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Newtonstrand Innovations and Invisage Creative Services Announce Working Partnership

May 23, 2012

Newtonstrand Innovations and Invisage Creative Services Announce Working Partnership
Newtonstrand Innovations Limited, a global technology solutions provider, and Invisage Creative Services, a design and technology agency based in Australia, today announced a joint working partnership to bring more creative technology solutions to the meetings and events industry worldwide.

The two companies have made an agreement to work closely together to bring more innovativetechnology to software provided by Newtonstrand for the meetings and conferences industryglobally, as well as bringing these groundbreaking products to the Australian meetings and events industry.

A key reason for the alignment is the conviction of both companies that future generations of event-goers will continue to drive drastic changes in the way events are run and a joint understanding of the need for more creativity and interaction – before, during and after an event.

Requirements for meetings and conferences are already changing in terms of the format of an event and the need to extend the life of clients’ events. Both Newtonstrand and Invisage recognise thisand will bring their knowledge together to jointly research, develop and deliver products and services to the events industry globally to improve the overall event experience for all attendees and key stakeholders.

Newtonstrand, with 10 years of experience in the technology and meetings industry creates the most powerful and interactive meeting “experience” for conference delegates. Solutions include digital poster displays, live broadcasting, and structured networking with Chance2Meet, post-event virtual solutions, interactive voting and speaker-audience technology as well as Chance2Speak –an innovative “open-stage” platform for all delegates to speak at an event. Shuli Golovinski, industry visionary and CEO of Newtonstrand commented “Newtonstrand is extremely pleased to be working with Invisage and to have signed this agreement. We are excited with this opportunity to bring our solutions to the Australian events industry in a much bigger way and to work closely with new clients in this region, and with Invisage, to create more innovative and progressive meeting experience solutions.”

Invisage Creative Services, a design and technology agency with 19 years of experience in the Australian events industryhas been providing creative services to the meetings and business events industry since 1993 and has a true passion for delivering smarter events. Darren Edwards, founder of Invisage, stated “Our objective is to connect people through the supply of creative design and technology services. It is our vision to perfect the event experience and deliver creativity, leading-edge thinkingand technology solutions for meetings, conferences and exhibitions around the world. With this new partnership we are able to support our existing network of industry professionals including PCO’s, meeting planners and back-end service providers with new and innovative solutions for their events that we were not able to before”.

Invisage Creative Services support products include graphic design, mobile event apps, email marketing, event cloud solutions, online social event networks and website development. Their list of services is extensive and includes anything creative for events which fall in line exactly with what Newtonstrand aims to provide and continue to innovate through their technology software.

Future events will offer interactive hybrid and virtual solutions so that participants from any industry can search online for topics that they are interested in and virtually interact. These solutions will not replace physical meetings as we know them, but will continue to enhance them into more creative events for a wider audience. In addition, changes are already taking place in events to allow more interaction and involvement and this trend will continue to grow. Newtonstrand today offer solutions which allow participants to actively speak up on a topic of their choice by way of an “open-stage” speaker platform via its Chance2Speak system – everyone with a voice becomes the expert. In addition, their Chance2Meet system allows structured networking breaks at an event which offers more than the standard networking breaks or supplier-buyer meetings that we are currently used to.Any product which allows for engagement in this way will offer a more targeted and engaging experience to all participants and produce networking possibilities unheard of in today’s events.

Together with almost 30 years of experience in providing creative products and services for the meetings industry, Newtonstrand and Invisage will provide their clients with powerful tools to enhance their events to meet the expectations of today’s younger attendees as well as staying at the forefront of revolutionary solutions for the next generations.

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