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China Hotel Marketing Conference

May 3, 2017

Where do CEOs foresee Chinese hotel industry going?
TravelDaily China is set to host an intriguing session on the upcoming China Hotel Marketing Conference, featuring senior executives from BTH Hotels, New Century and Wyndham Hotel Group, about how to capitalize on emerging facets of the accommodation industry in China.

China’s accommodation industry continues to evolve, and what makes the ongoing development an intriguing one is the fact that hotel operators are dealing with prolonged slowdown in the Chinese economy.
Competition is another factor that makes the increasing fragmented lodging industry in China an exciting one to follow.
There are several multi-brand hotel groups operating today, and the battle today is being fought on numerous factors – based on location, room rates, brand recognition, quality of lodging, geographic coverage, service quality, guest amenities etc.

Hotel operators are in quest of expansion that results in profitability in the long-run, and for this they not only need to come up with an astute brand portfolio. But rather if the need of the hour is to diversify, then it has to be done diligently considering the emerging market for homestay, hostels and boutique hotels. There is a need to attract, train, retain and motivate qualified personnel to deliver in several areas of operations. Plus, operators need to manage renewal of leases for their properties on commercially viable terms after the initial lease terms expire. Also, the lodging industry is subject to fluctuations in revenues due to seasonality and national or regional special events. Plans need to be place to ensure key metric don’t get adversely impacted during uncertain periods.
So how are established Chinese hotel companies going about making prudent moves?

What opportunities and challenges will they face while extending their presence from hotel lodging to segments such as short-term rentals, long stays and co-working spaces?
TravelDaily China is set to host an intriguing session, “CEO Talk: The Extension, Integration and Transformation of Accommodation”, on the first day of 2017 China Hotel Marketing Conference to be held in Shanghai (June 7-8, 2017).

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