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Current Political Situation in Thailand

January 15, 2014

Demonstrations in Bangkok, Thailand

As has been reported by the international media, there is ongoing political unrest in Bangkok, the political and cultural capital of Thailand and an important hub for Southeast Asia.

Today is day 1 of the protestors’ “Bangkok Shutdown“. Seven main road junctions have been blockaded in order to prevent road traffic in and out of the city, with several thousand protestors present at each junction. Protestors have promised not to shut down the city’s BTS, MRT and airport rail link services, and at present these are all running normally, though they are a lot more crowded than usual and stations near the protest locations are proving difficult to enter. In addition, many shopping malls located near protest sites are restricting their opening times.

At present the protests are good-natured and friendly, though the longer the Shutdown goes on this situation may change.

Bangkok is a large city and these protests are focused in specific areas. There has been no indication of danger to tourists or anyone else not involved directly with the political demonstrations or those not located in the extreme proximity of the demonstration sites. Caution should be used to avoid areas being used by anti-government demonstrators, particularly after dark, and visitors to the city should avoid getting involved in discussions regarding the political situation.

We will continue to monitor this ongoing situation and send out any important or breaking updates that could potentially affect visitors to Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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