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Shuli Golovinski, CEO of Newtonstrand Innovations,voted finalist in the Digital Entrepreneur Awards

August 31, 2012

Shuli Golovinski, CEO of Newtonstrand Innovations,voted finalist in the Digital Entrepreneur Award

Shuli Golovinski, CEO of Newtonstrand, has been voted as the 2012 Software Entrepreneur finalist in the Digital Entrepreneur Awards for his innovation and technology solutions for the meetings and events industry. Winners will be announced on 16th October at an awards ceremony taking place in Manchester, UK.

Newtonstrand Innovations is now celebrating its 10th year of providing technology software solutions for the meetings and events industry. With ground-breaking inventions for the industry such as the Chance2Speak open-stage and Chance2Meet structured networking platform, Newtonstrand remains at the forefront and cutting-edge of new technology software solutions.

Born in 1975, Shuli has spent 15 years working to revolutionise the way meetings and events are organised. After a successful career at Microsoft, and twice the winner of the Bill Gates Innovation Award, his innovative and entrepreneurial approach leading Newtonstrand has set him apart within the industry because he is constantly innovating and listening to the industry and their requirements.

Recognising significant shifts and changes in the format of meetings due to the entry of the younger generations, he continuously strives to help meeting planners achieve their goals in running successful events, whilst increasing their ROI.

With the introduction of the Business & Fun Conference Framework at more events, Newtonstrand is paving the way for meeting all technology software requirements at events. Taken from his latest book “Event 3.0 – How Generation Y & Z are re-shaping the events industry”, Shuli says “The modern way to run events is to mix business and fun together. Passion and profit are sometimes one of the same and we need to keep that in mind at our events. Through having less formality, we need to make our events something that opens the floor for an enjoyable experience”.

For today’s attendees an event’s success is measureable by the networking and the knowledge they gain. For today’s meeting organisers an event’s success is measureable on the ROI and the overall experience of their attendees and whether they will come back.We have to combine these elements to create an event so those traditional attendees and younger generations will truly experience a rewarding outcome. This includes a structured Chance2Meet networking track to ensure genuine business leads are generated for all participants and not just hosted buyers to meet with suppliers. A revamped learning environment needs to be embraced with technology interactive zones such as the Future Events Experience area at Reed Travel Events which Newtonstrand is key technology partner and initiator of. Attendee Generated Content must be incorporated and maximised. Last but not least, a relaxed and fun social agenda is essential alongside or after the conference to build on those business contacts made throughout the event in order to form lasting future business and personal relationships. Newtonstrand continues to provide these solutions to help the event planner achieve this overall success for the event, and the attendee.

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