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Jerusalem Inbound Tourism Smashes Record since Independence in 1948

May 18, 2017

Jerusalem Inbound Tourism Smashes Record since Independence in 1948

Terrorism has no impact on tourism figures –  349,000 tourists visited Israel in April – the highest ever figure for any month since 1948  – an increase of 40% from April last year.
In the face of a rise of global terrorism and its effects on tourism, Jerusalem continues to buck the trend. April saw record figures of 349,000 tourists to Israel, a 40% rise on this time last year and the highest figures since Independence in May 1948. Between January and April, 1.09 million tourists visited Israel, in general, a 28% increase from the first quarter of 2016.
The reality of the world today, is that terrorism is a presence on the streets in every city and tourism destination. The question all cities must now answer, is how to ensure the safety of all its residents and visitors in the face of this increased threat? Sadly, this is not a new reality for Israel, and Jerusalem in particular, which has for many years been the target of terrorism. Yet most notably, Jerusalem remains a city which is very safe to visit, with a highly efficient and minimally intrusive security presence, meaning visitors to the city regularly report feeling safe and able to enjoy the city.
Ilanit Melchior Director of Tourism for the Jerusalem Development Authority commented on how other European colleagues have turned to Jerusalem to help develop tools to continue to promote tourism in the face of terrorism. She said: “Unfortunately many European cities have had to cope with a rise in terrorism which Jerusalem has been dealing with for many years. Our police force and security services work tirelessly to ensure that our Jewish, Muslim, and Christian visitors are safe. We cannot be scared to talk about terrorism. It has to be on the table, but at the same time we are keen to showcase that Jerusalem is a vibrant city, safe for tourists and open for visitors.”
Melchior also commented on the rise in tourism: She said: “Jerusalem has become an ever increasing attractive destination for tourists for a myriad of reasons. We have invested in establishing large scale public events, such as events as the Jerusalem Opera Festival, the Light Festival, Open House Jerusalem, and Open Restaurants, as well as the Jerusalem International Marathon, now in its eighth year and attracting more than 30,000 participants annually. We have made a huge investment in the city with more and more hotels opening, with more and more tourists seeing Jerusalem as an attractive city break destination, as well as a premier destination for pilgrim travel.”
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