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Team Buildings & Sport Incentives by SMS Frankfurt

February 17, 2017

UKRAINE: Wild water kayaking | Wildwater Canoe – Crazy Wildwater Kayak Racing #kayaking
Crazy Wildwater Kayak Racing in Ukraine – Ukraine Tours & Sport Travel

Wildwater canoeing is exceptionally physically demanding discipline that tests athletes technique and speed to the limits.

We offer wild water kayak tours for beginners and professional all around the globe. – The most craziest kayak pros we met here in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine.

The objective of the sport is to go from the starting point of the course on a river to the end point as quickly as possible. Typical wildwater venues consist of Class II – IV whitewater, in contrast to extreme racing, which takes place on more difficult streams. Match competitions generally consist of a classic and a sprint race. A classic course is 4 to 6 miles (6–10 km) in length or 10 to 35 minutes in duration, while the Sprint is between 500 and 750 meters and lasts around 2 minutes. Although there is some specialization, the vast majority of racers compete in both classic and sprint.

Competitors are placed in classes based on gender and boat type as follows:
K1 – solo kayak, male
K1W – solo kayak, female
C1 – solo canoe, male
C1W – solo canoe, female
C2 – tandem canoe.

The competitors are numbered within their class based on results from previous races and compete in reverse order (best paddler last), usually at one-minute intervals. To race successfully, paddlers must possess refined technical skill, as well as strength, endurance, aerobic capacity, and the ability to “read” whitewater.

Whitewater racing is also practiced by competing teams; each team is made by a group of three competitors belonging to the same class.

Whitewater racing started in Europe with the International Canoe Federation being formed and having the first World Championships in Switzerland in 1949. Since then, there has been a World Championships every two years. Since 2011 there is a sprint only world championships, with sprint and classic being contested every other (even) year.

About Carpathian Mountains (Ukraine & Poland)
The Carpathian Mountains form a 1,500km-long range in Central and Eastern Europe. They stretch west to east in an arc from the Czech Republic to Romania. The Tatra range between Slovakia and Poland is a national park and has several peaks above 2,400 meters. More than half of the Carpathian range lies in Romania, where spruce forests are home to brown bears, wolves and lynxes.

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The Original Vodka Train Adventure

March 30, 2015

The Trans-Siberian Train also known as “The Vodka Train“.
Enjoy an unforgetable trip with the Trans-Sib-Train along one of the longest railways of the world, following the footprints of Alexander von Humboldt.

approx. 20-day trip from Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Starting with 2 days in Moscow visiting Red Square, the Kremlin, GUM and a lot of other scenic and historic places in Moscow. First stop with the Trans-Siberian-Train will be in Kazan, with a beautiful Kremlin of its own, and Yekaterinenburg, which has a few days of relaxation and summer activities on Olikon Island in Lake Baikal.

Enjoying the typical Russian sauna (Banya) hiking or mountain biking, plus a few days in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, and it’s breathtaking surrounding countryside, as well as few days among the temples and markets in Beijing.

Train accommodations in 1st and 2nd class compartments plus accommodations in 4-5 star hotels (several times) breakfast included, in romantic and comfortable wooden cabins on Olikon Island (included breakfast, partly full board)

City tours, tour buses or vans, transfer costs

Trip organization and translations: English/German/Russian

Price starts with EUR 4,500.

Group: Maximum of 8 people + trip organizer and translator.

Included Services:

  • Transsiberian-Train in first and second class compartments (2- and 4-bed-compartment) in Russian standard wagons of the Trans-siberian Railway
  • Accomodations in rooms with double-bed according to the tour description hotels, hostels and typical wooden huts.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner acording to the tour description
  • All transfers and excursions, entrance fees are not included
  • Tour Guide/Translator, English guided trip with a mother tongue Russian guide
  • Trip-price-Insurance (Sicherungsschein)

Not included:

  • Visa Service (additional fees, can be organized by SMS Frankfurt)
  • Consul fees
  • Flights
  • Health-Insurance, required
  • Personnel Incurance

Departure mid June from Moscow, Russia.

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More details, photos and video clips:

chinese escorts

English-&gt,Farsi Dictionary – Android – &lt,b&gt,★★★This dictionary app is available with Dictionary v3.1.050 and QTranslator ver 3.1.011 or later. If you cannot…


February 13, 2015

Tour Date: 07-12.05.2015

Thursday, 07/05/2015
In the afternoon arrival in Wolgograd. After immigration formalities, meet with our English speaking guide. Russian welcome, Transfer to the booked hotel. Check-in, time to refresh and dinenr at the hotel. Accommodation at the booked hotel.

Friday, 08/05/2015
Breakfast at hotel. Meet in the lobby and start of the sightseeing tour. Visit of the Mamajew hill. After the visit transfer to the Panorama Museum and get to know about the history of the Battle of Stalingrad. In the afternoon return to the hotel. Dinner at hotel. Accommodation at the booked hotel.

Saturday, 09/05/2015
Breakfast at hotel.
-Victory Day- Festivities within the whole city and military parade on the main square of the city.
Enjoy the festivities on your own and experience the unique atmosphere.
In the evening dinner at the hotel. If possible some Russian veterans will join us. Afterwards watching celebration and fireworks at the river bank.
Accommodation at the booked hotel.

Sunday, 10/05/2015
Breakfast at hotel. Full Day excursion to the suburbs of Stalingrad where the battles took place. Visit of the Russian and German cemetery in Rossoschka. Late afternoon, visit of the german visitors center in Rossoschka and small snacks. In the afternoon return to the city center of Wolgograd. Free time till dinner.
Dinner at the hotel. Accommodation at the booked hotel.

Monday, 11/05/2015
Breakfast at hotel. Full Day excursion to city of Kalatsch on the river Don. Sightseeing and freetime in Kalatsch. Transfer back to Wolgograd.
Dinner at the hotel. Accommodation at the booked hotel.

Tuesday, 12/05/2015
Breakfast at the hotel, checkout and departure.

Wolgograd/ Stalingrad 7.-12.5.2014
Price per person including half board and flight (from Germany)
In TWN/DBL rooms ONLY EUR 1,790.00

Single room supplement EUR 280,00

Price include: flights from/to Russia/Germany, accommodation in good middle class hotel (4* local standard), Half Board. Programme and all transfers according to the programme. English speaking guide throughout.
Not included: Visa, insurances, extras not mentioned in program.

Minimum group size: 5 pax

You can also extend your stay in Russia, for example in St. Petersburg or Moscow.
All necessary things for your visa we can prepare for your trip and visa registration

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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Die Transsibirische Eisenbahn auch bekannt als der Trans-Siberian Express

September 24, 2014

Der Mythos Transsibirische Eisenbahn auch bekannt als der Trans-Siberian Express

Wer hat nicht schon von der Trans-Sibirischen Eisenbahn gehört . . .
Vodkatrain Adventure Tours ist Ihr Support-Netzwerk – Bereitstellung von Unterkünften, Transport, Überweisungen unterwegs und lokale Honchos zu helfen, aus der die faszinierende Reiseziele, die Sie besuchen, das Beste. Vodkatrain ist alles über die Freiheit und Flexibilität, so können Sie entscheiden, was Sie sehen, essen und Erfahrung auf Ihrer Reise, zahlen die lokalen Preise auf dem Weg möchten.Vodkatrain ist Ihr Support-Netzwerk – Bereitstellung von Unterkünften, Transport, Überweisungen unterwegs und lokale Honchos zu helfen, aus der die faszinierende Reiseziele, die Sie besuchen, das Beste. Vodkatrain ist alles über die Freiheit und Flexibilität, so können Sie entscheiden, was Sie sehen, essen und Erfahrung auf Ihrer Reise, zahlen die lokalen Preise auf dem Weg möchten…

Etabliert und über die Grenzen hinaus bekannt wurde der Vodkatrain im Jahr 2010 als die Agentur SMS Frankfurt die größte Reisegruppe mit internationalen Sportlern für den Trans-Siberian Express organisierte.
Einige Fakten und Details nachfolgend!

Drei Wochen mit zwölf Nationen
auf dem Vodka Train

Die erlebnisreichste Aktivtour des Sommers

Größte Vodkatrain Tour von SMS Frankfurt durch Russland über die Mongolei nach China abgeschlossen

Moskau, 4. August 2010 – Vom 12. bis zum 30. Juni waren knapp 100 Abenteuer- und Sportbegeisterte aus zwölf Ländern mit dem Zug, zu Fuß, per Bus und Fähre unterwegs – auf der Vodkatrain Tour 2010. Dieses Sommer-Angebot beinhaltete unter anderem eine Bootsparty auf der Moskwa, Geländelauf entlang der Eurasischen Grenze, Badestop am eiskalten Baikalsee und Übernachtung in exklusiven Mongolischen Jurten. Es war die bisher größte organisierte Kultur-, Sport- und Adventure Tour auf der Trans-Sibirischen-Eisenbahn.

Start für alle Teilnehmer, unter anderem aus Australien, Barbados, China, Deutschland, Großbritannien, Irland, Kanada und den USA, war Moskau – am 20. Jahrestag der russischen Unabhängigkeit. Mit einer Bootsparty auf der Moskwa läuteten die Veranstalter eine einzigartige, herausfordernde und motivierende Reise für die internationalen Teilnehmer ein. Auf der ersten Etappe ging es mit der Transsibirischen Eisenbahn über Kazan nach Jekaterinburg und an die „Grenze von Eurasien“. Sightseeing und Geländeläufe waren an jeder Station Programm. Spaß und Sport paarten die euphorischen Teilnehmer aus aller Welt auch beim Picknick an der eurasischen Grenze, als sich die Hälfte der Gruppe auf europäischem, die andere Hälfte auf asiatischem Terrain zuprostete.
Irkutsk war die nächste erlebnisreiche Station der Vodkatrain Tour. Ab hier legten die internationalen Reisenden, nach der Fahrt entlang der historischen Trans-Sib-Strecke am Baikalsee, eine zweitägige Pause ein. Kaum einer der Teilnehmer ließ sich das Bad im sieben Grad kalten See entgehen, der als verjüngende Heilquelle bekannt ist. Mit der Fähre ging es auf die Insel Olchon zum erneuten Geländelauf, der Unterkunft in traditionellen Holzhütten mit Folklore am Abend.
Die Weiterfahrt mit dem Zug von Irkutsk in die Mongolei war pures Kulturerlebnis: unberührte Natur, filmreife Szenen in abenteuerlichen öffentlichen Zügen, Geländeläuf in ein abgelegenes Kloster und Schamanenfeuertanz in einem exklusiven Hotel in der Mongolei mit Zimmern in schicken mongolischen Jurten.
„I don’t think I will ever recover from the train. The journey emotionally and physically was the best ever” schrieb eine Teilnehmerin aus Australien nach Ihrer Rückkehr an den Veranstalter Jürgen Schreiter von SMS Frankfurt. „You helped make it a trip of a lifetime for me” so ein weiterer Teilnehmer und “the Vodka Train was an exciting, enjoyable and memorable holiday/adventure. It was everything and more than what we were expecting…”.

Die Routehier klicken!

Die finale Etappe ging von der Mongolei nach China. Die kosmopolitische Gruppe war nicht nur in der Wüste Gobi, sie konnte auch faszinierende Bilder des Hängenden Klosters in Datong und der umliegenden Grotten machen. Der Abschied, nach einem Spaziergang über die Chinesische Mauer, fiel schwer. Einige Begeisterte der Vodkatrain Tour 2010 haben nach ihrer Rückkehr in der Heimat schon erste „Revival-Treffen“ geplant, auf denen sie sich noch viel über diese Tour erzählen werden.
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Weitere Bilder in druckfähigem Format oder Trailer dieser und weiterer Touren senden wir an die Presse gerne auf Anfrage.

SMS Frankfurt organisiert ungewöhnliche Touren für Kleingruppen und Unternehmen mit persönlicher Betreuung der Teilnehmer durch Trainer und Reiseführer. Abenteuertrips, Kulturevents und Incentives wie die Vodka Train Tour mit der Trans-Sib, Trekking in der Wüste Gobi, Heli-Skiing in Kamtschatka, Rallye- und Safari-Events in Russland, Zentralasien und dem Nahen Osten finden Sie unter

Jürgen Schreiter, SMS Frankfurt, Burgfriedenstraße 17, 60489 Frankfurt, Telefon 069 / 95 90 97 01

Small group travel & VIP-Vacation

December 28, 2013

Small group travel & VIP-Vacation
SMS FRANKFURT | Events Inventives Adventures
SMS Frankfurt is your perfect partner when it comes to tailormade adventures, incentives or events.

SMS Frankfurt – Events Incentives Adventures design and develop your individual and very special event, for your company or your personal adventure trip.
You join us with your company or group of friends or simply come on one of our regulary adventure tours.

The range of our events reach from cultural, gourmet, sport to action and does not end with survival training.
You can combine different interests or just specialize in one theme, it all depends on your individual trip design and your budget. Accommodation is available from standard hotels up to first class hotels or luxury private estates. For a change we offer home stays in local families as well.

We are specialized in adventure tours to all countries in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, ofcourse we provide other tours and adventures all around the globe too!
Our following portfolio gives you a brief idea of the range of our adventure tours and incentives

-Adventure Trips with the Trans-Sib (summer- and winter tours)
-Trekking and Horse-Trekking in Mongolia
-Winter-Trekking and Survival Training in Siberia
-Rally- and Motorsport-Events
-Wine- and Gourmet-Events in Germany and abroad
and many more!

NEW TRIPS FOR 2014 / 2015
Ski-/Snowboard-Trips to Morocco, Adventure Tours & Trekking in Oman and extreme Winter Trekking in Siberia.

We plan and prepare also your individual global Adventure!
Enjoy the journey through our website – Please feel free to contact our team for further details or your tailormade offer.

SMS FRANKFURT – Events Incentives Adventures
CEO: Juergen R.Schreiter
Burgfriedenstrasse 17
60489 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49-69-95 90 97 00

AIME awards travel management contract to Bay Travel

September 24, 2012

AIME awards travel management contract to Bay Travel

10 September 2012: The Asia-Pacific Incentives & Meetings Expo (AIME) held annually in Melbourne, Australia, has signed a partnership with travel management company, Bay Travel, to organise travel arrangements for its 2013 Hosted Buyer program.

Founded in 1988, Bay Travel is one of the largest privately owned travel management agencies in Australia and will be responsible for fulfilment and coordination of travel arrangements for AIME’s Hosted Buyers attending next year’s event.

Bay Travel joins their existing travel management partner, The Human Group, as AIME’s contracted travel agencies and the two companies will work together to provide a seamless travel booking process.

Held on 26-27 February at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) AIME 2013 will present ample opportunity for buyers to make important business connections with the estimated 800 international exhibitors expected at next year’s show. Buyers who wish to apply for Hosted Buyer status or simply want more information about AIME 2013 should visit

For media enquiries contact:
Sarah-Louise Robinson / Naomi Joyce
+61 (0) 2 9028 5182 / 3592

Photo Contest – Russian Symbols

January 26, 2012

Photo Contest – Russian Symbols | All about Russia |
Russkie Prostori

What is your favorite symbol of Russia? Matreshka, Balalaika, Vodka or something unique and particular? It does not matter whether you were in Russia or not, whether you are a professional photographer or just an amateur with a cell phone camera. Whatever your associations are we invite you to take part in our photo contest!

All you need to take a photo is your imagination!

– Photos should be associated with Russia
– Photos can be taken in Russia or anywhere else
– You may use a professional camera or your cell phone
– Only 3 photos from 1 participant can be submitted
– Your friends should “like” the page to vote

3 winners with the highest number of “votes” will choose from:
#1: Cheburashka as a symbol of Russian Olympic Team.
#2: White Military Ushanka Hat
#3: Pavlovo Pasad Shawl

Register your photo via Facebook or vote for your favorite photo! 

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