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Roger Kellerman Receives 2014 JMIC Profile

November 27, 2014

Roger Kellerman Receives 2014 JMIC Profile and Power Award

The Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC) announced the winner of the 2013 JMIC Profile and Power Award as Mr. Roger Kellerman, the founder and publisher of the magazine Meetings International. The award was made in recognition of Mr. Kellerman’s ongoing work in the development of a stronger Swedish Meetings industry through an array of advocacy and educational activities including most prominently the Swedish Meeting Industry Week which will be held for the 9th time in early January 2015 in Malmö, Sweden.

“In Mr. Kellerman we are this year recognizing an individual whose many actions over a number of years have produced not simply a new level of industry and government enthusiasm but the ongoing structures required to maintain this momentum, including the Swedish Politicians Forum, Future Leaders Forum and the Meetings Master Classes”, said JMIC President Philippe Fournier. “His work has not only advanced an entire country and region in their industry effectiveness but also provided an inspiring example for others to follow along with the organizational models that will help them do it. He has literally created a generation of political representatives that understand and support our industry to a level seldom seen elsewhere in the world”

The JMIC Power and Profile Award was established by the Council as a way of recognizing individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to advancing the awareness and influence of the Meetings Industry in their respective communities. The winner is selected each year based on criteria which evaluate the efforts of an individual or organization in increasing industry profile and bringing about structural or policy changes that reflect that better appreciation.

JMIC – the Joint Meetings Industry Council – was established in 1978 as a vehicle for creating a forum for the exchange of information and perspectives amongst international associations engaged in various aspects of the Meetings Industry. It has met annually each year and served as a link between its member organizations as well as a means of reviewing industry conditions and strategies.

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