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NOVUM Hotel Group hoists its sails: the second niu to open in Lübeck

August 23, 2017

NOVUM Hotel Group hoists its sails: the second niu to open in Lübeck

With its innovative millennial brand, the NOVUM Hotel Group is still steering its expansion course. The niu in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck will follow the first niu hotel, located in Essen. The niu Rig is currently under development by the Hamburg Hotel Group at the strategic, prime location “Am Bahnhof 17-19”. According to current planning, the 83-room hotel will open in April 2018.

All niu hotels are highly individualized, each with its own charm. From the name to the interior, food and drink, the niu Rig tells a story inspired by shorelines and seafaring adventures – very fitting for the maritime history of the location and the vigorous activity in the Hanseatic city.

The name Rig is the term for the system of ropes or chains employed to support a ship’s masts. This makes sense because Lübeck has reigned over the Hanseatic League for over 500 years and today, as a gateway to the Baltic Sea, it is becoming an increasingly popular destination among tourists. Guests enjoy trendy furniture, accessories with a turquoise-white ambience and recurring maritime motives such as pirates, anchors, ropes, sailors and sails. In contrast to all expectations, the implementation is typically niu; quite casual yet lively. Pleasant armchairs, parquet flooring, exceptional art and more invite the modern globetrotter to experience a unique and instagrammable world.

In line with the niu philosophy, everything is shared at the niu Rig. “With our niu concept, we are throwing old conventions overboard and creating an open world of experience for both locals and travelers at attractive prices,” explains David Etmenan, Chief Executive Officer & Owner of the NOVUM Hotel Group. From our Bistro to Living Lobby – everything fits seamlessly, is networked and is even a place where locals enjoy lingering. Not to forget our Nordic-fresh inspired culinary delights such as Schwarzbrot (dark rye bread), Rotspon (locally bottled red wine), mackerel, marzipan and more, and other delights such as inspiring background music and the latest technology. Guests will find ample electrical outlets, smart flat screens, USB ports and high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

More than 30 original niu hotels will be built in Europe by 2019.


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NOVUM Hotel Group achieves new record sales

August 4, 2017

Healthy first half-year:
NOVUM Hotel Group achieves new record sales

Once again, The NOVUM Hotel Group is in the race for a new sales record with a significant increase of 47.8% in the first half of this year. Thanks to the own brands Novum Hotels, Novum Select and niu as well as lucrative franchise partnerships, the Group remains on course to success and has transformed the strong growth of the past few years into a significant growth in sales.

The positive trend during the previous half year has continued throughout the first half of 2017 and has therefore been an ambitious first quarter in the hotel industry. In the first six months of the year, the Group recorded a whopping sales increase from 55 million euros to more than 81 million euros (for the entire Group*).

As if this were not enough, the NOVUM Hotel Group has ambitions for international growth and expansion and is set to exceed its own records and targets. The NOVUM Hotel Group is currently operating and developing roughly 146 hotels with more than 16,000 rooms in Europe. The ambitious benchmark is currently set at 200 hotels by 2020 and is, according to current planning, quite realistic for this dynamic company. Since January, the hotel group has added 25 new hotels to its portfolio. In addition, the innovative, mid-scale brand niu is currently developing more than 30 hotels.

“Our focus is on sustainable growth and we are therefore focusing on a renewable strategy. Just a few of the key reasons for the rapid growth that makes our hotel group so successful across Europe, are the introduction of our brand niu, the existing and new franchise partnerships and our financial position, which is due to 100% group ownership and the flexibility of our decision-makers,” says David Etmenan, Chief Executive Officer & Owner of NOVUM Hotel Group.

* preliminary interim figures for the period from January to June 2017 are dispersed throughout the Group for transparency and reflect current figures. Closing and transfers in respective groups of the company can still influence results. In this respect, we cannot guarantee accuracy.

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