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INNOCEAN’s Hyundai Super Bowl Ad Wins USA Today Ad Meter

February 12, 2016

INNOCEANs Hyundai Super Bowl Ad Wins USA Today Ad Meter

– First Non-American Brand to Achieve Such Feat

– Earns the top rank at USA Today Ad Meter

– First non-American brand·automaker to win the honor since 1989

– Hyundai’s three spots, created by INNOCEAN, all ranked within top 10

– INNOCEAN’s work earn top 3 ranks among all global automakers’ ads

Hyundai Motor Company’s Super Bowl ads created by INNOCEAN Worldwide Americas (“INNOCEAN”) has been ranked No.1 on USA Today Ad Meter, a feat achieved by a non-American brand for the first time. It also marks the first time that an automaker ad earning the top rank. In addition, INNOCEAN celebrated having all three Hyundai Ads make the top 10 of USA Today Ad Meter.

INNOCEAN stated that Hyundai’s Super Bowl ad has been voted the best ad of USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter. It is the first time in the history of USA Today Ad Meter, established in 1989, for a non-American brand or an automaker to achieve such feat.

Only seven US brands, including Amex, McDonalds, Pepsi, Nike, Budweiser, Snickers and Doritos, have won the honor of winning the best ad of USA Today Ad Meter. Especially, since 1999, Budweiser and Doritos have been dominating the highly coveted survey.

The top vote-getter of 2016 Ad Meter was <First Date>, which aired during the 1st quarter. It is a 60-second spot featuring popular comedian/actor Kevin Hart. He plays a dad who tracks his daughter’s first date with Hyundai’s Blue Link Car Finder. The spot earned high praises for highlighting the car’s feature in a funny yet clever way, thanks to Kevin Hart’s excellent acting and a fitting story.

USA Today Ad Meter’s 5th ranked ad <Ryanville> aired during the 2nd quarter. The spot drew laughs as it showed a virtual neighborhood where every guy is Ryan Reynolds. <The Chase>, a 30-second commercial of a couple escaping from wild bears using the All New Elantra’s smart feature earned 6th highest score.

INNOCEAN is the first Korean ad agency to create Super Bowl ads beginning in 2010. <Dad’s Sixth Sense>, 2014 Super Bowl ad for Hyundai, was ranked 6th overall, first among global automakers. <Team> and <Cheetah> were ranked ninth in 2013 and seventh in 2012, respectively.

Super Bowl serves as the most significant battleground for the World’s leading brands to compete in marketing. USA Today, which offers the most respected survey in regards to Super Bowl ad popularity, has consumers mark a score for each ad on a ten-point system via online.

INNOCEAN’s Global CCO(Chief Creative Officer) Jeremy Craigen commented, “Earning the top score at USA Today Ad Meter is a tremendous achievement for the company and a great reward for INNOCEAN staff who put in hard work creating the ads” adding, “With this momentum, INNOCEAN will look to have another successful year in terms of creative for the eventful year of 2016.”

IMEX highlights trends to note in 2016

December 14, 2015

IMEX highlights trends to note in 2016
What will be the trends and buzzwords in the world of business, in the meetings industry and in our lives in 2016?

Here are six ideas and trends identified by the IMEX team that are likely to be more evident and influential next year.

1. Personalisation – is this just the start?
CocaCola and Starbucks have already been using it, and McDonalds and British Airways have recently indicated that it is going to be part of their strategy: personalisation, described in December 2015 by leading UK marketing title The Drum as “one of the hottest topics in the marketing industry today. Consumers today are living seamlessly across different devices and platforms and today expect a highly personalised experience from brands.

In 2015, Gartner indicated that personalisation will continue upwards and reach its plateau in two to five years. This suggests that this flurry of activity is just a prelude to what may develop next year and beyond.

People like to be treated as individuals and like to be able to tailor how they are treated whether as an employee or as a consumer. This was recently highlighted in HR magazine: Similarly IMEX has extended the options and flexibility of its hosted buyer programme to allow buyers more opportunities to tailor their experience at the show to fulfil their personal needs and interests.

2. Data and analytics – underpinning new marketing strategies
Data gathering and analytics that drill down into the behaviours of the individual and group are essential to personalisation strategies so, as a corollary of the growth of personalisation, there will be an increased focus on these elements. Digital marketing expert Mark Goddard in Forbes magazine says that in 2016, personalisation “will rely heavily on data integration and customer segmentation.” Also in Forbes magazine’s marketing predictions for 2016, Fintech expert Kevin Brown says: “Marketing and Data Science will be the new Dynamic Duo.

3. Being human
The continuing growth of the meetings and conference industry in an era when Skype and video conferencing are established reflects the essential importance and need for face to face contact.

Similarly, in contrast to the data driven approach, marketing expert Alan Hart, founder of marketing consultancy predicts that “Being Human will return to marketing” because ‘consumers want to be inspired and have meaningful and personal connections with brands to move them to buy products and services.’

4. Shared economy – from consumer travel to the meetings industry
PwC predicts that the shared economy globally will grow from a value of $15bn in 2013 to $335bn in 2025. Within the travel sector, from Airbnb to Uber, from Bookalokal to Vizeat, the concept has made enormous inroads among consumers. Next year the meetings industry discussing more intensively and proactively how it can and should adapt to this trend and use it co-operatively, with first steps to put words into action being seen.

At IMEX in Frankfurt 2016, this topic will run throughout the show.

5. Community – giving back
In an age when spare time is supposedly under pressure, the drive to contribute and give back, whether it is through volunteering or through schemes such as the, is a growing trend.

In 2013, one in four adults in the USA (25.4 percent) volunteered through an organization. Altogether, 62.6 million Americans volunteered nearly 7.7 billion hours last year. Based on the Independent Sector’s estimate of the average value of a volunteer hour, the estimated value of this volunteer service is nearly $173 billion.

According to the UK’s annual Community Life Survey, in 2014-15 “there was a significant increase in the proportion of people taking part in civic participation at least once a month (5%) compared to 2013-14 (3%)”.

It also reports that in 2014-15, 8% of people participated in employer volunteering, a significant increase compared to 2012-13 (6%).

While there seems to be an emphasis in society on ‘looking after yourself’, it is good to see altruism also increasing as well.

6. Asia – potentially the key growth area for new meetings destinations and venues
The importance of this region is endorsed by the latest annual American Express meetings and events industry report which says that ‘meetings spending is rising globally, led by the Asia Pacific region with 2.1 per cent growth expected.’

In the 2012 IMEX Power of 10 study – looking at what the next decade holds for the meetings industry – 46 per cent of respondents anticipated growing political and economic influence coming from Asia. This was evident at IMEX in Frankfurt 2015 where stand space taken by countries from the Asia Pacific region expanded by 16 percent. Hosted buyer participation from the region has also increased significantly over the past 3 years.

IMEX präsentiert Trends der Veranstaltungsbranche 2016

December 14, 2015

IMEX präsentiert Trends der Veranstaltungsbranche 2016

Welche Trends und Themen werden die MICE-Branche (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events) im Jahr 2016 maßgeblich beeinflussen? Und welchen Herausforderungen gilt es, sich zu stellen?

Das IMEX-Team hat die wichtigsten sechs Trends identifiziert und sagt, warum genau diese so einflussreich sein werden:

1. Personalisierung – ist dies erst der Anfang?
Coca Cola und Starbucks nutzen den Trend der personalisierten Kundenansprache bereits aktiv, McDonalds und British Airways haben erst kürzlich verkündet, Personalisierung in ihrer Unternehmensstrategie zu verankern. Und auch das führende Britische Marketingmagazin The Drum hat diesen Trend als „one of the hottest topics in the marketing industry today“ bezeichnet und stellt fest, dass Verbraucher zunehmend nach persönlichen Markenerlebnissen suchen. Experten rechnen damit, dass der Höhepunkt dieses Trends in zwei bis fünf Jahren erreicht sein werde. Die Kernidee der Personalisierung besagt, dass Verbraucher wie auch Mitarbeiter großen Wert darauf legen, persönlich und individuell behandelt zu werden, wie auch der Bericht im HR Magazin besagt:

Die IMEX setzt dies u.a. mit einem weitaus flexibleren Hosted Buyer Programm um, das ab 2016 individuelle Wahlmöglichkeiten bei der Dauer des Aufenthaltes und auch bei der Programmgestaltung umfasst.

2. Datenmanagement und Analyse – als Basis neuer Marketingstrategien
Die Datenerfassung und deren Verarbeitung im Hinblick auf Individuen und Gruppen sind wesentliche Voraussetzung für jede Personalisierungsstrategie. Der Digitalexperte Mark Goddard sagt im Forbes Magazin für das Jahr 2016 voraus, dass Personalisierungskonzepten zunehmend das Erfassen, Auswerten und Verarbeiten von Verbraucherdaten zugrunde liegt. Auch Kevin Brown, Experte bei Fintech prognostiziert, dass Marketing und Datenerfassung das „neue dynamische Team“ darstellen.

3. Menschlichkeit und der persönliche Kontakt
Das kontinuierliche Wachstum der Veranstaltungsbranche in Zeiten der Videokonferenzen und von Skype zeigt, wie wichtig gerade jetzt der direkte und persönliche Kontakt von Mensch zu Mensch ist.
So sagt auch der Marketingexperte Alan Hart – Gründer der Marketingberatung – vorher, dass Menschlichkeit in das Marketing zurück kehren werde, weil Verbraucher persönlich angesprochen werden wollen.

4. „Share Economy“ – von der Einzelreise zur Eventbranche
PricewaterhouseCoopers sagt voraus, dass der Wert der „Share Economy“ global von 15 Milliarden USD in 2013 auf 335 Milliarden USD im Jahr 2025 ansteigen wird. Die „Share Economy“ folgt der Ökonomie des Teilens und meint das systematische Ausleihen von Gegenständen und das gegenseitige Bereitstellen von Räumen und Flächen, insbesondere durch Privatpersonen und Interessengruppen. Im Reisesektor hat diese Idee mit Unternehmenskonzepten wie Airbnb, Uber, Bookalokal bis hin zu Vizeat bereits großen Einfluss auf das Konsumverhalten genommen. In 2016 wird es darum gehen, wie sich die MICE-Branche mit der „Share Economy“ befasst, ob und wie die Grundidee adaptiert werden kann und wie erste Schritte hierzu konkret gestaltet sein können.

Auf der IMEX in Frankfurt 2016 wird die „Share Economy“ ein Leitthema sein, das mit umfangreichen Aus- und Weiterbildungsformaten, Workshops und Seminaren aus verschiedenen Perspektiven beleuchtet wird.

5. Soziales Engagement
Gerade jetzt, wo die Belastungen des Arbeitslebens zunehmend größer werden, wächst auch das Verlangen, etwas zurück zu geben und sich sozial zu engagieren. Ein gutes Beispiel hierfür ist die internationale Initiative der Veranstaltungsbranche:

So hat 2013 einer von vier Erwachsenen (25,4 Prozent) in den USA sich sozial im Rahmen einer Organisation oder eines Vereines engagiert. 62,6 Millionen Amerikaner haben 7,7 Milliarden Stunden Freiwilligenarbeit geleistet. Weitere Informationen unter:

Auch Britische Studien belegen, dass das soziale und umweltorientierte Engagement der Menschen wächst und auch Freiwilligentätigkeiten im Rahmen der Arbeitswelt („Corporate Volunteering“) kontinuierlich ansteigen. Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass altruistische Denkkonzepte und Lebenseinstellungen zunehmen werden.

6. Asien – der Schlüsselmarkt für neue Incentive- und Meeting-Ideen und Orte
Der aktuelle „Meetings and Events Industry Report“ von American Express besagt, dass die Ausgaben für die Veranstaltungsbranche global weiter wachsen, angeführt von der Region Asien Pazifik für die ein 2.1 prozentiges Wachstum vorausgesagt wird.

In der IMEX Studie aus dem Jahr 2012 „Power of 10“ waren 46 Prozent der Befragten der Meinung, dass maßgeblicher Einfluss und Wachstum der Veranstaltungsbranche durch Asien bestimmt werden wird. Deutlich wurde dies auch auf der IMEX in Frankfurt 2015, auf der die Aussteller aus der Region Asien Pazifik um 16 Prozent mehr Standfläche nachfragten. Auch die Teilnahme an Hosted Buyer Programmen aus dieser Region stieg bemerkenswert innerhalb der letzten drei Jahre.

Global Corporates Head to Scotland for first PCMA Summit

May 22, 2012

Global Corporates Head to Scotland for first PCMA Summit

22nd May 2012 – IMEX,Frankfurt: Senior meeting planners and executives from McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nike and Cisco are already confirmed to attend the first PCMA Global Corporate Summit: Glasgow.

The four-day conference, the first of its kind and open only by invitation, is expected to attract buyers with a total estimated meetings and event spend of over $1bn.

Taking place 22-24th July 2012, coordinated by the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), and held in partnership with the SECC and VistScotland, the Global Corporate Summit: Glasgow, is bringing together senior meeting and event buyers from across the globe to discuss the challenges executives experience when staging international events.

“It is exceptionally rare to have this wealth of experience and expertise in the same room and we’re delighted to have such a senior and knowledgeable group in Glasgow for the very first summit,” comments Sherrif Karamat, Chief Operating Officer, PCMA. “Glasgow has a reputation and heritage for learning and knowledge, and we are confident that the outputs of this conference will make its own mark on the global meetings and events landscape.”

The events opening session will include an address and dialogue with participants from Frans Johansson, the author of the book, The Medici Effect, looking to the future and exploring theoptimal path forward. This will be the introduction to four educational areas that are set to be highly interactive, with topics including; Strategic Meetings Management Programs (SMMP), outsourcing and resource management, as well as technology, digital platforms and social media.

Attendance has already been confirmed from representatives of McDonald’s Corporation, CMP Microsoft Corporation, Nike, Inc. and Cisco Systems, Inc.

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