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AMAZE EXPO – Breakng all Barriers of Innovation

March 9, 2018

Amaze Expo Breaking All Barriers Of Innovation
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 06, 2018 – The 8th edition of Big Boys Toys now known as AMAZE Expo, is the Middle East’s premier innovation and luxury lifestyle exhibition. The exhibition will open its doors from the 22nd – 24th of March 2018 at Dubai International Financial Center. The event will witness high-end innovative products such as an autonomous suitcase, ear phones with a top-shelf sound experience characterised by powerful bass and super clear crispy mid-highs, unique bronze sculptures made in a powerful and dynamic way, jewelry from famous Hollywood designer, a ready to fly off road car and many more products.

Speaking about the event, Mr Biju Jayaraaj, Chief Executive Officer of Amartze Events, the organizer of the exhibition said, “We are thrilled to host the Amaze Expo (Formerly known as Big Boys Toys) back in Dubai, a city that has gained popularity as one of the top innovative design and fashion destinations in the world and home to one of the world’s largest shopping malls. Tourists from around the globe come to Dubai to shop haute couture and luxury fashion brands and hence Dubai is a favorite city for acclaimed designers and innovative luxury lifestyle brands to reach buyers in the Middle East.”

Visitors at the show will be able to view an exclusive collection of featured 14 categories Art, Adventure, Aviation, Digital, Drive, Fashion, Lifestyle, Marine, Off-Road, Ride, Wellness, Kids Lifestyle, Pets Zone and Woman’s World.

Woman’s World will be an area dedicated solely to women luxury lifestyle providing an unparalleled shopping experience catering to all their needs across an array of selections like Fashion, Jewelry, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, Wellness, Consumer Electronics, Interiors and Financial Services.

The exhibition is a platform for the world’s newest, rarest and most unique bespoke innovations and state of the art creations. It is a must visit exhibition to experience products & services you never knew existed, Witness latest cutting edge technology and experience jaw dropping Innovations.

Amaze will open its door for an exclusive preview of the exhibition for privileged customers of Emirates NBD, Trade and Media on 22nd March – day one (invitation only day) of the exhibition. The succeeding days will be at an entry fee of 20 AED to the general public. The exhibition is open from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm on all three days.

For additional details on this exhibition, media appointments or corporate inquiries, please reach us at

Website: |

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram: @AmazeExpo | @AmazeExpo | @AmazeExpo

About Amaze Expo
Amaze Expo (Formerly known as Big Boys Toys), is the Middle East’s premier innovation and luxury lifestyle exhibition. The show displays the world’s most unique and luxurious products and services from an amazing lineup of the most innovative manufacturers.

The exhibition is unique in featuring products from 14 different categories that include Drive, Ride, Off-Road, Art, Marine, Aviation, Adventure, Wellness, Fashion, Lifestyle, Digital, Kids Lifestyle, Pet zone and Woman’s World – a complete experience that caters to every facet of refined living.

The show attracts VIPs, HNWIs as well as trade visitors offering one of the most exclusive clientele in the Middle East.

Ticket can be purchased on the website from AED 20. Tickets are available at:

Timing Information:



Ticket Price

22 November (Thursday) 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm

For privileged customers of Emirates NBD, Trade and Media

23 November (Friday) 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm

20 AED

24 November (Saturday) 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm

20 AED


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IMEX identifies four key trends for 2015

December 16, 2014

IMEX identifies four key trends for 2015
16 December 2014 The IMEX Group, organizers of the annual IMEX in Frankfurt and IMEX America trade shows for the global meetings, incentive travel and events industry, presents a round-up of industry predictions for the year ahead.

1. ‘Play’ gives new meaning to profit
2014 was the year that ‘play’ as a tool for unlocking creativity and new sources of competitive advantage returned to business. In truth it had never left but the current manifestation of ‘play’ has a distinctly 21st century flavor. According to IMEX guest speaker, Creativity Guru, Rhea Blanken, Einstein reputedly said: “Play is the highest form of research.” Gartner has been predicting for the last few years that in 2015 up to 40 percent of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as their primary mechanism for transforming business operations, citing Nike, Quirky and My Fitness Pal as leaders in this space. IMEX America Keynote Steve Gross also advocated that “When people get together through meetings and events it is critical to deliver playfulness which helps them engage, connect and explore, to enjoy being there … in the now.”

The rise of “double bottom line” companies and entrepreneurs appears to support this trend. In the new business matrix where “profits meet purpose” it’s often the case that playfulness, creativity and fewer corporate do’s and don’ts are fundamental values in the mix.

2. 50 Shades of Apps
Apps continue to be ‘sexy’ (in advertising parlance) and their strength and novelty will be unbounded in 2015. But this is not apps for app’s sake, as paper swaps or standalones. Rather meeting and event apps will be seamlessly linking across other media platforms, and especially websites, in line with customer/community market needs and pain points, deeply connected to real-time analytics and incorporating interactions such as live messaging, polling and other instant engagement and feedback mechanics. The IMEX/QuickMobile global survey reported that 60 – 63% of all respondents had used a mobile app for at least one of their events in the past two years – and 92% of corporate event marketers had done so. Additionally seven of the 10 finalists in IMEX America’s Tech Start-up competition were apps, clearly demonstrating that this is fertile ground for fast innovation and added value.

3. Let’s Take it “Outside”
In 2015 expect to see meeting spaces and formats going through even more of a revolution as the principles of meeting design become more firmly embedded throughout the supply chain. Where wifi allows set meetings free to ‘roam’ it also creates a subtle pressure to be ‘always on’.

Witness David Silverman of the Harvard Business Review suggesting 50-minute meetings so people have the chance to take a breath in between and actually be on time for today’s inexorable back-to-back work commitments. Contrast that with Arianna Huffington (of Huffington Post fame) who likes to hold walking meetings — supporting research from Washington University that workers are more engaged, less territorial and more collaborative when they’re working on a project while standing upright.

Finally take note of the ‘slow meetings’ trend that’s come back round again. A return to the first principles of face-to-face meetings, no devices, no distractions and a focus on less, rather than more, could be one of the defining developments of the coming year. Add a five-minute guided meditation at the front of your meeting (no need to hold hands, just breathe) and your gathering is now bang on trend.

4. Wellness is Fit as a Fiddle
Beyond drinking water, eating protein-laden nuts and taking a quick, rejuvenating massage there is a higher level of spiritual awareness starting to make its way into meeting keynotes, sessions and formats. When both Time Magazine and Forbes give space to a topic then it has surely ‘arrived’. In this case it’s mindfulness that’s earning the “ink.” Also, with leading proponents such as Deepak Chopra (MPI’s WEC keynote this summer) reaching global rock star status, and CEOs such as Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons (Def Jam), Marc Benioff of and Rick Goings of Tupperware endorsing the business and spiritual benefits of meditation, the meetings industry and meeting planners have a great opportunity – and importantly, the permission – to shift this new slant on wellness out of the spa and into the spotlight. Lee Papa, wellness advocate, transformation advisor and IMEX America speaker summed it up: “I believe this is the new paradigm of business….it’s a time of moving into working from the heart and using our internal navigation to be more powerful and more authentic.”

Many of the themes above will be reflected in the education programs and initiatives on offer at both IMEX in Frankfurt May 19 – 21st at Messe Frankfurt and IMEX America, Oct 13 – 15 (Smart Monday, Oct 14) in Las Vegas, 2015.

Presse Info – ITB Berlin 2015

November 17, 2014

Jahres-Endspurt für das eigene Know-how
Vier neue Webinare der ITB Academy sorgen für einen rundum informierten Start ins neue Jahr – Wellness, Reisetrends und Wissenswertes für Aussteller und Reisebürobesitzer stehen bei den kostenfreien Online-Seminaren im Fokus

Berlin, 11. November 2014 – Schnell und auf den Punkt: Mit vier neuen Webinaren bringt die ITB Academy Tourismusverantwortliche und Interessierte innerhalb von einer Stunde pro Session auf den neuesten Wissensstand. Die abwechslungsreichen Themen im November und Dezember reichen von Wellness der Zukunft über aktuelle Reisetrends bis hin zu wertvollen Informationen für Aussteller. Im Januar erhalten Mitarbeiter der Reiseindustrie dann Tipps, wie Marketing sinnvoll und kostengünstig eingesetzt werden kann. Für die kostenfreien Webinare müssen sich Interessierte lediglich online auf anmelden und können die Seminare dann bequem von ihrem PC oder Laptop aus verfolgen.

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