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Photo Contest – Russian Symbols

January 26, 2012

Photo Contest – Russian Symbols | All about Russia |
Russkie Prostori

What is your favorite symbol of Russia? Matreshka, Balalaika, Vodka or something unique and particular? It does not matter whether you were in Russia or not, whether you are a professional photographer or just an amateur with a cell phone camera. Whatever your associations are we invite you to take part in our photo contest!

All you need to take a photo is your imagination!

– Photos should be associated with Russia
– Photos can be taken in Russia or anywhere else
– You may use a professional camera or your cell phone
– Only 3 photos from 1 participant can be submitted
– Your friends should “like” the page to vote

3 winners with the highest number of “votes” will choose from:
#1: Cheburashka as a symbol of Russian Olympic Team.
#2: White Military Ushanka Hat
#3: Pavlovo Pasad Shawl

Register your photo via Facebook or vote for your favorite photo! 

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