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Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort and its Food Hailed as ‘Excellent’ by TripAdvisor

August 15, 2017

Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort and its Food Hailed as ‘Excellent’ by TripAdvisor
The resort and its Plantation Club Mauritian restaurant ‘wow’ guests and diners

BEL OMBRE, MAURITIUS – The Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort and its Plantation Club restaurant have both earned TripAdvisor 2017 Certificates of Excellence.

Issuing the awards in July, TripAdvisor said the certificates were based on “consistently great reviews”.

Some Outrigger Mauritius guest reviews for stays in 2017 read: “We couldn’t have asked for more from this hotel. The staff were the friendliest I have encountered” [Imoore131, UK]; “I would love to come back and cannot praise the hotel enough” [Isobella1, UK]; “The staff were absolutely superb and particularly good with the kids. It’s a fantastic resort with enough to keep everyone occupied” [AlexH, Dubai].

During the day the Plantation Club restaurant in the Outrigger is exclusively reserved for guests staying in suites or villas. In the evening, the Club, with its French colonial atmosphere, opens to the public and serves modern Mauritian cuisine. TripAdvisor singled out the Plantation Club for its excellence based on guests’ comments.

Plantation Club diners said: “Best dinner we have ever eaten! We have travelled to over 40 countries…and have never experienced such an amazing explosion of flavours. The ingenuity of the presentation and the combinations was mind blowing to say the least” [Cindy_Marrison, UK].

We had the Saturday champagne brunch with the gin and tonic jazz band and it was wonderful. The food was exquisite and champagne lovely” [Emma C, UK].

Amazing Restaurant – Do not miss dining experience. The chef uses vegetables and herbs from his garden to enhance his food” [Susanne U, Thailand].

Surprisingly fine kitchen — dishes really achieved an outstanding level of ‘haute cuisine’ visually and taste wise” [kr1069, Netherlands].

Cyrille Carmona, the Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort Deputy General Manager, said: “Outrigger’s hosts and chefs work hard to deliver a superlative holiday and dining experience to visitors who appreciate quality. We invite all of our guests and visitors to Mauritius to dine and judge for themselves.

The Plantation Club is open for dinner and Sunday brunch.
For reservations call (+230) 623 5000. Or email

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DMC Warning – Russian DMC

December 28, 2013

RUSSIAN DMC – Travel Warning DMC Baikal Complex

For those of you who travel a lot – here are some recommendations and hints about places to go and to avoid.
First of all, here come a warning in case you plan to travel to Russia and Mongolia.

Baikal-Complex / Incoming Russian Travel Company
please be very carefully. Usually they try always to charge you more at the end of the trip.
Even or especially if all was paid in advance… Once you are in the country the owner Youry Nemirovsky is trying to rip you off. Better avoid this tour operator and use another one!
Mr. Youry Nemirovsky even did bring a whole group of travellers in a lot of problems and they almost missed their train. Mr. Youry Nemirovsky also keept the passports of some of his clients and gave back the passport only after they paid 500 Euro!!!

Baikal Complex
P.O. Box 30
Irkutsk 29
664029 RUSSIA

The next company which is not really to recommend is based in Mongolia.
GEREL-UST offers trips and trekkings allthrough Mongolia, Siberia and China.
But be aware the service here is very poor and they just do everything very minimized, still for to much money.
Beside that the tour operators don’t really know the area or do missinformation on purpose, just to have a more easy job.
Unfortunately this company is also the organising part of the Gobi Marathon, which is a pity – but you can imagine what kind of service you get here…
Even that the company owner is a German does not make anything better here!!! No wonder they work together with the Siberian DMC Baikal Complex.

Frau Udvaa Jambaldorj
Herr Joachim Göttel
P.O.Box 1581, Ulaanbaatar 211 213, Mongolia

We would recommend also to check out the official website from the Mongolian Tourism Department.

KS-REISEN | Lino Schäfer Frankfurt

June 29, 2012


KS-Reisen Frankfurt
Travel Advice – Reisebüro Tipps
Heute ein kurzer Hinweis zu Buchungen bei dem Frankfurter Reisebüro KS-Reisen. Es sollten alle Buchungen und Bestätigungen sofort und sehr sorgfältig kontrolliert werden.

Herr Lino Schäfer ist wenig sorgfältig – So hat in einem vorliegenden Fall KS-Reisen, (Herr Lino Schäfer) für Reisende nach Australien auch, wie es normaler Weise üblich ist, die entsprechenden Visa beantragt.
Leider sind KS-Reisen hierbei Fehler unterlaufen und durch “Dreher” im Geburtsdatum wurde das Visa nicht anerkannt.

Im vorliegenden Fall hieß das für die Reisenden vor Ort – sprich ad-hoc – am Flughafen ein neues Visum für Australien zu beantragen.
Generell natürlich kein Problem… als jedoch Herr Lino Schäfer nach der Rückkehr der Reisenden mit den zusätzlich entstandenen Kosten konfrontiert wurde, verweiterte dieser die Kostenübernahme mit der Begründung die Reisenden hätten sofort das Visum kontrollieren müssen.
Auch auf ein gütliche Einigung aus Kulanz oder eine Kostenteilung wollte KS-Reisen nicht übernehmen.

Das Frankfurter Reisebüro KS-Reisen ist auf jeden Fall nicht zu empfehlen – Der Kunde wird alleine gelassen mit der fehlerhaften Visabeschaffung durch das Reisebüro KS-Reisen Lino Schäfer aus Frankfurt.
KS-Reisen Frankfurt

Gaußstrasse. 7, 60316 Frankfurt/Main (Nordend-Ost)

TRIP ADVISOR | SAS Radisson, Aqaba/Jordan

June 8, 2012

GUEST COMPLAINS | SAS Radisson, Aqaba/Jordan

This is a guest complain which reached us by Email.
We just did aprove this guest story – so its unbelievable, but it did really happen!

SAS Radisson Blu Resort in Aqaba/Jordan (May 14-15, 2012).
I know exactly that you cant make all clients always happy – but let me tell you what did happen to us during our short stay in your Hotel.

First of all we did order several times beer. First at the Beach Bar, later than at the Open Air Bar/Terrasse as well as in the Restaurant…
Out of three order and three bills – none of the bills was ok!!!
We had always extra charges for other things we never did order on the bill.
Well this can happen one time, but three times in a row – and this in a SAS RADISSON HOTEL!

Later that night in the open air area of the Restaurant one wine glass was 
dropped by a guest from our group – what happened… nothing – the broken glass lays on the floor for at least one hour and was even kicked around by one waiter!!! Only after my complain (I got even a stupid look for that!) the broken glass was picked up.
Please see the photos.

Now our friends wanted to pay – They had 2 bottles of white wine, beside 
their dinner, originally they had ordered 2 bottles of Chilenian Wine for approx. 
22-24 JD per bottle. On the invoice they had 2 bottles (local Wine) for approx.
75 JD per bottle. – The simple excuse of the waiter was that the ordered Wine was not available any more!
But the guests were never told that!!!
Specially with this huge price difference. So we had to call the Hotel Manager for the first 
time… – It took really a while until he agreed to our suggestion, only to pay what we did originally order.

By now it was already about 11:00 p.m. and suddenly the cook and other workers came out of the kitchen and did drink and eat next to us. We really couldn‘t believe this happens in a Five Star Hotel.
See photo.

Last thing, even a bit funny in a way… at the Buffet the signs did not really match to what was on the Buffet – Really confusing, but not as important as the rest –see above-!

I thougth I will tell the Hotel Manager again – He came and did listen to me – What did happen now? You will be surprised!!!

He was very close to give me swear words, he didn‘t – but he simply turned around and left!
 I simply was just shocked at that moment such a thing can happen in a so called Five Star Hotel in Aquaba – Since a lot of guest did see this too, I wonder if this is the normal case in SAS Radisson Hotels in Jordan!

La Playa Camp Ground & Picnic Grounds | Travel Warning

March 14, 2012

TRAVEL WARNING | TRIP ADVISOR – Philippines (Caramoan)

La Playa Camp Ground & Picnic Grounds – looks like a nice place, but the management is serious cheating on guests and clients. – We had just lately about 29 complains from a bigger group… – Suddenly they did charge for guests which are already gone and have paid already – same with people who share a room, La Playa tries to get the whole amount for the room from all parties sharing.
Beside this dont do their tours – their boats are not really safe and the always get more people on the boat as allowed!!! – You risk your life! In our case they put at least 30 people in a boat for 14-16 people!!! Good Luck with that – La Playa, sorry – never ever again!

Never try La Playa:


January 26, 2012

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