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European Cities Marketing to launch the first Manifest on DMOs’ future

May 31, 2017

European Cities Marketing to launch the first Manifest on DMOs’ future

The report will look at the daily change and disruption occurring in European tourism; it sets out a vision on how Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) can empower to take on a leading role in city marketing and management.
This first ECM Manifest has been produced in partnership with TOPOSOPHY and will be launched during forthcoming ECM International Conference in Dubrovnik, May 31 – June 3, 2017.

After turbulence caused by terrorism, political shocks and major shifts in consumer travel behaviour, Marketing professionals attending this year’s European Cities Marketing (ECM) International Conference from across Europe and overseas will have one thing on their minds: disruption has become the new normal.
As most destination marketing organisations are still operated along traditional lines under the direction of local government, reacting rapidly to support tourism partners through these changes can be highly challenging.

This vision will be visible through a new paper titled The Future of DMOs: The ECM Manifest which will be presented in the opening session of the ECM International Conference, and distributed online from the start of the event.

“At last year’s Conference, TOPOSOPHY presented a landmark report for city marketers in Europe on the Sharing Economy. This year’s report focuses on the Future of DMOs. It gives a real vision of how they should re-organise their activities internally and externally, and emerge with a strengthened role in order to face the future with confidence”, said Manolis Psarros, CEO of Toposophy.

Commenting on this vision, ECM President Ignasi de Delàs added: “Throughout Europe, DMOs are facing similar demands to re-think what they do. Budget cuts, political pressure and shifts in consumer behaviour mean that it’s time for DMOs to find a new, strengthened role in attracting all types of talent, ideas and investment for their cities, regions and nations. ECM is already playing a strong role in supporting cities when disturbance is the only constant in urban travel. As practitioners, we want to share our vision with the tourism and meetings industry and this report is the perfect example of our work.”

The ECM International Conference will be held from May 31-June 3, 2017 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It will bring together Europe’s city marketers and tourism professionals with industry thought leaders and leading tourism academics from around the globe to debate and navigate the new normal in urban travel and tourism.

For more information and to receive your copy of the Manifest, please go on ECM Website

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March 21, 2017

Time for Destination Marketing Management Organisations?

The Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) are facing new challenges. The need to strategize their future and their own existence is real. During the last European Cities Marketing meeting in Gdansk, a record number of 170 delegates from European cities, together with industry thought leaders, shared ideas and insights on how to create best value for the city, the industry partners and the visitors.

The future of the DMO
Keynote speaker, Frank Cuypers, Senior Strategist at began with fundamental questions and statements: “Marketing is about value. Why do cities want visitors? Because they create economic value that creates jobs. It is not just about money, but about quality of life. How to add value for your people and your visitors? Why is there (still) too many concern about volume? We forget that the tourist can also add value to your destination. Tourism is about emotions and you remember your experiences when you are sensitively touched.”
Roger Carter, CEO of TEAM Tourism Consulting and also keynote speaker shared his vision of DMOs as key organisations within their own field: “leaders of the destination community, guardian of strategic direction and catalyst of competitiveness.”
Tackling the future of the DMO, Cuypers added: “There is hope if DMOs find and/or rethink their scope. Destination promotion happens through destination stories told by many. Destination stories are a direct result of the destination experience.” He then concluded: “DMOs should undercover their place DNA (climate, environment, economy, history, people, culture, geography), and then brand their destination accordingly. Your destination’s DNA combined with the projection of your destination gives what is perceived by potential travellers.”

Time for Destination Marketing Management Organisations?
Keynote speaker Chris Fair, President of Resonance Consultancy advocated the attendees from 65 different cities to turn into DMMOs (Destination Marketing Management Organisations) to keep up with the tourism trends.
“The goals that DMOs have historically pursued now threaten their future relevance and even existence. As tourism continues to grow, DMOs must shift resources from marketing to management in order to balance the interests and benefits of tourism with those of the local communities they serve.” said Fair, who also continued: “As locals, visitors and digital channels become the primary means of place based communication, DMOs must shift from traditional marketing to management to promote their destination.”
Indeed, DMOs are the only organisations within a city structure that have the capabilities, capacities and funding to focus on developing and managing the experiential quality of a city. With this in mind, Chris Fair emphasised the key steps that DMOs should follow to become DMMOs. First, there is a need to engage the community in the planning process, then to distribute the impact and benefits of tourism to the wider region, to develop quality of life enhancing product and program afterwards, to organise to support and develop initiatives, and finally to manage and monitor destination experience.

The future is digital
Nick Hall & Emil Spangenberg pushed ECM members to the wall to redefine their biggest challenges but also to indentify solutions by asking themselves the right questions. With just 20 minutes to define four key challenges, and 20 minutes to solve four set by others, the session saw a mix of CEOs, Research, Marketing and Digital Directors getting to work on the most significant topics related to Leadership and Digital First as well as Content and Creativity. These priorities were previously identified in the #DTTT’s Transformation Research Report ran in partnership with ECM. More can be find on:

Meet. Share. Grow.
Eight member cities (Aalborg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Ghent, Paris and Tel Aviv) as well as two countries (Germany and Poland) highlighted their innovative approaches in Presentations, City Showcases and Inspiration Lounges. From the implementation of new strategies to technological innovation, through value creation and the impact of terrorism, attendees were offered many chances of learning from their peers.

Speaking about the meeting, Ignasi de Delàs, European Cities Marketing’s President, said: “As always, exchanges between members were at the heart of this European Cities Marketing Spring Meeting in Gdansk. Together, we searched for new models and modes for the future of the DMOs and I’m pretty sure everyone went back home with new ideas and challenges. The most significant one to me was the Destination Marketing Management Organisations (DMMOs) model that really emphasizes the importance for DMOs to shift from traditional marketing to management to promote their destination.”

Another key moment of the ECM Spring Meeting was Lech Wałęsa (former President of Poland and co-founder of the “Solidarity” movement that began the dismantling of the old communist Poland in the summer of 1980) welcoming the seminar attendees with a very emotional speech. Everyone felt honoured to meet and listen to such a legendary leader.

The seminar was coordinated by Peter Rømer Hansen, Founder and CEO of Rømer Agency and moderated by Philippe Vignon, CEO of Geneva Tourism & Conventions.

The next ECM meeting will for the first time be an International Conference, and will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on May 31-June 3, 2017. Focus will be on “The New Normal: DistURBANce in Travel”.
More information and registration will be available soon on

European cities are strategizing the DMO of the future

January 31, 2017

European cities are strategizing the DMO of the future

At the European Cities Marketing Meeting in Gdansk, February 22-25, 2017, European cities will debate the future role of the City Marketing and Tourism organisation. Industry thought leaders will challenge the attendees. Ideas and insights will be shared on how to create best value for the city, industry partners and the visitors. These experienced city marketing experts will share their most precious insights and learning for a full conference on the future of DMOs.

Speaking about the next ECM Meeting, Ignasi de Delàs, ECM President, said: “Here is the thing: just over the last 10 years, digitalisation and globalisation of travel have forever altered the patterns and the practice of urban tourism. New technology has radically changed the behaviour of consumers and empowered them with a world of insights, resources, tools and experiences that outmatches any old classic tourist information centre. Together we will search for new models and modes of tomorrow. We might not find the silver bullet or a model that will fit all. But we are confident that Strategizing the DMO of the Future is the meeting that will give attendees lots of inspiration and empower them and their team to start their own transformative journey.”
Among key speakers, Frank Cuypers, Senior Strategist at and Dr. Roger Carter, CEO of TEAM Tourism Consulting will provide opening keynotes about the future of the DMO. DMOs have to redefine their role and the meaning of marketing in order to stay relevant. But how do DMOs should reengineer themselves in a disruptive marketplace, where the only constant is change?
The next day Chris Fair, President of Resonance Consultancy will explain in his keynote what he believes in: DMOs need to morph to DMMOs – Destination Marketing and Management Organisations in order to align with the trends that will shape travel and tourism tomorrow.
See how Tel Aviv decided to put technological innovation at the heart of the city’s destination strategy. How Copenhagen rebooted its DMO. The Polish strategy for CVBs that consists in Creating Value & Business! Or Germany‘s example of collaboration with neighbour cities and their joint benchmark initiative and market approach to international markets.
Also, participants will get the latest from AalborgGothenburgAmsterdamGhent and Dublin in our series of City Showcases where ECM colleagues share their answers and offer all the inspiration needed.
The conference will be moderated by Philippe Vignon, CEO of Geneva Tourism & Conventions.

More information and programme can be found on:

Meeting Escrow uses ICCA

December 11, 2015

“Meeting Escrow uses ICCA to highlight vital importance of client deposit protection for International Association Meetings”

Canada-based Meeting Escrow has joined ICCA, the globally-recognised leading organisation in the International Association Meetings sector, to ensure that its unique meetings deposit protection product is not restricted to the corporate meetings market, but becomes widely adopted throughout the association world. ICCA membership and access to its database and communication channels will enable Meeting Escrow to reach venues, PCOs, destination marketing organisations (often the first-approached knowledge source for international clients), and the international associations themselves, in all regions of the world.

Martin Sirk, ICCA CEO said: “We’re delighted to welcome Meeting Escrow into the ICCA community, and I believe their innovative financial service will be enthusiastically welcomed by suppliers, intermediaries such as PCOs, and associations alike, and will help to manage financial risk, differentiate quality companies, and encourage transparency throughout the association meetings sector. We want ICCA to become the must-use platform for any business interaction or knowledge exchange relating to international association meetings, so a service promising guaranteed financial protection, especially during these times of economic uncertainty, is a valuable addition to the many other offerings that we make available to ICCA members and international associations.

Meeting Escrow ( was founded by Grant Snider in early 2015 to bridge the “trust gap” in an unregulated marketplace between buyers and sellers of Meetings Industry services. Both parties sign an escrow contract with Meeting Escrow for the total amount to be protected. Funds are wire transferred by the buyer directly to a distinct, uniquely identified Meeting Escrow bank account to the benefit of the supplier-partner and then the individual deposit payments are wire transferred out per the deposit payment schedule in the contract. Client funds are secure and fully protected and supplier-partners are paid on time. In addition, deposits can be held in US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars and 17 other foreign currencies, thereby shielding associations from currency fluctuations.

Grant Snider, Founder and President of Meeting Escrow said: “I’m proud to be part of the ICCA community and look forward to helping international Associations, PCOs and DMOs do business with each other in a way that protects everyone’s interests. Meeting Escrow is the missing piece in the complex jigsaw representing how Associations do business with a vast array of supplier-partners. With Meeting Escrow, clients can rest assured that their deposits are safe and secure. Supplier partners, likewise, can see that funds have been collected on their behalf. It’s a true win | win”.

Grant Snider brings lifelong Meetings Industry experience and an indisputable reputation as a person of integrity and trust to Meeting Escrow. Following an early career in the hotel industry, Snider moved to the destination services sector eventually becoming co-owner of JPdL, Canada’s largest DMC. He sold his stake in the company in 2014. Over the years he has served in a variety of leadership positions in meetings industry associations such as ADMEI, SITE and FICP. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Business Events Industry Coalition of Canada.


August 26, 2015


ICOMEX – the leading MICE event in Mexico and LATAM acquired by Reed Travel Exhibitions in 2014 – is to be re-branded as ibtm latin america joining the global portfolio of ibtm events all of which were re-branded at the end of last year. ibtm latin america will sit as part of the Reed Travel Exhibitions global portfolio of meetings, incentives and events exhibitions and serve the Latin America region including south and central America.

Becoming part of the ibtm portfolio will give the event a major boost and international presence in the global meetings industry and provide new opportunities for the portfolio’s international database of meeting planners who are looking to place or do business across the region supported by ibtm latin america.

The current local expertise and knowledge of the team based in Mexico City, will now be supported by the ibtm portfolio around the world operating and organizing 8 events on 5 continents as well as being part of the Reed Travel Exhibitions (RTE) portfolio of events.

With the change of name, we are truly part of the international ibtm events portfolio and specifically we can now adopt many of the brand values that support each event. For example, the global themes for the ibtm knowledge programme can be used specifically for our region, combining local and regional emphasis as well as an international flavor. Equally we will benefit from the expertise in delivery of world-class Hosted Buyer programmes and have access to the ibtm and RTE sales network so that we can further grow our exhibitor and planner community”. Said David Hidalgo, ibtm latin america Show Director.

At the same time, the team based in Mexico City will provide dedicated local and regional knowledge and expertise to the global portfolio, building the database of domestic and regional planners and suppliers who are looking to expand their businesses around the world and who will be able to apply as Hosted Buyers to other events in the portfolio.

The new Hosted Buyer recruitment strategy for ibtm latin america 2016 will now expect to qualify from the international markets including Spain, Germany, France and UK as well as US and Canada. The programme will also witness growth from South and Central America as well as LATAM.

As a result, the event expects to see a growth in suppliers from overseas especially DMO’s and CVB’s who are looking to meet with regional planners. The new focus on bringing in international buyers will also see more domestic Mexican suppliers as well as those from North America and those from across south, central and Latin America.

The ibtm events portfolio is part of Reed Travel Exhibitions, the world’s leading provider of events and exhibitions for the travel and tourism industry.

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