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European Cities Marketing

February 13, 2015

European Cities Marketing
Future Leaders 
Scholarship Award 2015, 
”and the winner is…”

For the second year in a row, European Cities Marketing, in association with MODUL University Vienna, organized for its members a friendly competition based on best practices. The winner, who will receive a full scholarship for a part-time 2 year MBA at MODUL University, has been revealed during ECM Spring Meeting that was held in Gijón at the beginning of the month.

The Scholarship Award is a friendly competition around best practices in the tourism industry – and is open exclusively to ECM’s members. It allows a young talented professional, employed by one of 110 ECM member organisations to study for a part-time two year MBA at MODUL University in Vienna. The entire study costs of €25,000 are covered by collaboration between ECM and MODUL University Vienna.

The ECM association continues to develop its established role as a catalyst for developing future leaders. For this reason, the second edition of the “ECM Future Leaders Scholarship Award” has been launched in March. All applications have been thoroughly studied by the jury.

The competition is judged on the submission of best practice case studies based on topics/themes that are crucial for the competitiveness of tourism in European cities. The topics are deliberately linked to the themes of ECM’s latest conferences to try and pull various threads together and to encourage further learning. It also enables ECM to gather a great deal of best practice case study material that can be shared amongst members.

This year’s winner is Boudewijn Bokdam, project manager at Amsterdam Marketing, convinced the jury with a brilliant case study that describes the transformation process of a city that aims to become recognized as a wider region (“Transforming cities into attractive regions in a sustainable way: The Amsterdam tourism case”).

About his Scholarship Award win Boudewijn Bokdam said: “I am very honoured to have been awarded this scholarship and would like to thank European Cities Marketing, MODUL University Vienna and Amsterdam Marketing for giving me the opportunity to study at this amazing university. I took great pleasure on working on the case study as I believe that the constant growth of tourism, which we can observe in many cities today, needs innovative and sustainable solutions. The ECM Future Leaders Award presented the perfect opportunity to describe Amsterdam Marketing’s approach to the development of the region so that other destinations can benefit from our experiences as well.” 




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