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DMC Warning – Russian DMC

December 28, 2013

RUSSIAN DMC – Travel Warning DMC Baikal Complex

For those of you who travel a lot – here are some recommendations and hints about places to go and to avoid.
First of all, here come a warning in case you plan to travel to Russia and Mongolia.

Baikal-Complex / Incoming Russian Travel Company
please be very carefully. Usually they try always to charge you more at the end of the trip.
Even or especially if all was paid in advance… Once you are in the country the owner Youry Nemirovsky is trying to rip you off. Better avoid this tour operator and use another one!
Mr. Youry Nemirovsky even did bring a whole group of travellers in a lot of problems and they almost missed their train. Mr. Youry Nemirovsky also keept the passports of some of his clients and gave back the passport only after they paid 500 Euro!!!

Baikal Complex
P.O. Box 30
Irkutsk 29
664029 RUSSIA

The next company which is not really to recommend is based in Mongolia.
GEREL-UST offers trips and trekkings allthrough Mongolia, Siberia and China.
But be aware the service here is very poor and they just do everything very minimized, still for to much money.
Beside that the tour operators don’t really know the area or do missinformation on purpose, just to have a more easy job.
Unfortunately this company is also the organising part of the Gobi Marathon, which is a pity – but you can imagine what kind of service you get here…
Even that the company owner is a German does not make anything better here!!! No wonder they work together with the Siberian DMC Baikal Complex.

Frau Udvaa Jambaldorj
Herr Joachim Göttel
P.O.Box 1581, Ulaanbaatar 211 213, Mongolia

We would recommend also to check out the official website from the Mongolian Tourism Department.

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