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IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ Publishes Second Research

October 27, 2016

IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ Publishes Second Research
Visionary Global Initiative Will Transform Meetings
Chicago, Illinois, – As part of a ongoing dynamic initiative from IACC, a second set of research has been conducted and reported following the survey of global venue operators, suppliers and industry experts. IACC Meeting Room of the Future™ aims to transform the meeting experience through a global collaboration of leaders in conference space design, audiovisual technology, hospitality, academia and conference management.  The first research, which surveyed meeting planners was published in April 2016, with this next research focusing on the views of venue operators and suppliers, which draws parallels with the first research. The results were unveiled at IMEX Americas in Las Vegas this week. The project combines innovation and entrepreneurialism with the expertise of meeting industry professionals and planners.

Over 65 venues plus suppliers across four continents were surveyed. Venues included a large number of IACC certified properties, where the majority or all of their business is derived from meetings and conferences.

Delivering a more Profound Meetings Experience
A key finding from this latest research was that venue operators and suppliers are aware of the changing expectations of meeting delegates and the majority of venue operators see it as their role to provide a great meetings experience, providing new options to the meeting planner. Power has shifted to the participants such that venues and hosts have to deliver impactful and engaging experiences. Gamification, Design Thinking and Matchmaking at conferences, are all good examples of experiences satisfying this important trend.

The report highlights the need for venues to provide more networking and social spaces outside of the meeting room and food and beverage service at lunchtime, needs to facilitate delegates being able to meet people, eat and check in with the office and home during this period.

Physical Meeting Spaces and Design
The report states that fundamentally there are elements of meeting venues that are critical for successful meetings and these have largely remained constant over the past several years and are projected to remain important in the years to come,including high quality broadband, strong acoustics and good lighting.

Conference and meeting venue operators are addressing their client’s needs by offering meeting rooms that are designed to foster creativity, ice-breakers and themed food and beverage. A significant percentage of operators are also offering outdoor meeting rooms or spaces as well as other physical spaces and activities that promote team building.

Meeting planners do cite a continued trend towards more unique and flexible meeting spaces. When asked how strongly they agree with the statement “Access to collaborative meeting space will become more important in the next two to five years” (on a scale of 1 -strongly disagree to 10 -strongly agree), meeting planners provided an average rating of “8” indicating the need for more creative, less traditional options.

Jessie States from MPI cited “Attendees can no longer bear being stuck in a room listening (or not) to talking heads and mindless speeches. And meeting professionals are being much more strategic about the where, why and how of bringing people together. Meetings are for ‘meeting’ not for ‘attending’. They are for ‘participating’ not for ‘observing’. Venues must provide spaces that encourage engagement, boost learning and enhance experiences that foster conversations and growth.”

Both operators and suppliers report cost of investment as the greatest barrier to investing in new furniture/equipment for more flexible, creative spaces.

Mark Cooper, IACC CEO comments, “Venue operators whose properties are focused on delivering meetings, are not surprised and are in agreement with meeting planners on the major changes and trends affecting meetings today and those which are likely to in the next two to five years. However, there are also differences between the two groups identified in this research, which raise important questions. For instance, are venues investing in new technologies but ignoring the need to invest in Internet infrastructure, including bandwidth?”

Meetings Technology
57% of venue operators indicated that they did not currently offer collaborative technologies (products which allow greater participation between delegates and presenter, such as Microsoft’s SurfaceHub, or Barco’s ClickShare and other related technologies) in any of their meeting rooms. 32% indicated they did offer collaborative technologies but considered this offering a premium with an additional charge to the client. Venue suppliers also view collaborative technology as a premium product offering to clients. 63% indicated they provide the technology, but at a cost to the client.

These extra costs are creating barriers to greater collaborative technology use from clients. Meeting planners expect the access to interactive technology to become more important than the current top priority when considering venues, being the flexibility of meeting room spaces.

It was evident from this research, that venue operators are increasingly looking to hire staff with IT backgrounds on the basis that is it easier to teach an IT specialist needed AV skills than it is to teach an AV specialist required IT skills.

Communications & Connections
Currently 89% of venues surveyed provide meeting delegate internet access free of charge, but 55% of those require a log in. 11% of venues still require delegates to pay for Wi-Fi, which indicates the balance has finally tipped and Internet access is being considered vital core offering needed by all and not an add-on.

In the first research published earlier this year, on the topic of paid versus free Wi-Fi, one meeting planner commented, “Access to strong, fast, secure broadband should be a given at all meetings and should be provided free by the venue. It still boggles me that some venues charge a premium for using Wi-Fi. When this becomes the norm we’ll be able to use other technologies without barriers.”

The program’s ambitious long term goal is to predict and showcase a clear vision of what is new for today and what solutions need to be sought for tomorrow’s meeting rooms, to deliver what clients want and need for maximum productivity. Collaboration, productivity and inspiration will be at the heart of the 2016 concept, with the plan to build on this annually.

The initiative brings together the brightest minds and companies in the industry, to predict, create and shape the meeting spaces of the future.  “As the only global association representing the top 1% of smaller meeting and conference venues in 27 countries, IACC is ideally positioned to evaluate trends in meeting environments,” affirms IACC’s CEO Mark Cooper.

A full copy of the report and infographic can be downloaded from the IACC website here.

Current contributors and research partners include Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Microsoft, Development Councilors International, SICO, Corbin Ball Associates, Sli-do, Warwick Conferences, Summit Conference Centres, MGSM Executive Hotel & Conference Centre and PSAV.

eTravel World: Bühne frei für Big Data, mobile Lösungen und Social Media

February 6, 2014

eTravel World: Bühne frei für Big Data, mobile Lösungen und Social Medi

eTravel World erstmals unter dem Dach der Travel Technology-Halle 6.1 – Mehr Fläche für aktuelle Trends und Innovationen präsentiert von internationalen Unternehmen – Workshops, Vorträge und Diskussionen mit anerkannten eTravel-Spezialisten zu brandheißen Themen

Berlin, 6. Februar 2014 – Reiseexperten müssen fit sein, um Schritt zu halten mit der technologischen Entwicklung in der Tourismusbranche und deren Auswirkungen. Frisches Wissen zum Schlüsselmarkt Travel Technology vermittelt die eTravel World auf der ITB Berlin. Durch den Umzug des rasch wachsenden Segmentes in die Travel Technology-Halle 6.1 bietet die weltweit größte Tourismusmesse interessierten Besuchern den Brückenschlag zu den „klassischen“ Technologieanbietern, die nun in der Nachbar-Halle 5.1. zu finden sind. Dadurch steht der eTravel World in der Halle 6.1 fünfzig Prozent mehr Fläche sowie eine größere Bühne zur Verfügung und bietet der starken Nachfrage den nötigen Platz.

Die sichere Kommunikation ist eines der brennendsten Themen, das Experten in drei Vorträgen auf den Punkt bringen. Am 5. März sprechen die Spezialisten von Secusmart über „Abhörsichere mobile Kommunikation“ und Sophos über „Bring Your Own Device“. Das Thema „Cloud“ behandelt der Softwarehersteller SAP am 7. März. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt ist Big Data.

Erstmals veranstaltet die ITB Berlin zusammen mit dem Internationalen Verband für Informationstechnologie und Reise & Tourismus (IFITT) am 6. März einen zweistündigen Workshop IFITT@ITB. Unter der Leitung von Prof. Dimitri Buhalis diskutieren internationale Experten zum Thema „E-Tourism – Social Media und Big Data: Auf der Suche nach Wettbewerbsfähigkeit“. Unter anderem zeigt der Workshop das Potenzial von Business Intelligence und Datamining für den Reise- und Tourismusbereich auf. Auf dem Podium sitzen Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis, Universität von Bournemouth, UK; Prof. Wolfram Höpken, Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten, Deutschland und Prof. Matthias Fuchs, Mid-Sweden University, Schweden.

Fragen zu Social Media Monitoring und Return on Investment werden bei der Podiumsdiskussion mit Traveldudes, dem Reiseblogger Kollektiv, DZT, häberlein & maurer und Ausschnitt am 7. März erörtert. Auch die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Bloggern, Agenturen und Destinationen nimmt immer mehr zu. Diverse Vorträge und Diskussionsrunden von und mit Deutschlands erfolgreichsten Bloggern wie Anja Beckmann ( beleuchten, wie diese Zusammenarbeit für alle Parteien erfolgreich ist. Überdies finden an den Fachbesuchertagen und am Samstag Präsentationen von professionellen Reisebloggern für Destinationen auf der eTravel Stage statt, unter anderem mit Sebastian Canaves ( und Laurel Robbins ( Ebenfalls am Samstag, 8. März, wird nach dem großen Erfolg im letzten Jahr wieder das Programm des Deutschen Reiseverbandes (DRV) im eTravel Lab stattfinden.

Trendverdächtige Innovationen und praxisnahe Hilfestellungen
Mit Spannung werden trendverdächtige Innovationen erwartet. Am 6. März wird Gamification im Tourismus von der mattheis.werbeagentur vorgestellt und am 7. März Wearables vom IT-Unternehmen SITA sowie Responsive Design präsentiert von der Internetagentur Ray Sono. Darüber hinaus beantwortet iBusiness am 5. März die Frage, was die Entwicklung von Web und App wirklich kostet. Am 7. März erläutert Routerank die Möglichkeiten der Tür-zu-Tür-Reiseplanung.

Wertvolles Praxiswissen vermittelt Tourismuszukunft am 5. März und werden Best Cases mit dem Publikum diskutiert. Auch das Thema Brand Engagement mit Hilfe von Bewegtbild wird verdeutlicht. Vorträge, zum Beispiel von Eduardo Perrez am 5. März oder BrandEngage am 6. März, zeigen auf, wie man die Tools richtig einsetzt, um die gewünschten Erfolge zu erzielen.

Fachkundige Unterstützung durch Guided Tours
Erstmals auf der ITB Berlin finden in Zusammenarbeit mit Tourismuszukunft einstündige Führungen durch die Welt der Travel Technology statt. Dabei liegen die Schwerpunkte auf Software für die Hotellerie, Reisebüros, Destinationen und Reiseveranstalter. Zusätzlich wird eine Tour zu Mobilen Technologien angeboten. Die Teilnahme an den Touren, die am 5. und 7. März stattfinden, ist für Fachbesucher und Journalisten nach Voranmeldung kostenlos. Anmelden können sich Interessierte ab sofort unter Außerdem finden an allen Fachbesuchertagen Networking-Veranstaltungen statt, unter anderem gesponsert von Expedia, Sojern sowie den Medienpartnern Touristiklounge und TNOOZ. Sponsoren der eTravel World sind außerdem: B2Perfomance; Cityhook, Mappingmaster, Michael Müller Verlag; Thoughtworks; Touristiklounge, Neofonie.

Mehr Informationen zum Programm unter


January 22, 2014


GenieConnect, the digital solutions provider for the events industry, has announced the release of their version 2.7 software upgrade, which brings new features to their event apps, web portals, content management system, meetings management tool and also a brand new contributor portal for exhibitors.

Accessible to all GenieConnect clients, the new software version introduces the upgraded GenieBuilder content management system, which boasts a cleaner, simplified interface and faster infrastructure through the addition of a cutting-edge widget library, easy to use app and website builders and more visualization options to show how the solution will look once completed.

In addition to this, the new exhibitor and speaker portals have been designed for contributors to manage their own profile, materials and diaries, allowing users to gain more from event attendance, whilst easing the coordination and management of exhibitors and speakers for event organizers.

Enhancements to Gamification have also been included in the upgraded software, intended to drive desired behavior and increase engagement through games, trophies and thresholds, providing increased options for implementing games at events. The feature is highly configurable, allowing organizers to set up games involving goals for check-ins, attendance, profile updates, networking activity, providing feedback amongst many others.

Further functionality in MeetingsConnect has also been incorporated, to support increasing types of meeting programs which now allows organizers to implement meeting quotas for attendees, enabling users to select a ‘per day’ or ‘per event’ target when setting up meetings.

Finally, advances in their QR Code scanning allows innovative users to enhance the event, which can be time-bound to register session attendance, gamification check-ins and exhibition visits.

Michael Douglas, Business Development Director, GenieConnect comments, “We are confident and committed in providing a truly innovative yet effortless experience for all our clients and we plan to continue to enhance and add new additions to our solutions. The upgrade will not only give event organizers more visibility and control over their event participation solutions, but also improve their user experience, interaction and opportunities.

GenieConnect was established in 2010 and has since provided digital participation solutions for over 1000 events across the world. For more information, please visit

Notes to Editors:
Pamela Wils
Tel: +44 (0) 208 334 4005
Mob: +44 (0) 07900494467


May 22, 2012

MPI Brazil Sets 17 August for Second LAMEC With The Best Practices from Brazil to the World and from the World to Brazil as Theme

20 May, 2012 – SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – The 2012 Latin American Meetings and Events Conference (LAMEC) will be held on August 17 at WTC Convention Center.
In 2009 and 2010 MPI Brazil and Meeting Professionals International headquarters have successfully partnered with industry organizations in Brazil to host the Strategic Meetings and Events Conference – Latin America, attracting a combined 800 attendees. The extensive growth of the business meeting and event industry in Brazil and Latin America has lead to the evolution of Latin America Meetings & Events Conference (LAMEC) into one specifically focused on the expanding professional and business development needs of meeting and event industry in the region.

Now entering its second year, LAMEC has become THE strategically important event for the meetings and events industry in Latin America attracting over 400 attendees in the last edition. In a survey conducted after the 2011 LAMEC over 80 percent of attendees said that “the interaction with other professionals during LAMEC was relevant for their business” and affirmed that “LAMEC provided a better vision on the events sector”.

“LAMEC has quickly become the mainstay for our region’s meeting and event professionals to learn new technologies and techniques, develop best practices and conduct business,” said Sidney Alonso, MPI Brazil Chapter president. “It is an important time for our meeting and event community as we join forces with our global industry partners and welcome the world to global events such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.”

This year LAMEC will present a variety of tools and trends for the meetings and Events Industry. Regional Events in Brazil, CSR, New AV technologies, Gamification for events, are just a few topics to be named that will be presented on August 17th in Sao Paulo.

LAMEC is planned and organized locally in Sao Paulo under the leadership of the MPI Brazil Chapter using Imaginadora, one of Brazil’s top marketing and intelligence events companies. MPI headquarters provides powerful professional development and educational elements ensuring the educational experience surpasses global standards.

“Latin America’s economic growth combined with the accelerated interest in the region as a meeting and events destination creates many significant opportunities,” said Bruce MacMillan, MPI president and CEO. “MPI is committed to delivering innovative educational and content platforms that encourage the development of excellence and business resource to help ensure regional and industry-wide success.”

More information about LAMEC is available online at or by contacting: or +55 11 3217-7817

About MPI: Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the meeting and event industry’s largest and most vibrant global community, helps our members thrive by providing human connections to knowledge and ideas, relationships, and marketplaces. MPI membership is comprised of more than 22,000 members belonging to 71 chapters and clubs worldwide.

MPI Brazil Chapter was founded in 2008 and congregates the sector’s strategists. For additional information, visit

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