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First EDGE Seminar resounding success

September 9, 2015

First EDGE Seminar resounding success

It was with some trepidation that I agreed to host the first EDGE Seminar” commented Jan Tonkin, MD of The Conference Company, “as New Zealand is often perceived to be a faraway destination, possibly even on the edge of the world. With a new educational offering, I felt this might be a challenge. I was delighted therefore to well exceed our target numbers, with participants travelling from Zimbabwe and Australia to take part in this innovative environment. The support I received from Tourism New Zealand Business Events and the Auckland Convention Bureau was a major contributing factor to the success of this seminar“.

Michel Neijmann, Figur, Istanbul; Mathias Posch, ICS, Vancouver and Jan Tonkin comprised the international faculty, sharing their extensive experience. Listening to presentations, however, formed only a small part of the programme: interactive and conversational discussion, sharing experiences, deep dive sessions on topics such as Bidding and Serving the Clients of the Future played a key part allowing participants to engage with the themes and bring away insights and strategies that have an immediate impact on the way they work in today’s fast pace environment. Over 40 participants took part, representing an even split between PCOs, Convention Bureaux and venues, engaging in a programme that was intensely focused on the future of the meetings industry and the rapidly changing realities of life as a PCO. Participants took an in-depth look at a range of issues preoccupying the meetings world right now including delegate engagement and experiences, hybrid meetings and managing project finances.

While time to showcase Auckland was limited, the group dined on two occasions at offsite venues and enjoyed great views of the city’s harbour on one side and a park on the other from the daylit meeting room on the top floor of the Pullman Hotel.

EDGE lived up to its name” commented Jan, “this truly was dynamic global education, and I am proud that New Zealand lived up to its reputation as a first-class destination and that IAPCO is continuing its remit of providing expert education for meetings industry professionals”.

Amazing Start for IAPCO

March 2, 2015

Amazing Start for IAPCO

IAPCO General Assembly gets off to an amazing start as 80+ participants from 29 countries discussed and debated issues facing the meetings industry today. “Education drives Quality” pronounced Michel Neijmann President of the Association “And Quality is the core driving force of IAPCO”.

IAPCO is the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers, a quality-driven association with more than 120 members from 41 countries. Figures announced today showed that IAPCO members organised more than 7075 events last year with an economic impact of over 4.63 billion euros. It was also pleasing to note that after a fall in staffing levels in 2012 and 2013, there is now an upsurge with an 4.42% increase in permanent employment over the previous year.

2015 is the first time, in 46 years, that IAPCO has met in Portugal. Hosted by the two Portuguese members Leading Congress & Association Management and AIM Group International Lisbon, this General Assembly got off to a “wow” start with an illuminating visual display depicting the advanced state of the industry in the country. “We are delighted to be here” continued Michel, “and to experience the facilities of another important congress city. We expect to learn much over the coming days and thank our city hosts for their warm hospitality and welcome”.

About IAPCO: Meeting Quality
The International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO) was founded in 1968, is registered in Switzerland and represents today more than 120 professional organisers, meeting planners and managers of international and national congresses, conventions and special events from 41 countries. IAPCO members [2014] organise in excess of 7075 meetings annually, totalling some 2.861 million delegates and representing an economic impact in the region of 4.63 billion euros. IAPCO is committed to raising standards of service among its members and other sectors of the meetings industry. Today IAPCO membership offers a unique quality assurance, since entry into membership of IAPCO is by meeting strict criteria and by continuous quality assessment. The high quality standards are secured by means of continuing education and interaction with other professionals. The Annual Seminars, The Meetings MasterClass and the Annual Meeting & General Assembly of its members are the highlight events of IAPCO.

For further information, please contact:
IAPCO Head Office: Brambles House, Colwell Road, Freshwater, PO40 9SL, UK

Congrex Switzerland rejoins IAPCO

October 31, 2014

Congrex Switzerland rejoins IAPCO

After the successful realignment of Congrex Switzerland in the past 12 months the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO) decided to resume Congrex Switzerland as a member. Michel Neijmann, President of IAPCO, says “We are delighted that Congrex Switzerland is joining IAPCO again. The company has 32 years of history and excellent references”.

“We are very proud to rejoin the IAPCO family and to share our knowledge and long term experiences with our colleagues. IAPCO plays a major role in our industry and we would like to actively get involved in its future journey”, said Alain Pittet, Managing Director of Congrex Switzerland.


September 24, 2014

Monday 3 November 14.00-17.30, Antalya, Turkey

PCO Focus: Association Meetings = Risky Business for PCO’s?

Session leaders:
Roslyn McLeod, arinex, Australia
Michel Neijmann, K2 Conference & Event Management Co., Turkey [IAPCO President]
André Vietor, Barceló Congresos, Spain [Chair IAPCO Training Academy]

Specifically designed for meetings management sector delegates; also of interest to other delegates wishing to gain deep understanding of PCO issues.
ICCA and IAPCO have collaborated to organise this extended, in-depth session on some of the most critical issues facing the meetings management professional today, especially in relation to the international association market. Using IAPCO’s extensive educational and research resources, you will learn new ways to structure your business, to negotiate with clients, to draw up effective strategies, and to reduce risk.

Key topics:
Topic 1:

“Have associations become too vulnerable or risky for PCOs to handle?”
Session leader: André Vietor
Are associations too reliant on single events and push their partners, in particular PCO’s, to carry more and more risk on their shoulders? Is it the responsibility of the PCO to take on risk for association meetings? Will it be profitable in future to provide certain services to associations? Is the full service PCO model dead in the association sector? And, most importantly, how are we able to increase our profit margin by providing added value services to our clients? These are only a few of the critical questions PCO’s will have to ask themselves in order to adapt to a business model that works for each individual company. The objective of this session is to debate and to identify how we as a professional community (not individual corporations) effectively communicate our value to clients and to analyse to what extent taking on risks by PCO’s really pays back.

Topic 2:
“How do you report your performance to your clients?”
Session leader: Roslyn McLeod
How does a client distinguish between tenders to decide the best value PCO appointment for their needs? What are the deciding factors and how does the PCO guide this process to win the business? Does transparency correlate with quality – how is this detected at selection stage? Does the client need a bad experience to recognise a good opportunity or is the ‘good opportunity’ a bad experience? How does a PCO report performance to their clients when tendering and when the job is complete?

Topic 3:
“The times are changing – and so must we. Changes in the meetings industry and their impact on conferences, planners and suppliers”
Session leader: Michel Neijmann
This is a follow up to the debate and outcomes from an IAPCO session run during IMEX America. The original debate was focusing on the changing needs and demands of conference delegates as well as those of sponsors and speakers. Today they all have different and most probably higher expectations than just a few years ago whilst industry regulations are shaping a new conference management environment. These changes will have a major impact on the business model not only of PCO’s and planners but other partners within the meetings supply chain. We will share with you the results and focus on some of the findings in more depth, whilst providing an opportunity for delegates to raise other critical issues that were left out in the previous discussion.

For further information, please contact

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