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TRIP ADVISOR | SAS Radisson, Aqaba/Jordan

June 8, 2012

GUEST COMPLAINS | SAS Radisson, Aqaba/Jordan

This is a guest complain which reached us by Email.
We just did aprove this guest story – so its unbelievable, but it did really happen!

SAS Radisson Blu Resort in Aqaba/Jordan (May 14-15, 2012).
I know exactly that you cant make all clients always happy – but let me tell you what did happen to us during our short stay in your Hotel.

First of all we did order several times beer. First at the Beach Bar, later than at the Open Air Bar/Terrasse as well as in the Restaurant…
Out of three order and three bills – none of the bills was ok!!!
We had always extra charges for other things we never did order on the bill.
Well this can happen one time, but three times in a row – and this in a SAS RADISSON HOTEL!

Later that night in the open air area of the Restaurant one wine glass was 
dropped by a guest from our group – what happened… nothing – the broken glass lays on the floor for at least one hour and was even kicked around by one waiter!!! Only after my complain (I got even a stupid look for that!) the broken glass was picked up.
Please see the photos.

Now our friends wanted to pay – They had 2 bottles of white wine, beside 
their dinner, originally they had ordered 2 bottles of Chilenian Wine for approx. 
22-24 JD per bottle. On the invoice they had 2 bottles (local Wine) for approx.
75 JD per bottle. – The simple excuse of the waiter was that the ordered Wine was not available any more!
But the guests were never told that!!!
Specially with this huge price difference. So we had to call the Hotel Manager for the first 
time… – It took really a while until he agreed to our suggestion, only to pay what we did originally order.

By now it was already about 11:00 p.m. and suddenly the cook and other workers came out of the kitchen and did drink and eat next to us. We really couldn‘t believe this happens in a Five Star Hotel.
See photo.

Last thing, even a bit funny in a way… at the Buffet the signs did not really match to what was on the Buffet – Really confusing, but not as important as the rest –see above-!

I thougth I will tell the Hotel Manager again – He came and did listen to me – What did happen now? You will be surprised!!!

He was very close to give me swear words, he didn‘t – but he simply turned around and left!
 I simply was just shocked at that moment such a thing can happen in a so called Five Star Hotel in Aquaba – Since a lot of guest did see this too, I wonder if this is the normal case in SAS Radisson Hotels in Jordan!

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