new hashers and visiting hashers who may be used to a different system of marking. The exception to this would be special events, such as camp out, pub crawls, etc., that require significant pre-planning of food and beverages, however even then walk-ins are generally welcome.

Chapters usually run weekly, but many run monthly. There are numerous celebration runs to commemorate various events. These could be local to the chapter such as a run with a uniques number, 111 or 1000 or such and festive runs. The special events could be a national hash, Nash Hash, or regional hash events.

Every two years, an international meet is organised, referred to as the InterHash. Members at one will vote for the next location and so on. Attendance recently has been about mare than 5000.

The traditional symbol of the hash is the outline of the foot, with often the words “On-On” written upon it.

More History
Hashing began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1938, when a casual group of British colonial officials and expatriates, Cecil Lee, Frederick “Horse” Thomson, Ronald “Torch” Bennett, and a British accountant of Catalan descent Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert (A. S. Gispert) would meet after work on Monday evenings to run, following a paper trail, through the environs of Kuala Lumpur to get rid of the excesses of the previous weekend. There was another member of the group, John Woodrow, who is rarely credited as one of the founders as he left Malaysia after the war to return home to his family in Scotland., Sometime late in 1938, 9 Harriers were in the Hash House and it was proposed a formal name be adopted., G came up with the name. This was stated by Cecil in the interview. He said it was a jocular allusion to the Mess (bachelor’s hostel) they lived and it was alliterative (words with a rhythm).
As bachelors, they were billeted in the Selangor Club Annex, known locally as the Hash House, because of its monotonous food (hash, being an old army slang for food). What better name than the location that they were in.
Their runs were patterned after the traditional British paper chase. A hare was given a head start to blaze a trail, marking his devious way with shreds of paper, all the while pursued by a shouting pack of “harriers.” Only the hare knew where he was going… the harriers followed his clues to stay on trail. Apart from the excitement of chasing the hare and solving the clues, reaching the end was its own reward…for there these thirsty harriers would find a tub of iced beer (and, in those earlier, more forgiving days, ginger beer and cigarettes)., Hashing died out during World War II after the Japanese invasion of Malaysia, but started again shortly after the war, when the original protagonists, minus “G” who had been killed in the Japanese invasion of Singapore, re-assembled in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from a “one off” chapter, formed in the Italian Riviera, (now the Royal Milan and Bordighera Hash), hashing didn’t take off until 1962, when Ian Cumming founded the 2nd kennel in Singapore. From then on, the phenomenon started to grow, spreading through the Far East, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as Europe and North America. Hashing experienced a large growth in popularity during the mid-1970s., By the end of the 20th century, there were thousands of Hash House Harrier clubs in all parts of the world, with newsletters, directories, and even regional and world hashing conventions. This boom is owed largely to the power of the Internet to provide timely and accurate information on kennels and their events and points of contact. As of 2003, there are even two organized HHH groups in Antarctica.
Credit must be given to William “Tumbling Bill” Panton for having started and still maintaining a Hash Heritage, which is a total family tree of all the hash chapters in the world. Any chapter can find who it’s forefathers are and who the daughter hash chapters are. However, you must pass the information to Bill to have it on record.
Hashing hasn’t strayed far from its Kuala Lumpur roots. A typical hash kennel (local chapter or group) today is a loosely-organized group of 20-100 men and women, aka Harriers and Harriettes or hussies, although not all groups are co-ed, and some chapters in major metropolitan areas have well more than 100 hashers at an event. Kennel members meet to follow a trail laid by a hare (the person(s) leading the trail who leaves the appropriate marks on the ground, trees etc. for the pack to follow). While strips or pieces of paper have previously been used to mark trail, especially in jungle or off-road areas, it has generally been replaced with flour or chalk, with toilet paper often being used in residential or town areas that would make it more environmental friendly. Generally any mark used to identify the trail is called a ‘hash mark’., Hash kennels in some locations, especially in cities, recommend that the hare call the local police dispatcher before the run as a courtesy to inform them of the run. They also prefer the use of bio-degradable materials such as flour or sawdust to mark the trail in order to avoid unnecessary problems. After the anthrax scares in 2001, many groups throughout the Western world had to change the way they marked trails by using colored chalk or other materials. On August 25, 2007, a “bio-terror” alert was triggered in New Haven, Connecticut due to hashers using flour, and the two hares (who spread the flour) were charged with a felony in an event known as the Hamburger Hash Affair. A similar incident occurred in Rome., Trails are, as they mostly are, “dead” – where trail is laid entirely (or in part) in advance of the start. They could also be “live” – where the hare gets the head start (often 5-10 minutes) from the pack and sets the run as he goes. The hare would of course have pre-planned the trail and to make it interesting, the run paper would be given to the hare just as the hare starts off!! Live trails, while closer to the original Hare and Hounds tradition mentioned in “Tom Brown’s Schooldays”, are more common in the USA, while the rest of the world tends towards “dead” or pre-laid trails. The choice of “live” or “dead” trails is a subject of much controversy on the various hash-related discussion groups., There may be one or more “beer stops” or “beer checks” along the way, with the hare either pre-caching a stock of beer, or having the trail go to a prearranged meeting spot with the “beer truck”, generally a personal vehicle that someone is using to transport a keg or cooler of drinks, snacks, and beer.
With a “live” trail, the general intent of the pack is to attempt to catch the hare before they finish the trail and get to the end. In efforts to do this, some pack members might “range”, or go off-trail if they can guess where the hare may go, in attempts to head off the hare. Generally such a form of athleticism is frowned on by some of the more socially minded kennels., To make the run interesting, the hare can set the trail through literally any kind of terrain, with the hares’ imagination providing the only limitation. Hashers may run through streets, back alleyways, residential areas, forests, swamps or shopping malls, ford streams, climb fences, explore storm drains, run through huge jungles and scale cliffs. The pack never knows where a trail will go or where it may lead.
A trail may be ‘A to A’, where the run starts and ends in the same place, or ‘A to B’ where the run ends in a different location and the pack is transported back to the runsite. It could even be a ‘B’ to ‘A’ run, where the pack is transported to a starting point to run back to the runsite.

Often the hare will employ several tricks in attempts to slow the pack and to keep runners and walkers together. The hare may mark an intersection – generally called a “check” – that signifies that the trail continues within a 360 degree area from that point. Several false trails may lead from that check and it is up to the front runners to “solve” the trail by going out and determining what might actually be the correct path, or “true trail”. Once the true way has been determined, then that runner may mark the check to indicate the proper direction so that anyone to come up it later (such as the walkers, other runners, or anyone arriving late) will not have to figure it out all over again.
The pack will generally carry whistles, horns, or other audible means of communicating in order to assist each other on trail and keep from getting lost. A member of the pack calling out “Are you?” means to know if another individual is searching for the true trail, typically near a check (or intersection), or is on the correct path. Someone will typically call out either “Checking!” to indicate that they are looking for the trail or “On-On”, or blow their whistle or horn three times, to signify that they are on the true trail and that the pack should follow them. Otherwise, the member may shout “Flying!” or give a couple of “wing flaps” with their arms indicate that they have abandoned the true trail in search of a short cut in which case, others should only follow at their own risk.
Every Hash House employs its own set of marks and the names for these marks may vary widely, so Hashers visiting another pack should check the local signs before the run. Traditionally, new runners or visitors will have the local markings explained to them before the run at a “chalk talk”.
In some chapters, the hares are present at the start of the run. They will give some trail-specific advice, too, such as rare markings used, or particular encounters such as a swimming hole.
Trails do get awry or completely shot up. This could happen if the runs were too long, too short, checks were too difficult, too easy, trails inadvertently criss-crossing, paper not sufficient, paper missing, earlier running chapter papers not picked causing confusion, or anything that makes runners straggling back with unmentionable remarks., It is generally accepted that runs must be between 1.0 and 1.5 hours for the front runners. Others usually come in within 30 minutes after. If the run is too short or exceeds the time limit, the hare would have to do a fine run later.

Although some (but perhaps very few) of today’s health-conscious hashers drink water or a diet soda, a trail’s end is still a predominantly alcoholic drinking occasion. The exception would be found at a family hash…. and even then. At trail’s end hashers gather to drink beer, soft drinks before or after the beers and generally have a chinwag. This is always about the run, how good it was, how bad it was, how well the hare set it and how it could have been better, how they would have set it, who did what silly thing on the run etc etc., In many chapters, especially in the tropics, hashers would have a wash down or even a full bath, shampoo and all!!! They would have water containers and sluice from them or nowadays, have electric showers runnning off the cigarette lighter point in the car !!!
This bathing from the different cars would indeed appear to be a ritual of sorts !!! But as the tropical runners would admit, nothing more refreshing than a wash after the run !!! In others, they just have a change of clothes., Then it is time for the “Circle” This typically consists of drinking more beer; this time ritualistically. Circles may be led by the hash Grandmaster, the group’s Religious Adviser, or by a committee of mismanagement. Traditions and the degree of rowdiness vary from hash to hash, but in general the Circle consists of awarding “Down-Downs”., A down-down is one of the oldest traditions and is a means of punishing or rewarding pretty much anything. Upon being called to do a down-down the accused must come to the middle of the circle and drink everything that they have in their vessel (generally a cup, mug, or other drinking device), to the accompaniment of a short ditty. They must do this without pause until they have consumed the whole quantity of drink (typically beer, but it can be of any drink they may have with them) or they must pour the remaining contents over their head.
Hashers enjoying the cool of the evening, The circle starts with the hare being called to the box, a small stand of beer cartons or otherwise. Comments on the run are made and in total frankness too!!!
A Down Down is then given to the hare for an enjoyable run, even if it was a total disaster.
Miscreants taking an On Down, Then hashers are called up for misdemeanors real, imagined, or blatantly made up. Humour and good sporting spirit is the general order of the circle. The true art of the ‘call’ is to make it a humourous rigmoral and start in such a way that the intended victim only realises that he/she is, at the end, the victim. The hasher called, has no right of appeal and a drink is taken anyway. Generally the activities will also include the group singing of bawdy drinking songs ofe type that can be heard in a pub, fraternity party, military get-together, rugby match, or other such social gathering. These songs are also published and distributed to members in the form of so-called Hash House Hymnals.

At the conclusion of the Circle, hashers may head to an “ON ON” “On-After” or “On-On-On”, which may be at a nearby restaurant or pub for food and more drinks. The food is usually ordered in advance and the bill is shared by all. Drinks are on individual account but it is common for hashers to put an amount in a glass as a kitty for contributors to share beer. (You can imagine what will happen to scroungers). This is the social part of the hash, and the party may last from one hour to several hours, as they tell stories, have fun, and enjoy everyone’s company.

There are said to be no rules in hashing, however several traditions have developed with a violation of such severely frowned upon and likely to invoke a punishment by way of a “down-down”.
Typically being caught in a pair of new shoes may require that one drinks from the offending shoe as penance and to make it more interesting, after the run, irrespective of the condition!!!, You Can Never Escape The Call for Wearing New Shoes !!
Other traditions which differ among chapters, include a prohibition of pointing with fingers, requiring the use of elbows or other appendages to indicate direction, and a proscription against the use of real names (aka nerd names) at any point around other hashers.
One interesting aspect of hashing (besides the running and general drinking of beer) is the use of names as assigned by the group. Though traditions may vary greatly among the groups, and some groups do not do this, it is common practice to give members a nickname. At their first hash, attendees will generally be known as “Virgin [Name]” or “New Boot [Name]” and will then be called “Just [Name]” or “No Name … [Name]” until duly named by the group. The occasion of a member’s naming by the group may occur after they have attended a specified number of hashes (e.g. 5), after they hare their first trail, or after they do something the pack deems noteworthy., Before a naming, the group may collect information concerning the individual or ask them a series of questions that can include occupation, most embarrassing moment, personal preferences, stories, or experiences. Others will then be allowed to share their own stories or knowledge concerning that individual in hopes of finding some aspect that seems to be memorable or noticeably sticks out regarding that person. Many suggestions may be offered, with the final name being chosen by vote or general group consensus with more often than not some humorous or (unfortunately) debaucherous connotation being used.

Sometimes a kennel will conduct a special event in place of a normal hash, that can consist of anything from a house party, camp out, or pub crawl. One of the more famous events is known as the ‘Red Dress Run’ and is held by most local chapters once a year. This tradition began in San Diego when a virgin (new) hasher showed up for a run wearing only a red dress (having been ill informed of what to expect). When she next returned, other hashers decided to wear a red dress as a joke; with it soon becoming an annual event and eventually spreading around the world. During this event, which can be either a normal hash run or a simple day-long pub crawl, everyone (both genders) is to wear something red and dress-like, not specifically just a red dress. Turn outs include red body latex paint to red duct tape, red sarongs, or a normal lovely summer dress, with all extremes being pretty well accepted. In Kennels that host red-dress runs, it is not unusual that it be the largest hash of the year with attendance up to 2, 000 in San Diego for a couple of years over 1500 currently in New Orleans and 500-600 in places such as Washington DC. Other variations of a theme can be seen, as kennels might also host a green dress run (often held around St. Patrick’s Day), formal dress run, lingerie hash, or a clown hash., There are also bicycle hashes or BASHes, that have been formed, based on the same principles as the running hashs, but often without the ceremonial aspects. In many countries, there may be Children Hashes for those under 16, generally with soft drinks replacing beer and many adult themes being toned down considerably. There are also “Hash-O” events that combine elements of hashing and orienteering. Not wanting to be left out, the dogs who accompany the owners have insisted on Dog Hashes or DASHes being formed.

If you are interested in a sponsorship of our club, please contact us!

Sponsors in the past have been:
Acton Sports Gear
Kirner Brauerei
Orion Erotik Shop
Possmann Apfelwein


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The Sanya EDITION welcomes guests

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The Sanya EDITION welcomes guests for hassle-free visits with visa-free entry from May 2018

Now more accessible than ever: visa-free entry to Hainan Island allows travellers to visit The Sanya EDITION with ease

Following its launch in December 2016, The Sanya EDITION is looking forward to welcoming guests to its exclusive Hainan Island location without the added complication of a visa application. Effective from 1st May 2018, citizens of 59 countries may enjoy 30-day visa-free access to Hainan Island. Travellers from 59 countries including the United Kingdom, all EU countries, Balkan countries, United States, Canada and many more countries in Asia, Australia and South America are eligible for the new policy.

Groups and individual visitors from these countries can visit the Hainan Province in China for 30 days visa-free as long as their trip tours are booked through registered travel agencies and are approved by the China National Tourism Administration.

Centrally located in Haitang Bay, The Sanya EDITION is set within 50 acres of meticulously landscaped lush tropical greenery featuring a striking 20,000 m2 private ocean overlooking the South China Sea. The Sanya EDITION comprises 512 residential-style guestrooms, including 46 suites, and an additional 17 exclusive hotel villas nestled into a terraced hillside, each one with a private pool and private outdoor space. Delivering on the new-luxury promise, all guestrooms in the horseshoe-shaped hotel offer stunning ocean views.

With a selection of food and beverage outlets, guests are able to experience a wide range of cuisines, all using locally sourced fresh ingredients. The meticulously designed environment also enables extraordinary and special dining experiences, such as on the illuminated floating platform secluded on the private ocean. Spa and activities on the private ocean can also be arranged for the ultimate resort experience.

Located on the southern end of Hainan Island, Sanya is regarded as China’s tropical holiday destination with bays of beach resorts. For those looking for a romantic location to tie the knot, hotel’s year-round tropical weather and expansive banqueting hall make for a perfect and unique wedding location. With the revolutionary, multigenerational Playland, The Sanya EDITION is also ideal for those travelling with a family.


Facebook.com/EDITIONhotels / Twitter: @EDITIONhotels / Instagram: @EDITIONhotels

EDITION Hotels Weibo: www.weibo.com/EDITIONHotels


The Sanya EDITION WeChat: TheSanyaEDITION


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The Centre Wins Malaysia Best Employer Brand Award 2018
Director of Human Resources, Muhammad Vickneswaran, Receives Malaysia’s Most Talented HR Leaders Award 2018

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s Director of Human Resources, Muhammad Vickneswaran (centre), receives the venue’s Malaysia Best Employer Brand Award 2018 for the Hospitality Sector and his Malaysia’s Most Talented HR Leaders Award 2018 from Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) President and Chief Executive Officer, Aresandiran J. Naidu and Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Hotels & Resorts, Hanley Chew.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 2018 – The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) has won the Malaysia Best Employer Brand Award 2018 for the Hospitality Sector and the Centre’s Director of Human Resources, Muhammad Vickneswaran, received Malaysia’s Most Talented HR Leaders Award 2018, at the 4th Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards 2018. These accolades follow the venue’s recent achievement in winning thePembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad” for the Large Service Sector at the Human Resource Development (HRD) Awards 2017.

The Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards features the top organisations from Malaysia who are exemplary in Human Resources (HR) and use marketing communications effectively for HR Development. The winners of the Best Employer Awards were assessed based on their outstanding achievements in translating and combining vision and action with HR Strategy; building alignment to mesh HR Strategy with business priorities; and cultivating competencies for the future to enable the organisation to be future-ready.

Speaking on the success at the Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards Ceremony, the Centre’s Director of Human Resources, Muhammad Vickneswaran, shared, “This award reflects the commitment of the Centre’s leadership in placing great emphasis on the development of human capital and future leaders for the hospitality and business events industry. Quality and service excellence depend on well-trained workforce and that is why talent development and retention and skills enhancement are a highly regarded part of our day-to-day operation.

He continued, “As such, receiving this accolade, which recognises our efforts to attract, develop and retain local talent is a great honour and why we are elated to win this award. It also gives us a sense of our standing against other industry leaders and further inspires us to continue our efforts in building an excellent team.

Echoing Muhammad’s delight at receiving the Malaysia Best Employer Brand Award, the Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor said, “I would also like to congratulate Muhammad on winning Malaysia’s Most Talented HR Leaders Award. The accolade is much deserved and recognises his vast knowledge and experience in Human Resources, which our team benefits from every day.

The Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards were selected by the Employer Branding Institute (EBI), a virtual organisation which connects senior leaders in human resources to share their best practices throughout the world. The awards celebrate Employers in several geographic regions as a build-up to the Global Employer Brands which are a part of the World HRD Congress. In its fourth year, the event celebrates some of the finest leaders in an organisation that believe in producing leaders, leaders of change, leaders who are iconic and Talent Management strategy aligned with the vision and mission of the organisation.

The Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards is intensely researched by Dr. R. L. Bhatia, Project Director of World HRD Congress and Founder of World CSR Day and headed by Dr. Indira Parikh, Ex-Dean of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, one of the most prestigious education institutes in India.

For all the latest news and information on the Centre, visit www.klccconventioncentre.com.

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For further information, please contact:
Nalinie A/P Rajah
Marcom and PR Executive
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Tel: +603 2333 2888
Fax: +603 2333 2882
Email: info@klccconventioncentre.com

Charles Chaplin
TQPR (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603 6203 4300
Fax: +603 6203 5972
Email: charlesc@tqpr.com

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60th booking for Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp

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60th booking for Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp

A Room with a ZOO celebrates first birthday

Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp has now been operational for a full year and has just accepted its sixtieth confirmed convention booking. This is a particularly happy moment. FMCCA has proven to be a highly sought after venue for the organizers of international conventions and conferences. FMCCA has moreover received a number of acclaimed awards, including the industry’s highest honour, the ICCA’s Best Marketing Award for the Room with a ZOO campaign. Come and meet FMCCA at IMEX 2018 at stand E120 (Meet in Flanders).

Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp is part of the Queen Elisabeth Hall complex and is located in the celebrated Antwerp ZOO, just ten minutes walk from the historic city centre and next door to Central Station. The convention centre can receive up to 2,700 participants and offers over 25,000 m² of conference space, as well as a wonderful choice of highly desirable experiences. FMCCA itself hosts a number of prestige conventions such as IMEC 2017 & 2018, AWC 2018 and the AIPC Annual Conference 2019.

Prize Winner
FMCCA has been operational for just a year and has already won several prizes, including the ICCA’s Best Marketing Award for the “Room with a ZOO” campaign (the top award of the meeting industry), MIMA’s silver Award for the Best Print Advertising Campaign (MIMA = Meeting Industry Marketing Awards) and MIMA’s bronze award for the Best Brand Marketing Campaign, while our Chief Commercial Officer, Anja Stas, was nominated Marketing Manager of the Year by Trends, the Belgian business weekly.

Convention Organizers are lavish with their praise of FMCCA:

Luc Niville, Executive Director of the Semico Group, “It promises to offer the wildest dreams of every PCO – a well situated high-end congress venue, in a class of its own; spacious well equipped rooms placed around a central atrium; a large number of breakout rooms and that so important extra element, the gardens of the ZOO.

Liz Jackson, FASAE, President Jackson Consulting Inc: “I have been to many client events over my years in the MICE industry and yours was one of the best organized and most carefully designed to draw buyers into an appreciation of A Room with a ZOO. I will recommend it with enthusiasm.”

Instant CSR
The aces that convince organizers are highly diverse, and biodiverse! Not only does FMCCA offer state-of-the-art conference comfort in a wonderful historic setting in a unique location, but it also confers the cachet of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) because of its concern for nature conservation.

ZOO Foundation
Located in the heart of Antwerp ZOO, FMCCA is a part of the ZOO Foundation, a home for animal welfare, nature conservation and science. This gives FMCCA depth and widespread popular support. Anja Stas, FMCCA’s Chief Commercial Officer, explains, “Every eurocent spent in our convention centre is administered by the ZOO Foundation and directly supports our work on animal welfare, heritage, breeding programmes, research and nature conservation. All of this is done on behalf of the welfare and survival of our zoological friends”.

Events and conservation go hand in hand
The protection of threatened species and research in fundamental aspects of nature conservation is for us, as cofounder of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) part of our DNA. Scientists are convinced of the role nature plays in making us feel happy. The natural world nourishes our sense of spirituality, inspires and unites us. This is what FMCCA brings you, a convention centre surrounded by nature, tropical animals and beautiful gardens. After an intensive meeting in FMCCA you can wander into the ZOO and revel in the sight of giraffes and lions. What could be more natural than a friendly chat under the watchful eyes of the flamingos? How refreshing to go for an early run among the trees and animals before a busy day in conference? Looking at the wonders of nature, animals, trees and plants gives you strength and connects you to others. A perfect venue to give your convention or meeting an unrivalled boost!

The story of gorilla Matadi
Matadi the silverback gorilla with his impressive appearance has become the face of FMCCA. He is one of the darlings of the ZOO as well as the mascot of FMCCA. Handed out at conventions in FMCCA, our mascot travels the world. Matadi is ready to assume his role as a breeding male in Great Ape Valley in the Zoo. As gorillas in the wild are a seriously threatened species, we hope that he will soon be fathering little gorillas.

Photographs and video: http://www.fmcca.com/press

You’ll find FMCCA at IMEX 2018 at the Meet in Flanders stand number E120.

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Meet Hawai‘i to exhibit at IMEX for the first time

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Meet Hawai‘i to exhibit at IMEX for the first time

Meet Hawai‘i, Hawai‘i Tourism Authority (HTA), MICE brand will be exhibiting at IMEX, Frankfurt from 15-17 May 2018 for the first time. Meet Hawai‘i will be exhibiting alongside partners including Hawai‘i Convention Centre, MC&A, Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikīkī Beach Resort and Hilton Waikoloa Village, as part of its ongoing strategy to becoming a leader within the MICE marketplace.

Located at stand number C250, Meet Hawai‘i and its partners will be available to offer insight into Hawai‘i’s meeting, incentives, conferences and exhibition offerings, help plan and book high-level incentives, meetings and association conferences, whilst also looking to reinforce existing relationships and generate new contacts.

AlohaConnects, an exclusive Meet Hawai‘i marketing and sales initiative has been designed to put Hawai‘i on the world stage as a competitive destination for world congresses and international conferences. Their aim is to emphasise Hawai‘i’s strategic location, relevant industries and HTA’s extensive activities in the business events space.

Pris Texeira, Hawai‘i Tourism Global MCI’s Managing Director, said: “Meet Hawai‘i is thrilled to be exhibiting at IMEX Frankfurt for the first time. We look forward to showcasing Hawai‘i as a leading destination for hosting world-class meetings and conventions, liaising with global decision makers in the MICE sector and forging new relationships.

Hawai‘i has celebrated a recent spate of successes. The destination has been selected to host the Association for Computing Machinery in 2020, including over 3,000 computing educators, researchers and professionals visiting Hawai‘i.

Furthermore, Honolulu hosted the leaders from 21 APEC economies for the 2011 APEC Leaders Week and in 2010 Hawai‘i also hosted 8,000 attendees for IUCN’s World Conservation Congress. Additionally, Hawai‘i will be hosting Rotary International in 2020 with over 10,000 attendees. This demonstrates Hawai‘i’s standing as a major contender in the MICE sector.

IMEX is Germany’s leading trade exhibition for meetings, conventions, events and incentive travel. For further information about Hawai‘i, please visit https://www.meethawaii.com/.

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Celebrate the vibrant Balinese culture

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Celebrate the vibrant Balinese culture at The Sanya EDITION

From 11th to 19th of May, Head Chef of Barbacoa I Made Suriana will bring his warm family affair to The Sanya EDITION. Chef I Made and his aunt Ni Made Suiji, a head chef from a traditional restaurant on the iconic Jimbaran beach, are collaborating to create an eclectic menu featuring traditional dishes from the southwestern coast, promising guests an ultimate dining experience and transporting them to the sunny beaches of Bali.

An exclusive cooking class on 12th of May is available for guests staying at the hotel. Guests will be able to create special forgotten Jimbaran recipes of the Balinese cuisine with guidance from the chefs, whilst enjoying a full kitchen-to-table experience overlooking the breathtaking views of the South China Sea.

On 13th of May, the two chefs are joining forces to create a special Mother’s Day set dinner menu. Featuring refreshing starters such as Spicy Green Papaya salad with crab, roasted coconut with chilli-lime dressing, followed by an exciting main course of charcoal grilled daily catch and the traditional coconut pudding to end the meal on a sweeter note. Available at 1088RMB, the menu will be available one night only, where Mothers amongst guests will also receive a specially crafted gift hand made from the Chef’s hometown village community.

The chef duo has also planned a seafood tasting menu inspired by the Jimaran fishing village where fishermen cook their daily catch right on the beach. Welcomed by Chef I Made’s wife and her handmade Balinese gifts, guests will be able to taste culinary delights such as Balinese-style grilled whole fish butterfly-style with red chili sambal, as well as daily specials of charcoal grilled skewers bursting with flavours. Guests will also enjoy kitchen-to-table experience with dishes prepared in front of them. The set menu is priced at 988RMB and available from 11th to 19th of May.


Facebook.com/EDITIONhotels / Twitter: @EDITIONhotels / Instagram: @EDITIONhotels

EDITION Hotels Weibo: www.weibo.com/EDITIONHotels

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AXA Pressemitteilung – Public Viewing

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Damit beim Public Viewing nichts schief geht: Veranstaltungsversicherungen schützen
Eine Veranstalterhaftpflichtversicherung bietet den Organisatoren von Veranstaltungen umfassenden Schutz gegen Drittschäden.
Falls eine Veranstaltung, wie zum Beispiel ein Public Viewing, nicht stattfinden kann oder abgebrochen werden muss, schützt eine Veranstaltungsausfallversicherung vor den finanziellen Folgen.

Mit den Angeboten von AXA können sich alle, die Veranstaltungen planen und durchführen, absichern: Eventagenturen, Konzert- und Tourneeveranstalter, Location-Betreiber, Museen und Theater, aber auch Städte und Gemeinden sowie Restaurants, Hotels, Vereine und viele weitere.

Bei einem sportlichen Top-Event wie der anstehenden Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft in Russland gehört das gemeinsame Anfeuern der Lieblingsmannschaft einfach dazu. Nach dem Startschuss am 14. Juni werden Public Viewing-Veranstaltungen in ganz Deutschland wieder zahlreiche Fußball-Fans vor die öffentlichen Bildschirme locken. Doch für die Organisatoren kann es trotz aller Begeisterung schnell zu einem Schaden kommen, der finanzielle Folgen mit sich bringt. Gegen unvorhergesehene Ereignisse und daraus entstehende Schäden bietet AXA für Veranstalter verschiedene Lösungen. Durch die Kombination aus Veranstalterhaftpflichtversicherung und Veranstaltungsausfallversicherung bietet AXA sicheren Schutz.

Viele Veranstalter denken beim Thema Ausfallversicherung an die großen Festivals und Tourneen. Dabei ist eine umfassende Absicherung für jede Art von Veranstaltung, sowohl Open Air als auch Indoor, sinnvoll“, erklärt Laura Hosse, Expertin für Veranstaltungsversicherungen bei AXA.

Stolperfalle, schlechtes Wetter oder Reiseverzögerung
Ein Besucher stolpert über das Beamerkabel und verletzt sich, der Schlüssel zu einer angemieteten Räumlichkeit geht verloren oder dort geht etwas kaputt, es kommt zu einem Personenschaden an einer nicht ordnungsgemäß aufgebauten Bühne – in solchen Fällen haftet der Veranstalter. Schutz vor den finanziellen Folgen bietet eine Veranstalterhaftpflichtversicherung wie zum Beispiel der Profi-Schutz für kurzfristige Veranstaltungen von AXA. Der Versicherungsschutz reicht von Personen- über Mietsach- bis hin zu Umweltschäden und lässt sich darüber hinaus um zusätzliche Deckungsbausteine erweitern – beispielsweise beim Einsatz von Zuschauertribünen.

Auch sonst läuft bei Veranstaltungen nicht immer alles nach Plan. Gerade bei Outdoor-Events wie Sportveranstaltungen, Open-Air-Festivals oder Straßenfesten kann es passieren, dass das Wetter einen Strich durch die Rechnung macht. Muss eine Veranstaltung etwa wegen eines Unwetters mit Starkregen abgesagt werden, ist der Schaden für den Veranstalter meist groß: Angemietete Räume, Catering und eingeplante Künstler müssen trotzdem bezahlt werden, auch wenn die Einnahmen ausfallen. Und die Tickets müssen unter Umständen auch noch zurückerstattet werden. Bei Ausfall, Abbruch oder Änderung der Veranstaltung übernimmt AXA die aufgewendeten Kosten beziehungsweise Mehrkosten, zum Beispiel für Werbeausgaben, Mieten, Gehälter und Gagen. Die Veranstaltungsausfallversicherung greift unter anderem auch bei Terrorandrohungen oder Reiseverzögerungen eines Künstlers.

Ausführliche Informationen zu allen AXA-Produkten für Veranstalter gibt es unter

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Transforming Meetings & Events

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Transforming Meetings & Events:
Book Your Appointment Now With the Asia Experts

Destination Asia’s executive team of meeting and incentive professionals are ready to meet you at IMEX Frankfurt (booth C360), taking place at the Messe Frankfurt, from 15-17 May 2018. Our team will be on hand to share innovative itineraries and corporate travel experiences available now in Asia. Join us and expand your business opportunities with Asia’s leading destination management company.

From our corporate booth (C360) we will be sharing our latest, unforgettable tailor-made incentives and reveal the cutting-edge venues opening in some of Asia’s most iconic – and hidden locations.

In 2018 we continue to expand our online presence. A dedicated events website offers specific destination resources for each of our eleven destinations in Asia, including; Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos.

The recently updated interactive events website offers our clients a wide range of downloadable and visual content, including 4K/HD virtual tours of previous events and destinations – empowering partners with the ultimate sales tools. Our valued clients can access image galleries, event brochures, fact sheets, 360 degree virtual tours, hotel portfolios, program overviews and our own destination presentations. In March 2018 we launched our first set of fully interactive country ebooks, complete with video and download options to give you fast and up-to-date information as you require it.

Our team will be happy to discuss the extraordinary opportunities for incentive travel in Asia and explain the Destination Asia protocol in delivering seamless experiences from the moment your clients arrive.

Ready to meet you at the Destination Asia booth (C360)

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Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort Opening Voyager 47 Club Lounge

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Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort Opening Voyager 47 Club Lounge

HONOLULU – Perched above world-famous Waikiki Beach, the brand-new Voyager 47 Club Lounge at Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort will warmly welcome its first guests July 1, 2018. Exclusive to resort guests staying in Voyager 47 Club level rooms and all suites, the premier club lounge provides a serene, oceanfront retreat to enjoy complimentary, locally sourced bites as well as premium coffee, craft beer and specialty cocktails. The venue can also be booked for private events, offering an inimitable setup with sweeping views of Diamond Head, iconic surf breaks and stunning sunsets.

Since 1947, Outrigger has provided the best of Hawaii hospitality with its stellar service and authentic aloha.

The Voyager 47 Club Lounge is a new way for us to provide enhanced experiences for our guests to make their stay with us even more memorable,” said Revell Newton, general manager at Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort.

As a premium beachfront brand we’re also conscious to make smart environmental choices. Our Voyager 47 Club Lounge is serving-up local ingredients and our new Cintas uniforms are made from textiles created with plastic bottles diverted from landfills,” he said.

Voyager 47 Club Lounge for Outrigger Guests
Located on the resort’s second floor, with unobstructed views of Diamond Head – guests can start their day with premium Kona coffee and breakfast bites including fresh local fruits and eggs, pastries, homemade jam and more. To help plan the day, a dedicated club concierge will be available for Voyager 47 Club Lounge guests to personally assist with anything from recommendations to reservations for activities, to eateries and cultural programs. Guests can return for the sunset to indulge in Outrigger’s locally inspired tasting menu with pupu platters and specialty draft beer bar – featuring seasonal brews plus local wines. In addition, Voyager 47 Club Lounge guests receive a complimentary two-day Tesla test drive as part of their stay, based on availability.
Private Onsite Catering
Beyond the offerings for on-property guests, the premier club lounge is a paramount location in Waikiki for privately catered events. From wedding receptions to group lunches and special occasions, the Voyager 47 Club Lounge has midday and late-night availability suitable for various needs. With indoor and outdoor seating options, event guests and club members can take in sweeping panoramic views of Waikiki Beach, which are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Club Upgrade Offer
To celebrate the new Voyager 47 Club Lounge opening, Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort is extending a limited-time, one-level upgrade – book a Voyager 47 Club City View room and get a complimentary upgrade to a Voyager 47 Club Partial Ocean View room, now through April 15, 2018, for travel July 1, 2018, through Dec. 31, 2018.

The Voyager 47 Club Lounge at Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort will be available exclusively to guests staying in Club Level Rooms on the dedicated 14th-16th floors, with 104 rebranded rooms in total. Hours of operation for the Voyager 47 Club Lounge are from 6 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information about Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort and updates on the new Voyager 47 Club Lounge, visit www.outrigger.com or news.outrigger.com.

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