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IMEX Group supports Global Meetings Industry Day

April 13, 2016

IMEX Group supports Global Meetings Industry Day before its own global industry gathering

The IMEX Group is not only pledging its support for the first Global Meetings Industry Day on Thursday 14 April, its team has contributed to the Day’s anthem.

Global Meetings Industry Day (#GMID) is an initiative that follows the success in 2015 of North American Meetings Industry Day (NAMID). This expansion is the idea of the Meetings Mean Business Coalition who will again join forces with the Convention Industry Council (CIC) and other industry partners to host advocacy events and rallies, and champion the value of the meetings and events industry.

Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group commented: “Global Meetings Industry Day is a great innovation and we are delighted to support it wholeheartedly. In fact some of our team played a small part in the online song writing process as one of the many groups around the world who contributed to Song Division’s Global Meetings Industry Day Anthem.

Global Meetings Industry Day is only five days before IMEX in Frankfurt (19 – 21 April) where the global meetings industry will be coming together from across the world. Alongside the trade show is the annual IMEX Politicians Forum which will, like Global Meetings Industry Day, highlight the valuable, wide-ranging contribution that the meetings and events industry makes to national and regional economies. Politicians and policy makers from across the globe will be there to share best practice and discuss with industry leaders how destinations are preparing for the challenges over the coming years.

Carina Bauer adds: “The politicians will also hear about Global Meetings Industry Day at our Opening Ceremony from David DuBois, our keynote speaker, who, as Immediate Past Chair of the Convention Industry Council and President & CEO of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), has played a key role in the initiative.

The GMID YouTube video can be seen and heard at

Many industry association partners of the IMEX Group are arranging events to support the Day. They are listed at


Die IMEX Gruppe unterstützt den Global Meetings Industry Day

April 13, 2016

Die IMEX Gruppe unterstützt den Global Meetings Industry Day kurz vor Beginn der IMEX in Frankfurt

Die IMEX Gruppe unterstützt den ersten Global Meetings Industry Day, der am Donnerstag den 14. April stattfinden wird – ein Teil des IMEX Teams gestaltete die Hymne der Veranstaltung mit.

Der Global Meetings Industry Day (#GMID) ist eine Initiative, die auf dem Erfolg des North American Meetings Industry Days (NAMID) im Jahr 2015 aufbaut. Diese Weiterentwicklung basiert auf der Idee von Meetings Mean Business, die in diesem Projekt wieder mit dem Convention Industry Council (CIC) sowie weiteren Industriepartnern kooperieren. Die Initiative organisiert gemeinsame Veranstaltungen und Events, die den Wert der Meeting- und Eventbranche untermauern.

Carina Bauer, CEO der IMEX Gruppe kommentiert: „Der Global Meetings Industry Day ist eine großartige Innovation und wir freuen uns, diese Veranstaltung mit ganzem Herzen unterstützen zu können. Einige unserer Kollegen aus dem IMEX Team haben sogar aktiv an der Online Kreation der Hymne der Veranstaltung, gemeinsam mit den vielen anderen Gruppen rund um den Globus, mitgewirkt.

Der Global Meetings Industry Day findet nur fünf Tage vor der IMEX in Frankfurt statt (19. bis 21. April), wo neben der Fachmesse auch das jährliche IMEX Politicians Forum stattfinden wird. Das IMEX Politicians Forum unterstreicht die wertvolle Rolle, die Veranstaltungen in der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung von Regionen und Ländern einnehmen. Politiker aus der ganzen Welt werden ihre bewährten Methoden und erfolgreichen Beispiele vorstellen und mit Branchenexperten diskutieren, wie Destinationen sich für die Herausforderungen der nächsten Jahre vorbereiten können.

Carina Bauer ergänzt: “Die Politiker werden in der Keynote Rede, die David DuBois im Rahmen der Eröffnungszeremonie hält vom Global Meetings Industry Day erfahren. Herr DuBois selbst hat als Immediate Past Chair des Convention Industry Councils und Präsident & CEO der International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) eine entscheidende Rolle bei den Entwicklung dieses neuen Formats eingenommen.

Das GMID YouTube Video ist unter folgendem Link erhältlich

Viele Branchenverbände und Partner der IMEX Gruppe veranstalten Events, um den Global Meetings Industry Day zu unterstützen. Eine vollständige Liste ist unter folgendem Link erhältlich:


IMEX Politicians Forum to share valuable insights into attracting meetings business

April 20, 2015

IMEX Politicians Forum to share valuable insights into attracting meetings business
IMEX supports North American Meetings Industry Day 16 April

When more than 100 ministers, senior regional politicians and meetings industry leaders gather in Frankfurt on Tuesday 19 May for the 13th annual IMEX Politicians Forum, there will be strong recognition that the wide ranging benefits that meetings and events create are broadly integral to the economic development of a country, region or city as well as bringing valuable tourism revenue.

A unique event in the industry, this year the Politicians Forum theme will be “How Do I Attract More Meetings and Events to My Destination?” By exchanging knowledge and best practice on strategies, it will give politicians essential insight and appreciation of what is needed to develop a destination brand for meetings.

It will address how to break down barriers to growth and secure far reaching community impact. It will also highlight the importance of the cohesion of government departments, local authorities and agencies to secure events and of reaching out to the societies of science, medicine, technology, education and business.

As leaders from across the meetings and events industry in the USA, Canada and Mexico come together on Thursday 16 April to support the first annual North American Meetings Industry Day (NAMID), Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group revealed that senior North American industry professionals will be closely involved with the IMEX Politicians Forum.

“North American Meetings Industry Day is a valuable new initiative that we welcome and support wholeheartedly.

“Six senior members from the Meetings Mean Business Coalition which is playing a leading role in North American Meetings Industry Day will be among the delegates taking part in this year’s Politicians Forum, which brings together national and regional politicians from five continents.

“What is more, as part of the program of the day, all the politicians and industry leaders will be invited to the Opening Ceremony for IMEX in Frankfurt where one of the world’s foremost business leaders, Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, the world’s largest business software company, will deliver the keynote speech. Bill believes passionately in the value and effectiveness of meetings as a means to drive business growth and profit.

“The high profile and importance of the senior politicians taking part are strong testimony to the status of the IMEX Politicians Forum and the evolving role of meetings in economies, with many representing their Ministries of Economic Development. This signifies that national and regional governments increasingly recognise that the benefits of meetings can reach beyond tourism and often, through integration, into science, education and regional commerce. They are an important generator of income, employment and inward investment, they increase global trade, boost knowledge, foster scientific advancement and reduce the ebb and flow of seasonality.”

The full day program will begin with a VIP Guided Tour of the exhibition prior to the opening ceremony and will be followed by a further chance for politicians to visit IMEX and their national pavilions. In the afternoon, at the Villa Kennedy Hotel, there will be a Ministers Summit for national politicians and a Global Exchange of Best Practice for local and regional politicians before the Politicians Forum commences, where the politicians and industry leaders will come together to share knowledge and perspectives for the benefit of all.

Carina Bauer added: “With many senior politicians already attending from countries and major cities across the globe together with an outstanding program, the IMEX Politicians Forum is once again set to add to the understanding and appreciation of the already powerful role of meetings in national and regional economies in securing economic, social and reputational dividends. This includes how political support for the meetings industry is critical to the advancement of science, medicine, technology and education. Most importantly, it will reveal the vast potential for the benefits to be greater still if government and industry co-operate fully, co-ordinate efforts and invest in further development.”

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