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Tokyo – a great place to have an international conference!

January 19, 2017

Tokyo – a great place to have an international conference!
Around 700 professionals from all over the world recently gathered in Tokyo for American Bar Association Section of International Law (ABA-SIL) 2016 Fall Meeting.

With high evaluation about the support of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) and Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB), Ms. Sara P. Sandford, the Chair, commented on the significance and merit to hold the Associations meeting in Tokyo as follows; “It was our first meeting of that size held in Asia, which could be a very exciting event. Since the Section decided to have an event in Asia, we looked at different options and obviously Tokyo was among the top from the initial stage because of its scale and global recognition. In addition to that, we have the largest membership in Tokyo and from that point of view Tokyo was the right choice. Incidentally, I have lived and worked in Japan in the past and I knew that the logistics in Japan would be very smooth and easy in comparing to other destinations.

Sara continued, “Furthermore, Tokyo was one of the best places to organize the event because we could really count on local staff. They are good at communicating, acting promptly and very helpful, which makes the organizing the event particular easy with great comfort. Especially, TCVB was a wonderful addition to our conference. They were very professional in sharing the information about venues, which helped us to identify the possible details quickly and their assistance in welcoming the participants at the airport was hugely appreciated. I have heard very favorable comments from the participants about the wonderful cultural programs as well as complimentary city tours sponsored by the TMG. Moreover, Tokyo Information Desk prepared as one of their supports for the conference, allowed the participants to arrange things right onsite in terms of visiting somewhere in Tokyo. I totally appreciate their whole support, which convinced me Tokyo is a great place to have an international conference!

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