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November 21, 2016

The Top 10 Products to See at BBT 2016

Big Boys Toys, has something for everyone spread across an array of 11 categories that will be featured during the course of four days! For its 7th edition, this year, the BBT 2016 platform will be exhibiting the best of products the world has to offer! Here are some of the cool products and launches that the visitors will get to witness:

Letrons – Exhibiting perfect Turkish engineering and innovation at its best – BBT 2016 is hosting the Global Launch of Letrons – a road legal car that transforms into a robot, with in-built robotic features engineered to be the first and only of its kind in the world!

Liberty Vehicle Technologies – Hosting the Launch of the World’s Fastest Hybrid Supercar at BBT 2016, this amazing production is limited to just 25 vehicles. With 920Engineering [920E], a LIBERTY brand, this supercar is inspired by the iconic T1, offering ferocious performance characteristics. With precision engineering, active aerodynamics, high performance braking and an all-wheel drive system, this platform combines the worlds of luxury, fast jets and race cars putting them into a unique vehicle to show power & beauty!

Marine Turbine Technologies brings to the BBT platform, the fastest street legal production bike in the world! The MTT 420 RR (Race Ready) comes with a 402+ KPH (250+ MPH) money back guarantee and offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the Rolls-Royce 250 C-20B turbine engine. MTT is also the original designer and manufacturer of the Y2K Turbine Superbike which is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most expensive production motorcycle ever made.

Khalifa Boat
For the first time ever, the Khalifa Boat designed by Nasser Al Marzouqi will be revealed and launched at this super show.  Designer Nasser Al Marzouqi has created a high speed boat that has been styled to look like an extremely sporty car with the aerodynamics of an airplane. The Khalifa Boat can be found under the ‘Marine Category’ at Big Boys Toys.

Metal-Master, successfully constructs the World’s Smallest and Fastest Single-Engine Jet.  FLARIS LAR01, is able to take-off and land even on very short, grass runways surpassing all other jets that have been produced so far. It has also been equipped with a unique and modern parachute system for safety.

CSE Entertainment (Athene Exergaming) – A Finnish innovation, designed to bring meaningful content and motivation for training. The concept of exergaming combines various fitness and rehabilitation equipment (treadmill, exercise bike, etc.) with virtual and video environments, sports applications and advanced motion control.

Boganyi Piano The Bogányi piano is a beautiful departure from tradition into modern design and advanced technology. Made to be a high performance grand piano that is beautiful on the eye and the ear, this masterpiece combines industrial innovation and musical artistry with state-of-the-art technology to make one of the biggest piano redesigns in over 150 years.

Genovation Cars Inc. – The World’s First Street Legal Electric Car to exceed 200mph! Designed with a passion for power, Genovation’s objective is to provide its customers with safe, sustainable automobiles that do not compromise their driving independence. These automobiles combine cutting-edge green technology with very lightweight and aerodynamic frames and bodies.

Penguin – introduces the World’s First Compact Semi Submarine that helps you discover a new way to enjoy the ocean. This semi-submarine enables you to travel the ocean for leisure offering you an underwater ride without any equipment!

SuperATV – Specializing in UTV parts and accessories and being leaders of aftermarket providers, SuperATV unveils the hill killer built ready for battle! Designed to be a hill climbing and rock bouncing machine this outdoor adventure shows off performance, reliability, quality and innovation.

Don’t miss out! Buy your tickets today to Experience the Unbelievable.


Individual MIG-29 flights

August 7, 2015

MIG Airplane Vertical Take-Off | Incredible MIG-29 Start

Tour Partner and Operator for your individual MIG flights, please contact: |

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The Trans-Siberian Railway | The Trans-Siberian Express

September 24, 2014

The Trans-Siberian Railway | The Trans-Siberian Express

The Trans-Siberian Train you know for sure…
Vodka Train Adventure Germany is your support network – providing accommodation, transport, transfers en-route and local Honchos to help you get the most out of the fascinating destinations you visit. Vodka train is all about freedom and flexibility so you can decide what you want to see, eat and experience on your journey, paying local prices along the way.Vodka train is your support network – providing accommodation, transport, transfers en-route and local Honchos to help you get the most out of the fascinating destinations you visit. Vodka train is all about freedom and flexibility so you can decide what you want to see, eat and experience on your journey, paying local prices along the way…

Most established and famous the Vodka Train became in the year 2010 when SMS Frankfurt organized the largest group on the Trans-Siberian Express.


Three weeks, twelve nations – the most exciting active tour of the summer 
the “Largest Vodka Train Tour“ – From Russia to Mongolia and China completed

Moscow, August 20th 2010 – From June twelve to 30th almost 100 adventure and sports enthusiasts from twelve countries were on their way by train, by foot, bus and ferry – at the Vodka Train Tour 2010. This summer offer included among other things a boat party on the Moscow River, cross country running along the Eurasian border, a bath in icy Lake Baikal and a stay in exclusive Mongolian yurts. It was the largest organized cultural, sports and event tour of Vodkatrain-Travel.

Start for all participants, coming from Australia, Barbados, China, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, the USA and more countries, was Moscow – on 20th anniversary of Russia’s independence. With a boat party on the Moskva River the organizers rang a unique, challenging and inspiring journey for the international participants. At the first stage they took the Trans-Siberian railway via Kazan to Yekaterinburg and the “border of Eurasia”. Sightseeing and cross-country races were program at each station. Fun and sport mated the euphoric participants from all over the world, also at a picnic in the Eurasian border, when half of the group at the European, the other half on Asian terrain drank on each ones health. 

Irkutsk was the next exciting stop on the Vodka Train Tour. From here the international travelers took a two-day break after the journey along the historic Trans-Sib route on Lake Baikal. Hardly any of the participants went swimming in seven degrees cold lake, which is known as a rejuvenating spa. A ferry brought the group to the island of Olkhon for another cross-country run and accommodation in traditional wooden huts and with folklore in the evening. 
Back to Irkutsk they continued with the train to Mongolia which was a pure cultural experience: unspoiled nature, adventurous cinematic scenes in public trains, cross-country races in a remote monastery and shaman fire dance in the exclusive hotel Mongolia with rooms as Mongolian yurts. 

„The journey was emotionally and physically was the best ever” wrote a participant from Australia to the organizers after her return „You helped make it a trip of a lifetime for me” said another participant and “The Vodka Train was an exciting, enjoyable and memorable holiday/adventure. It was everything and more than what we were expecting…”.


The final stage was Mongolia to China. The cosmopolitan group was not only in the Gobi desert, they also took fascinating pictures of the Hanging Monastery in Datong and the surrounding caves.
The farewell, after a walk on the Great Wall, was not easy after three weeks. Some enthusiasts of the Vodka Train Tour 2010, already planned a revival meeting after their return home where they will surely talk a lot about this tour.
“The journey was emotionally and physically the best ever” wrote a participant from Australia to the organizer Jürgen Schreiter from SMS Frankfurt Incentives (Vodka Train Tours) after her return „You helped make it a trip of a lifetime for me” said another participant and “the Vodka Train was an exciting, enjoyable and memorable holiday/adventure. It was everything and more than what we were expecting…”.

More about the largest Vodka Train Adventure you find on Twitter, Facebook or as a free download on iTunes. 
More photos in printformat (for press), or video trailer of this and other tours we can send to you on request. 

Visit also our general Incentive Agency at

Background: by SMS Frankfurt organizes unusual tours and adventures for groups, individuals and corporate incentives with a personal touch and spezial care.
Find out more about our Adventure Trips, cultural events and incentives such as the Vodka Train tour with swimming at Lake Baikal and trekking in the Gobi Desert or Heli-Skiing in Kamtchatka and Safari Rally events in Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East at

Company contact:
Jürgen Schreiter, SMS Frankfurt, Burgfriedenstrasse 17, 60489 Frankfurt, Germany, Phone +49 69 95 90 97 00, Mail J.Schreiter (et)

AfE-Turm-Sprengung – Uni-Turm Sprengung in Frankfurt

February 3, 2014

Uni-Turm-Sprengung – Frankfurter Uni-Turm wird gesprengt 2.2.2014 [FULL HD]

Es wird ein Spektakel: Zur Sprengung des Uni-Turms in Frankfurt am Sonntag, den 2. Februar, werden bis zu 40.000 Schaulustige erwartet. Noch nie zuvor wurde in Europa ein so hohes Gebäude in die Luft gejagt – mehr als 50.000 Tonnen Stahl und Beton werden zu Fall gebracht.

Der 116 Meter hohe Uni-Turm im Frankfurter Stadtteil Bockenheim ist vor der Sprengung komplett entkernt worden. Alles was durch die Explosion wegfliegen könnte, wurde nach Angaben des Abbruchunternehmens AWR entfernt: Fenster, Fußböden, alle Einrichtungsgegenstände. In die Pfeiler werden 1400 Sprenglöcher gebohrt. Die Pfeiler bekommen zudem eine Ummantelung, an den Etagen werden riesige Vorhänge als Schutz vor Staub angebracht. Im Einsatz sind laut AWR 5.000 Quadratmeter Maschendraht-Flies und mehr als 10.000 Quadratmeter Flies.

Tanks mit insgesamt 25.000 Liter Wasser werden in den Stockwerken und auf dem Dach aufgestellt – der Wassernebel soll Staub binden. Wenige Tage vor der Sprengung, ab dem 27. Januar, wird der Sprengstoff geliefert, den 25 Fachleuten dann in die Bohrlöcher einbringen. Ab diesem Moment sollen bewaffnete Sicherheitsleute den Uni-Turm bewachen.

Es sind zwei Sicherheitszonen eingerichtet. Die erste Zone umfasst vom Turm aus einen Radius von 135 Metern. In dieser Zone müssen alle Bewohner ihre Häuser am Sonntagmorgen bis spätestens 8 Uhr verlassen. Dort gibt es aber sowieso so gut wie keine Anwohner. In der zweiten Zone zwischen 135 Meter und 250 Meter sollen die Bewohner ab 9.30 Uhr in ihren Häusern bleiben.

Die Sperrung der Senckenberganlage wird wohl mindestens bis zum Mittag dauern. Als erstes soll der Sicherheitsbereich zwischen 135 Metern und 250 Metern freigegeben werden. Die Schutzzone 1 wird wohl länger gesperrt sein. Diesen Bereich muss die Baufirma erst einmal überprüfen und freigeben. Eventuell müssen erst einmal herabgefallene Trümmer mit Baukränen entfernt werden.

Der 38-stöckige Turm soll wie ein Kartenhaus in sich zusammenfallen. Dafür werden zirka 950 Kilogramm Sprengstoff eingesetzt. Nach Angaben der Abbruchfirma verläuft die Sprengung in zwei Schritten: Zuerst soll das Skelett, in dem sich die Seminarräume befinden, fallen. Demnach werden im 1. und 2. Untergeschoss, im Erdgeschoss, im 5. und im 6. sowie im 21. Stock zeitgleich alle Pfeiler gesprengt. Das Skelett fällt dann in Sekundenschnelle vertikal in sich zusammen.

3,5 Sekunden später sollen dann die Sprengsätze im Kern des Hochhauses explodieren, in dem sich die Aufzüge und die Treppenhäuser befinden. Sprengladungen zünden laut AWR gegenläufig im 5. Obergeschoss nach Norden und im 17. Obergeschoss nach Süden. Es gilt als sehr unwahrscheinlich, dass “Versager”, also nicht detonierte Sprengsätze, im Gebäude verbleiben.

Die U-Bahn-Strecke verläuft unterirdisch nur 47 Meter entfernt vom Uni-Turm. Sie wird zwar während der Sprengung gesperrt, eine Beschädigung wäre allerdings folgenschwer. In der gesamten Umgebung des Uni-Turms verlaufen zudem mehrere wichtige Gasleitungen – ein Leck hätte drastische Folgen. Deshalb werden die Leitungen nach Angaben des Abbruchunternehmens AWR zweitweise “abgeschiebert”, damit sie während der Sprengung blockiert sind.

Hier die Sprengung auf YouTube:
Uni-Turm Sprengung in Frankfurt

Weitere Videos von Jürgen Schreiter:

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January 30, 2014

The Allgaeu-Orient Rally 2012 from Oberstaufen to Baku

The Challenge:
2 Weeks – 13 Countries – 6,000 Kilometer and
No Highways – No Toll Roads – No Ferry Boats – No GPS!

The Allgaeu-Orient Rally is one of the largest Rally Events worldwide. Each year they have approx. 100 teams (each team goes with 3 vehicles). 2010 they had more than 250 cars/motorcycles with circa 500 participants.

Follow my worldwide travel adventures, sport events and incentives.
My adventures include the Allgaeu-Orient Rally (Germany to Azerbaijan), worldwide Marathon-Races, Adventure Trekking in Mongolia, China, Uzbekistan, Oman, Iceland, Thailand, Philippines, Russia and Eastern Europe.
My favorite tours are the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing (called The Vodka Train) as well as travelling along the Silk Road… Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan.

Iam trying to keep this Travel Blog updated with all my upcoming trips and adventures.

For general info you can follow my sites:


January 30, 2014

STALINGRAD BATTLEFIELD TOURS – in Volgograd May 7-11, 2014 – More details on request – Booking at | Special Tour „Stalingrad“ – Victory Day

Wednesday, 07/05/2014
In the afternoon arrival in Wolgograd. After immigration formalities, meet with our English speaking guide. Russian welcome, Transfer to the booked hotel. Check-in, time to refresh and dinenr at the hotel.
Accommodation at the booked hotel.

Thursday, 08/05/2014
Breakfast at hotel. Meet in the lobby and start of the sightseeing tour. Visit of the Mamajew hill. After the visit transfer to the Panorama Museum and get to know about the history of the Battle of Stalingrad. In the afternoon return to the hotel. Dinner at hotel. Accommodation at the booked hotel.

Friday, 09/05/2014
Breakfast at hotel.
-Victory Day- Festivities within the whole city and military parade on the main square of the city.
Enjoy the festivities on your own and experience the unique atmosphere.
In the evening dinner at the hotel. Accommodation at the booked hotel.

Saturday, 10/05/2014
Breakfast at hotel. Full Day excursion to the suburbs of Stalingrad where the battles took place. Visit of the Russian and German cemetery in Rossoschka. Late afternoon, visit of the german visitors center in Rossoschka and small snacks. In the afternoon return to the city center of Wolgograd. Free time till dinner.
Dinner at the hotel. Accommodation at the booked hotel.

Sunday, 11/05/2014
Breakfast at the hotel, checkout and departure.

Wolgograd/Stalingrad 7.-11.5.2014
Price per person including half board
In TWN/DBL rooms EUR 790,00

More details and booking:
Events Incentives Adventures
Burgfriedenstrasse 17
60489 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49-69-95 90 97 00

Kleingruppen und VIP-Reisen

December 28, 2013

Kleingruppen Reisen und VIP-Reisen

SMS FRANKFURT | Events Inventives Adventures
Der perfekte Partner für außergewöhnliche und individuelle Events, Incentives und Adventures in Kleingruppen oder auch für Einzelreisende.

Wir stellen für Sie individuelle, ganz nach Ihren persönlichen Wünschen und Bedürfnissen ausgerichtete Erlebnisreisen zusammen. Unsere Reisen finden in Kleingruppen von max. 8 – 10 Personen statt, so dass eine ganz persönliche Betreuung aller Teilnehmer gewährleistet ist.

Das Programm reicht von Kultur, Gourmet, Sport und Adventure bis zu Überlebenstraining und lässt sich individuell kombinieren oder speziell auf ein Gebiet ausrichten, je nach Anspruch und Budget. Die Unterbringung ist in landesüblichen Hotels auf Wunsch auch in Sternehotels oder Familienunterkünften mit Anschluss an die örtliche Bevölkerung möglich.

Wir sind spezialisiert auf Ost-Europa, Russland, Zentralasien, selbstverständlich bieten wir aber auch Sport- und Adventure-Touren rund um den Globus an.
Auf unserer Website finden Sie einige Beispiele aus unserem Angebot, die wir in jeder Hinsicht Ihren Vorstellungen anpassen können.

-Adventure-Reisen mit der Trans-Sib (Sommer- und Wintertouren)
-Reiten und Trekking in der Mongolei
-Rallye- und Motorsport-Events
-Wein- und Gourmet-Events im In- und Ausland
sowie Vieles mehr!

NEUE TOUREN FÜR 2014 / 2015
Ski-/Snowboard-Trips nach Marokko, Adventure-Tours & Trekking im Oman oder Winter-Trekking “extrem” in Sibirien.

Sehr gerne planen und organisieren wir auch Ihre Weltreise oder Adventure Tour.
Viel Spass beim Stöbern auf unserer Website – Für weitere Informationen steht Ihnen unser Team jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung.

SMS FRANKFURT – Events Incentives Adventures
Inhaber Jürgen Schreiter
Burgfriedenstraße 17
60489 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon 069-95 90 97 00

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